GA4 (398745346)’s whole-house customized self-operated model is launched nationwide with the fastest delivery in 7 days’s whole-house customized self-operated model is launched nationwide with the fastest delivery in 7 days

In order to resolve consumers’ concerns about opaque decoration prices, inconsistent standards, and no guarantee of contract performance, and create a one-stop home decoration experience that truly saves money, worry, and time, will increase its efforts in self-operated home decoration business layout in 2024. Launched’s whole-house customized self-operated model. On March 15, the country’s first whole-house customized self-operated experience center will grandly open in Tianjin Jingdong MALL, and launch a 22? whole-house customized self-operated package with a limited-time discount of RMB 20,000 and a special price of only 16,800 yuan. Compared with similar products on the market,’s whole-house customized self-operated whole-home packages not only have clear prices and zero price tags, but also have JD’s self-operated high standards that are higher than the national environmental protection standards and high efficiency of delivery in as fast as 7 days. It also provides digital contract fulfillment. , The reassuring experience of service visualization allows consumers to be clear and sure about every aspect of customization. Tianjin citizens can visit the experience store to make an appointment before March 31, or open the APP and search for “self-operated whole house customization” to register online, and you can enjoy free whole house design, free door-to-door measurement, free VR renderings, and super discounts Get the whole house at the right price for your ideal home.

  The price is even more economical: 16,800 yuan customized package “buy one get one free” to get six spaces in the whole house’s customized whole-house self-operated packages adopt a transparent quotation system to achieve accurate room measurement and one-price all-inclusive package. The package price is equivalent to the price of the finished product. Take the 22 package package promoted this time as an example. The original price is 36,800 yuan. The opening special discount is 20,000 yuan for a limited time. It only costs 16,800 yuan. It also comes with an upgraded gift package worth 16,800 yuan, including 3 drawers and 3 light boards, free of charge. Upgraded 18mm thick back panel, imported hardware and other accessories, as well as JD PLUS annual card and 1,000 yuan JD home appliance E card, provide the ultimate cost-effectiveness among similar products. This package has no room type restrictions and supports customization of six major spaces including the entry space, living room space, cloakroom, and children’s room. Consumers can choose entry cabinets, TV cabinets, sideboards, wardrobes, desk cabinets, and storage according to their needs. Cabinets and other cabinets are combined and matched, and through reasonable movement lines and storage design, zero waste of space is achieved.

  Better quality: full-link JD self-operated supplyMore environmentally friendly, safer and more durable

For a long time, whole-house customized products have lacked unified standards in terms of material selection and workmanship, and their quality has varied, causing many problems for consumers. The core advantage of JD’s whole-house customization and self-operated whole-home packages is that it is based on JD’s self-operated high standards and has achieved strict quality in terms of configuration indicators such as environmental protection of boards, process safety, and hardware warranty that consumers are most concerned about. check.

Currently, most customized products on the market use 5mm-9mm back plates and partitions of different standards, making it difficult to guarantee environmental protection and safety. Jingdong’s whole-house customized self-operated whole-home package uses ENF environmentally friendly solid wood particle board for the entire cabinet, which is higher than the national environmental protection standards. The cabinet, partitions, back panels, and door panels are all upgraded to 18mm thickness for free, making them more moisture-proof and mildew-proof. , more solid. In terms of customization process, in order to save costs, some merchants do not complete the edge sealing, leaving the hidden danger of continuous release of formaldehyde.’s self-operated whole house customization package strictly adopts full edge sealing and three-in-one locking technology, which makes it more secure to use. For hardware accessories such as cabinet door handles, the common standard in the industry is domestic products with a 3-5 year warranty. If you choose imported hardware, you need to pay extra.’s whole-house customized self-operated package can be upgraded to imported Austrian Blum hardware for free after 20 Tested 10,000 times opening and closing, 10-year warranty makes it more wear-resistant.

  Better service: delivery within 7 days at the fastestJingdong APPVisually track progress

According to the traditional whole-house customization model, an order needs to be completed by multiple manufacturers. Coupled with the long logistics cycle for large items, consumers often have to wait for more than a month for delivery and installation.’s self-operated whole-house customization model relies on the advantages of the local digital and intelligent supply chain to integrate everything from precise room measurement and output of personalized design plans to order customization and production and processing. Delivery can be achieved in as fast as 7 days, allowing consumers to more Quick move-in; coupled with the efficient delivery of services, installation and accessories by a professional team, ensuring a more timely response before and after sales.

Because many whole-house customization companies are not standardized, after signing a contract, consumers not only have to press repeatedly to get the invoice, but also often find the other party running away and providing poor service that is difficult to hold accountable. Under’s self-operated model of whole-house customization, each customer signs a contract directly with, and pays the fee to APP. Big factories and big brands ensure that funds are guaranteed; in order to facilitate consumers to track the progress of customization online, APP will also synchronize Customers generate exclusive profiles to realize digital contract fulfillment and visualized services. Even remote customization can be done without worries.

“From the localized supply chain,’s self-operated standards to’s service guarantee,’s whole-house customized self-operated model can provide consumers with a more certain one-stop home improvement experience.” said the person in charge of’s home improvement business,’s whole-house After the customized self-operated experience store is piloted in Tianjin, it will be launched in more cities across the country, allowing more consumers to enjoy simple and transparent integrated home decoration solutions.

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