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“Jiahua Eco-City” enters the campus to experience cultural inheritance

“Jiahua Eco-City” enters the campus to experience cultural inheritance


The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City has high-quality and balanced educational resources. Currently, the Sino-Singapore Eco-City has 18 kindergartens, 13 primary and secondary schools, and 1 secondary vocational school. Famous schools such as Xiaowai Foreign Language School, Nankai University, Beijing Normal University, and Experimental School are gathered in the Eco-City. The city is an exclusive benefit for children here, and each school has its own characteristics to meet diverse needs. In this issue of “Jiahua Eco-City”, host Zhang Bojia will take you into the campus to experience the cultural heritage here.


Binhai Foreign Language School Affiliated to Tianjin International Studies University, affectionately known as “Binhai Foreign Language School”, is one of the first projects completed in the education system of Sino-Singapore Eco-City. Since its establishment in 2012, it has 5 departments and 6 schools. campus. Faced with such a large-scale group-run school, we will take you to find out what advanced teaching concepts are here and how the courses of each department are set up.


Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City No. 1 Middle School adheres to the school philosophy of “life is wonderful because of education, and mission is fulfilled with great love”, and has become a dream school for many students. Eco-City No. 1 Middle School integrates interdisciplinary knowledge and ecological development concepts into daily educational and teaching innovation practices. The host walked into the unique STEAM classroom and made a magnetic train with the students.


The Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University in Tianjin Eco-City is one of the main educational business cards of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. An ordinary “smart swimming lesson” refreshed the host’s understanding of swimming lessons. The school employs national-level athletes to provide professional guidance to students. Students wear smart bracelets that can monitor their heart rate and exercise intensity in real time. They can also clearly hear the coach’s instructions through headphones. It can be seen from these details that Beijing Normal University pays attention to the different characteristics of each child and teaches students in accordance with their aptitude.


Nankai Primary School was founded in 1928 and is an important part of the complete education system of Nankai series of schools. There is only a wall between Nankai Primary School in Eco-City and the already-built Nankai Middle School in Binhai Eco-City. The schools share educational resources, continue the spirit of Nankai, and inherit the cultural heritage of Nankai.


Seven years ago, the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Experimental Primary School emerged from a barren land and became the first independent brand primary school in the Eco-City. On the day of the shooting, Eco-City Experimental Primary School, as a pilot school for the “double reduction” work in Binhai New Area, was conducting a district-wide after-school service demonstration event, offering 57 after-school service courses such as woodball, fencing, chess, and debate to help students develop in an all-round way.

Wherever the times move forward, there must be the sound of Lang Lang’s books. Please pay attention to “Jiahua Eco-City” on Tianshi Literary Channel at 21:40 this Sunday (December 10).

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