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Jin Dong: Ma Jia is very different from the doctors I played in the past

Jin Dong: Ma Jia is very different from the doctors I played in the past


As an actor, it is his job to experience the different lives of different characters in the play, and it is also a different kind of enjoyment. For Jin Dong, recording the times with his works is also regarded as his obligation and responsibility. Thus, the vivid and vivid foreign aid doctor Ma Jia in the TV series “Welcome to Maile Village” appeared.

Recently, the TV series “Welcome to Maile Village” starring Jin Dong, Zu Feng, and Zhang Yuqi is currently being broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV. From the perspective of a foreign aid doctor, the play presents the 60-year history of China’s foreign aid medical care and demonstrates the professional sentiments of doctors without borders. In the play, Jin Dong plays the role of Ma Jia, the “first knife” of cardiothoracic surgery. He has equally obvious advantages and disadvantages. He has gained precious transformation and growth in the process of assisting Sanna’s medical treatment. “Ma Jia is very different from the doctors I played in the past. He is a foreign aid doctor, a type of person I have never heard of in my life before. Their story is worth telling.” Jin Dong said.

“There are obligations and responsibilities,

Better spread the stories of foreign aid medical care”

In order to shape the role of Majia well, Jin Dong conducted in-depth visits and research in Africa with the creative team, and was also interviewed by the President of Tanzania. During the interview, Jin Dong recalled the scene at that time, “They have been repeatedly emphasizing that China-Africa friendship has a long history. From the construction of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway in the 1960s to the continuous foreign medical aid for 60 years, China has been selflessly helping them.” Jin Dong said.

As the filming continued, Jin Dong became more and more in awe of the foreign aid doctors. According to him, due to extremely limited medical resources in Tanzania, many patients are in a very bad situation. The arrival of the Chinese medical team has changed this situation to a great extent. “They (foreign aid medical teams) often use Saturdays and Sundays to go to remote villages for free clinics and save many lives. It can be said that 90% of local people under the age of 60 have received treatment from Chinese doctors.” Jin Dong said , because of this, I always have a sense of mission in this shooting, “As literary and artistic workers, we have the obligation and responsibility to better spread the stories of 30,000 doctors that have been uninterrupted in the past 60 years.”

  “The pronunciation of Swahili is very similar to Pinyin”

Like Ma Jia in the play, the first thing Jin Dong had to pass when he first arrived in Tanzania was the “language barrier”. Interestingly, the pinyin and pronunciation of Swahili are almost the same as the Chinese pinyin, so even if they don’t know what the word or sentence expresses, they can quickly pronounce it. During the interview, Jin Dong also “showed off” some Swahili. Although he had left Tanzania for a long time, he still spoke it very fluently.

“But being able to read and being able to understand are two different things.” Jin Dong said that the language barrier did bring a lot of obstacles during the filming process. The actors had to rely on rote memorization of lines, and sometimes they couldn’t even do it themselves. Know what you’re talking about. “This is often the greatest fun. After filming, you will find that you can speak Swahili.” Jin Dong said with a smile.

In addition to filming, Jin Dong often travels to various corners of Tanzania as an ordinary tourist, to see Mount Kilimanjaro, watch the great migration of animals, and drive on the grassland… Jin Dong sighed: “When you put yourself in their shoes Standing there, you will really be shocked. It is the infinite power of nature. So I also recommend that you have time to go to Africa and take a look. You will get different surprises.”

  “I feel like I’m reunited with my relatives when I’m with Liu Mintao”

For Jin Dong, there is another old acquaintance of his in “Maile Village”, and that is Liu Mintao. Starting from co-starring in “Mother” in 1998 to “Welcome to Maillot Village”, Jin Dong and Liu Mintao have collaborated in many works. For Jin Dong, every cooperation with Liu Mintao is a “feeling of reunion with relatives.”


Jin Dong recalled that after cooperating on “Mother” in 1998, he and Liu Mintao had no contact for a long time. It wasn’t until the filming of “The Pretender” in 2015 that Liu Mintao played the “eldest sister” in the play, and the two began to cooperate again. In every drama since then, including “Elite Lawyer”, “Bottom Line”, etc., Liu Mintao came to the crew with a “helping” mentality, “Maybe he just thinks it’s not easy for Jin Dong to film a drama. It’s really The relationship between sister and brother.”

Including this time, Liu Mintao was very happy to accept the invitation from the crew of “Welcome to Maile Village”, and she also overcame many difficulties in the process. Jin Dong revealed that it was the hot summer season when the crew was filming in Hainan and Africa. Liu Mintao was exposed to the sun and suffered skin allergies all over his body and developed a lot of rashes the size of rice grains. “But she never said it, which is really admirable.” During the interview, Jin Dong spoke highly of his old partner and good eldest sister.

“As an actor,

The last thing you want is to be yourself again.”

In the past few years, Jin Dong has played many different elite roles in various urban dramas, such as lawyers, doctors, consultants, judges, public relations, etc. Talking about the type of role he most wants to try in the future, Jin Dong said frankly, “Actually, the last thing I want to do is repeat myself.” Jin Dong said that every time he takes on a drama now, he must figure out what he hopes to present and convey through this character and this drama. “Jin Dong said sincerely.

It is precisely because of this that Jin Dongcai has been focusing on dramas with realistic themes for many years. “Modern dramas are closer to our lives. Whether it is work, life or emotions, there are many parallels. So I have been trying to express my understanding and recognition of emotions in the dramas, and I have tried my best to outline them. I hope some social phenomena and issues can arouse everyone’s resonance.” Jin Dong said.

At 19:30 every night, lock on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “Welcome to Maille Village” at the Happy Theater of Jane Chun 0 Sucrose Yoghurt, and go on an unknown journey with Jin Dong, moving forward firmly surrounded by love and goodwill.

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