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Jin Shijia, Qiu Ze, and Zhang Junning’s new film is scheduled to be released on October 20, with a warm interpretation of “The Best Encounter”

Jin Shijia, Qiu Ze, and Zhang Junning’s new film is scheduled to be released on October 20, with a warm interpretation of “The Best Encounter”


  The movie “The Best Encounter” directed and written by Ha Zhichao, starring Jin Shijia, Qiu Ze, Zhang Junning, and Jiang Yao,Released today“Strangely cute! “version of the poster, officially announced to be released on October 20. The film was previously shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 17th FIRST Youth Film Festival. The director’s warm attention to rare themes and the actors’ subversive interpretations that break through the image have gained a lot. The audience unanimously praised it. A strange doctor, a pair of unique lovers, and a group of lovely partners. What kind of encounter story will they play out? It is exciting to look forward to.   

  mending reality Healing

  The film is officially finalized10moon20Nationwide

  The movie “The Best Encounter” tells the story of frustrated people in life.B-ultrasound technician Cao Lu (played by Jin Shijia) was introduced to Dongshan Courtyard Sanatorium to work.Here, Dr. Cao Lu saw another unusual world like a paradise, and also got acquainted withlove each otherLiu Yingjun (Qiu Ze ) and Wu Yanzi (Junning Zhang) decoration), nurse Li Wenjing (played by Jiang Yao) and a group of lovely people. After experiencing a series of nonsense and growth, from questioning to understanding, from rejection to reluctance, a group of people who were originally strangers met and got to know each other, and finally found a home in each other.

  The movie “The Best Encounter” is an annual emotional masterpiece that mends reality and heals people’s hearts. It embeds real social issues in a unique image style, captures the profound and touching human charm with interesting audio-visual language, and slowly tells the audience The theme of the movie is that everyone’s life is a unique journey, and every encounter on the journey is the best encounter.   

  heart warming cute group portrait

  “Weirdly cute!” The final poster reveals the heart-warming family portrait in Dongshan Courtyard for the first time

  movie bookreleased“Strangely cute! “The finalized poster, while continuing the heart-warming and healing temperament of the pilot poster, also exposed the actors’ family portraits for the first time. Everyone gathered happily in front of the Dongshan Courtyard Sanatorium. The smiles on everyone’s faces further highlighted the lovely family members and the warm love. family atmosphere.

  Doctor Cao Lu (played by Jin Shijia), as a new member of the family, seems out of place, but he is gradually infected by his pure and happy temperament. His serious expression fades away, and he becomes relaxed and relaxed. The close lovers Yingjun (played by Qiu Ze) and Yanzi (played by Zhang Junning) are also very eye-catching in the poster. They cling to each other, adding a bit of deep affection to their warmth, making them more and more curious about the story between them.   

  image breakthrough Emotional interpretation

  The audience is highly looking forward to Jin Shijia, Qiu Ze, and Zhang Junning’s acting skills   

  In “The Best Encounter”, the leading actors Jin Shijia, Qiu Ze, and Zhang Junning broke through the shackles of their previous images, bursting out with sincere acting skills with sincere resonance, and emotionally performed this encounter that was filled with laughter and tears. It can be said that several actors have no baggage and do not care about their image. Everything is based on the most realistic characters they play. From appearance to acting skills, they all give the audience a strong sense of subversion.

  Because of this, the actors fit into their roles perfectly;No wonder netizens’ first reaction after seeing the poster was“Completely unrecognizableCome”, “As a fan, I don’t even dare to recognize him.“, and some of them even expressed that they “can’t wait to watch the three of them having sex.”   

  The movie “The Best Encounter” is produced by Chenming Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lingguang Pictures Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing High Altitude Swing Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The film will be released nationwide on October 20, so stay tuned!

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