Jidibao Kindergarten’s original children’s drama “Shenzhou Tour” received rave reviews, and the children called it too good!

Jidibao Kindergarten’s original children’s drama “Shenzhou Tour” received rave reviews, and the children called it too good!

Traditional culture is like a constellation of stars, always shining in the long river of history. It is expressed in countless forms, interpreted and inherited in countless forms, and interprets different beauty in the hearts of people of different ages. Festivals are an important part of traditional culture. This time, Jidibao Growth Center plans to launch the special event of “2023 Shenzhou Tour – Lantern Festival Fantasy Night”!

This event interprets the origin of the Lantern Festival with a new humorous and amusing storyline; the creation of Yuanqi lanterns, the expression of the origin of the Lantern Festival and DIY, etc., let the children fully stimulate their desire to explore, deeply understand and fall in love with the tradition in the laughter. culture.

One Wonderful Theater

“Shenzhou Tour – Lantern Festival Fantasy Night”

Children, do you know how the Lantern Festival originated? With this question in mind, Little Chef Jibao and Chivadi will take you through the mysterious power of the Moonlight Box, and travel through time and space to a thrilling, amusing and wonderful Lantern Festival story. Pineapple and jackfruit~

On the day of the Shangyuan Festival, when all things recover and the earth warms up, a plump divine bird descends to play, but is not seriously injured by a hunter. This is a playful and suave divine bird, it fled back to the Heavenly Court and immediately found the support of the Jade Emperor.Therefore, the world will welcome

The punishment of raging fire in the coming sky…

At this time, a kind fairy didn’t want the world to suffer such a catastrophe, so she secretly descended to the world to help humans escape the crisis. She taught people how to make red lanterns, made paper lanterns into dragons and unicorns to roam the streets, and let everyone perform dragon and lion dances and set off fireworks. The flames soaring into the sky made the Jade Emperor think that the world had been punished. Thus, humanity escaped a catastrophe.

In order to commemorate the special day of rebirth after the catastrophe, people changed the name of Shangyuan Festival to “Lantern Festival”. “Ruan Nuo Nuo Lantern Festival, best wishes.

At the event site, the children were engrossed in the fantasy stories, laughed at the cute bird, praised the kindness of the fairy, and were deeply amazed by the vivid performance of the teachers.

2. Production of vitality lanterns

“My Red Lantern Hangs High”

Thousands of trees and silver flowers, bright brocade lights. Lanterns are an indispensable part of the folk customs of the Lantern Festival. Every festive season, the colorful lanterns in the streets and alleys are always overwhelming and dazzling.

What types of lanterns are there? Revolving horse lanterns, knife-off lanterns, rabbit lanterns, palace lanterns, dragon lanterns… Before making lanterns, Jidibao aesthetic teacher showed the children these traditional lantern types one by one.

Under the guidance of the teacher, the children selected their favorite color cardboard one by one. By stacking, pasting and folding materials of different colors and shapes, the children cleverly added color to their lantern shells.

Finally, use a glue gun to glue the outer shells of different colors and shapes to the inner liner of the lantern, and the cute lanterns are ready~ Seeing the children handing out a lantern, Chivadi couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to everyone!

3. Origin of Lantern Festival & DIY

“Little Lantern Festival”

Food is the paramount necessity of the people. Most traditional festivals in China have their own unique “handwriting” in food, such as eating rice dumplings at the Dragon Boat Festival, eating Laba porridge during the Laba Festival, and eating dumplings or glutinous rice balls during the New Year… Therefore, it is natural to eat Lantern Festival during the Lantern Festival!

In Xiaoqi Duowei’s growth class, the teacher brought fun games and songs to let the children understand the origin of the Lantern Festival and learn related expressions of the Lantern Festival through singing and dancing.

At the same time, in the DIY session, the children even had a hands-on experience of making Lantern Festival~ Before class, the teachers had prepared materials for making Lantern Festival in four flavors. The children put the dumpling in the palm of their hand, knead it, rub it, and compare whose one is rounder!

Bowls of hot Lantern Festival are out of the pot, and the children hold them in their little hands, “I want to give my mother the first bite”, “I want to give my mother a taste”, “I want to eat with the teacher”… It seems that the children not only reap After learning the knowledge of the Lantern Festival, I also learned the spirit of sharing! Like~

四·Xiaoqi has something to say

From ancient times to the present, there are still many versions of the story about the origin of the Lantern Festival. Jidibao hopes that children can continue to explore and share more through this event. The month-long Shenzhou tour is over here. In this event integrating plot, creativity, wisdom, and fun, we have also received many “love confessions” from parents and children, which will become our continuation Strive to create more sources of motivation for children to be happy.

Next, Fuzhou Jidibao Growth Center will hold new activities every week, use humor to beat the boring time, and give children more growth surprises!

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