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“Jiaanxin 2.0” allows more people to have millions of medical care China Pacific Insurance’s “Jiaanxin” is renewed and upgraded

“Jiaanxin 2.0” allows more people to have millions of medical care China Pacific Insurance’s “Jiaanxin” is renewed and upgraded

  Millions of medical insurance has swept the market rapidly since its birth in 2015. The high-quality and cheap insurance experience has enabled some people to realize “millions of medical insurance freedom”, but there are still some customers who are turned away because of their health status and age. .Recently, China Pacific Insurance’s non-health medical insurance“Jia Anxin 2.0”Fully upgraded. “Jiaanxin” is a million-dollar medical insurance for middle-aged and elderly people. It will be listed for the first time in May 2022. It is an in-depth attempt and active exploration of China Pacific Insurance in the field of million-dollar medical product research. After more than a year of continuous polishing,“Jia Anxin 2.0”Continue to protect the original intention, rejuvenate and upgrade, and strive to make more people have millions of medical care.

Non-healthy people and middle-aged and elderly people have strong protection needs, but “one insurance is hard to find”

  For a long time, the customers of mainstream million-dollar medical insurance are mainly healthy people aged 30 to 45, and they are “high-quality customers” of health insurance. However, the non-healthy and elderly people are “hard to find”. According to McKinsey’s recently released research report “Striving at the Right Time: Challenges and Breakthroughs of China’s Commercial Health Insurance”, the data shows that the number of people with diseases in my country has reached 400 million (including patients with severe and chronic diseases). The scale will be further expanded. This group of people has a high demand for protection and a strong willingness to purchase insurance. However, due to concerns about the risk of adverse selection, most mainstream million-dollar medical insurance does not cover this group, and there is a lack of product to get from“Healthy People”Into“Guardian’s Health”is an important issue facing insurance companies.

From 1.0 to 2.0 is the continuous exploration in the “deep water area” of non-health insurance

“We have been thinking and exploring how to enable more non-healthy people and middle-aged and elderly people to have a health guarantee.” A product developer of China Pacific Insurance said. Although the insurance of non-healthy people has been exploring, the accompanying medical risks and adverse selection have also made many insurance companies “daunted”.

  Let more people have millions of medical care, is not only a new round of development opportunities for the industry, but also the responsibility of China Pacific Insurance as a leading insurance company. As a health insurance specially developed for non-healthy and middle-aged and elderly people,“Jia Anxin 1.0” It will be launched in May 2022, guaranteeing coverage of 5 major disease-bearing groupssingle diseaseTowardsMultiple diseasesA breakthrough in non-healthy medical insurance.

  However, the exploration of deep water areas faces unprecedented challenges and difficulties.Due to the complexity of medical behavior and professional barriers, medical insurance requires customers to have a clear understanding and judgment of their own health conditions in the process of insurance application and claim settlement, which is a great challenge. “Customers don’t know which stage of breast nodule they are in, whether they can apply or not?” An agent said that customers would be confused when applying for insurance, and eventually the online underwriting could not pass, and turned to manual underwriting. After the insurance was rejected. In addition, if a customer suffers from 2 or more of the 5 types of special diseases, the possibility of the customer successfully applying for “Jiaanxin 1.0” is also very low.

  It is too difficult to judge multiple diseases, and the disease status of most people with chronic diseases is also relatively complicated. These factors have led to a higher insurance threshold for “Jia Anxin 1.0”.Is it possible toMore friendly and convenient customer interface,Reduce the difficulty of decision-making for customersWoolen cloth?

  From a single disease to multiple diseases, to today’s “negative list” of pre-existing diseases, “Jia Anxin” has been evolving.After early exploration and experience, “Jiaanxin 2.0” has been iteratively upgraded with greater determination and sincerity.

  It is understood that“Jiaanxin 2.0” is divided into two types: A and B,Type A productforthree yearsmillion medical insurance,Type B productforone yearThe million-dollar medical insurance is specially customized for middle-aged and elderly people and non-healthy people. The insurance age is wider, the insurance conditions are simpler, the insurance period is longer, and the health services are more considerate.

The insured age is extended to 72 years old, realizing “the old age is protected, the whole family can feel at ease”

Generally speaking, when you are over 65 years old, you basically lose the “admission ticket” for medical insurance. However, the medical and health risks of the middle-aged and elderly people are higher, especially the chronically ill people are mostly middle-aged and elderly people, and the lack of protection may mean that a disease will destroy a family.

  How to let more people have million medical insurance? “Jia Anxin 2.0” further relaxes the insurance age, and the first-time insurance age for A three-year product is relaxed to72 years oldType B one-year product is relaxed to70 years old, the maximum insurance age can be up to 99 years old. Let more middle-aged and elderly people have more protection, and more children have more peace of mind.

Simple health notification, “vote” is simple, “guarantee” is assured

  Health notification, as the name suggests, is to inform the health status. In order to reduce the risk of claim settlement, insurance companies set up a health report link to exclude some people with higher risk of disease. Common health notifications have dozens of questions, and medical professional vocabulary is difficult to understand.False notification will also affect subsequent claims.

  In response to this pain point, “Jiaanxin 2.0” further optimizes the customer insurance experience, and the customer spends the least time when applying for insurance.Just answer two questionsYou can apply for insurance if you meet the requirements, and you don’t have to worry about future claims being affected by health reports.

Pre-existing diseases can be insured and compensated, and you can still buy insurance if you have been sick

Generally speaking, people with medical history tend to be rejected by medical insurance. “There are a lot of clients around me who can’t buy medical insurance because they have had surgery and been hospitalized, but their willingness to buy is very strong.” An insurance agent said that it is difficult to meet the needs of these clients .

Pre-existing diseases refer to diseases diagnosed before insurance application or during the disease observation period. Most of the million-dollar medical insurances on the market are generally not insurable or insurable but not compensable for pre-existing diseases. Through previous data analysis and research, “Jia Anxin 2.0” has taken another step forward to broaden the scope of protection. It is understood that except for 12 specific pre-existing diseases and congenital diseases, as long as the remaining diseases meet the requirements, they can be successfully insured, and reasonable and necessary medical expenses will also be reimbursed.

  for theremedical history,Claims Historyorbeen denied insuranceof people, “Jiaanxin 2.0” may become the first choice for them to obtain insurance protectionnew opportunity.

For old customers, continue to launch three-year products to add peace of mind to guarantee

At present, the common one-year one-year medical treatment requires customer confirmation for annual renewal, and the insured may forget to operate on time due to busy work and life, resulting in lack of protection; at the same time, once a claim occurs, the possibility of successful renewal in the second year is low , These situations will cause customers to continue to worry.

  “Jiaanxin 2.0” Type A products have a guarantee period of 3 years, and at the same time, even if claims are settled within 3 years, they can continue to enjoy the guarantee.It is understood that this three-year product is mainly for China Pacific Insuranceold customers for sale. The 3-year guarantee time can effectively cover the development cycle of common chronic diseases and nodules. No matter how it progresses, it will provide guarantee and services to truly solve the core pain points of customers. More importantly, it adds peace of mind to the guarantee and relieves customers’ anxiety.

Health management service with temperature, longer protection

  “Protect the healthy person” or “Protect the health of the person”?“Jia Anxin 2.0” chooses the latter.

  Health management service is not only a “value-added” service, but more importantlyReduce customers’ risk of serious illness. A timely interpretation of a physical examination report may kill cancer cells in their infancy; a family doctor online at any time may effectively solve an emergency pain; a green channel for medical treatment for serious illness. It may reduce the risk of worsening the course of the disease… “Jia Anxin 2.0” truly provides customers with warm health services through the organic integration of insurance and health management, and achieves longer-term protection.

  The upgrade of “Jiaanxin 2.0” not only continues the normalized health management services, but also further expands the service content, focusing onSatisfies rigid medical needs and has higher practical valueservices throughImprove service activation rate and usage rateso that customers can experiencewarm service.

Let more people have millions of medical care, let more people enjoy insurance protection. “Jiaanxin” is not only the original aspiration of China Pacific Insurance, but also the determination to explore and innovate. With the continuous improvement of people’s livelihood protection level and the continuous iteration of customer needs, China Pacific Insurance will focus on customers, continuously enrich the supply of insurance products, innovate medical and health service linkage, optimize customer service experience processes, and use real products and services. Fulfill the industry responsibilities and missions of leading insurance companies, and help the industry develop steadily and far!

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