Jay Chou and Jackie Chan performed a surprise duet at the concert, why Kuaishou can become a star’s “circle of friends”

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On September 9, Jackie Chan made a surprise appearance as a special guest at Jay Chou’s Tianjin concert, and sang two golden songs with Jay Chou, “Thousands of Miles Away” and “Listen to Mom.” It is rare for a world superstar to sing on the same stage with the king of Chinese music. The humorous interaction between the two at the concert attracted continuous screams from the audience, pushing the concert to a climax. It is reported that the collaboration between Jay Chou and Jackie Chan was promoted by the Kuaishou platform.

In recent years, with more and more celebrities joining Kuaishou, Kuaishou has not only become a bridge between celebrities and fans, but also has more opportunities for “dream linkage” between celebrities.

Celebrities who regard Kuaishou as their “circle of friends” put down their burdens and can be themselves easily, using Kuaishou as a way to sincerely interact with their friends, and have found many like-minded friends on the platform. For example, this time Jay Chou and Jackie Chan are on the same stage, it is a “friend list expansion” completed on Kuaishou. Regarding this cooperation, Jackie Chan said in the linkage video released by Kuaishou: “Kuaishou makes thousands of miles away feel close at hand!”

Jay Chou and Jackie Chan released a co-creation video on Kuaishou and performed on the same stage to set off the scene

At the concert on the evening of September 9th, when the singing of the song “Thousands of Miles Away” entered the climax, Jackie Chan, dressed in glazed white, slowly appeared on the lift and sang on the same stage with Jay Chou. Seeing this scene, fans He shared on social platforms that “two gods in their respective fields finally met at the top”, “the ceiling of concert guests” and “definitely worth the price of admission.”

In addition to the chorus, the live interaction between the two was even more interesting. Jackie Chan said bluntly, “After receiving the invitation, I memorized the lyrics every day. I really can’t keep up next time I sing “Nunchaku””, and even followed Jay Chou. Experience the thrill of a live chorus.

After the concert, Jackie Chan and Jay Chou released co-creation videos on their Kuaishou accounts to jointly record this unforgettable night. Classmate Zhou said, “Thank you to my big brother Qianliyao for coming to support me and even singing “Listen to Mommy”. It’s really amazing.” Jackie Chan, who was still excited about singing on stage, wrote, “Thank you Kuaishou for letting Qianliwai come to you.” We are so close and we look forward to our next cooperation.”

From online interaction to offline cooperation to online sharing, celebrities have gradually extended Kuaishou’s “circle of friends” from online likes and comments to offline communication. Through in-depth interaction, the “circle of friends” has become More real and palpable.

In addition, for celebrities, Kuaishou is not only a platform to make new friends, but also a warm community where old friends can gather. In the Kuaishou “Camping Talk” held in July this year, Jackie Chan specially invited celebrities from different fields such as Gem Gem, Gong Linna, Nazha, Xie Nan, Xu Zhisheng, Zheng Yecheng and other Kuaishou experts as his camping partners. Users in the live broadcast room brought a lively summer camping carnival party. Not only that, every time Jay Chou appears in Kuaishou’s events or live broadcasts, he can always see Liu Hong, Fang Wenshan, Lang Lang and other celebrity friends crazy to help out, and many celebrities are chasing stars in Kuaishou to realize their dreams.

Make friends with authenticity and sincerity, and Kuaishou will become a booster for stars to “expand their list”

Under the same filters, it is difficult for celebrities to avoid the aesthetic fatigue of the public. Kuaishou, with its “moment circle flavor”, pulls celebrities away from the perfect persona on the screen and returns to their true origins in daily life. That’s why we saw Jay Chou, who uses Kuaishou as a friend circle to post content. In his Kuaishou account, he shows piano, plays basketball, and performs magic tricks, freely switching between casualness and sensibility, without any celebrity airs. Jackie Chan, the eldest brother next door to classmate Zhou, is like an old naughty boy. He teaches everyone how to use kung fu mirrors, squat on horseback to play mahjong, and unlock birthday secret agent missions on Kuaishou… He is serious but funny, which brings countless joy to Lao Tie.

Compared with other platforms that resort to beautiful short videos, Kuaishou, which encourages users to show their true selves, has become a favorite among celebrities. In addition to Jay Chou and Jackie Chan, Kuaishou has many other celebrity short videos and live broadcasts with unique characteristics. Huang Zitao, with his face swollen after dental implants, was broadcast live without filters, breaking the public’s inherent perception of idol stars and capturing fans with his sincerity. In addition, there are Zhang Yuqi who bargained directly in the Kuaishou live broadcast room, and the Times Youth League who showed off their talents and cooked pancakes during a birthday party live broadcast, etc.

Authenticity and sincerity are always the last resort. As of now, there are more than 2,100 celebrity accounts on Kuaishou, with a total number of fans reaching 1.5 billion. In the authentic, equal, open and inclusive Kuaishou community atmosphere, star artists from different fields such as film, television, music, etc., on the one hand, share their daily life through down-to-earth short videos, shortening the distance with Kuaishou users and continuing to attract fans; on the other hand, On the other hand, Kuaishou has truly become their “circle of friends” through live streaming and co-production interactions with celebrity friends.

In the process of celebrities building the “Kuaishou circle of friends”, relying on Kuaishou’s rich celebrity resources with diverse styles will not only promote more celebrity cooperation, but also expand star influence in cross-border cooperation, and more likely to attract more celebrities time and time again. In the sincere interaction, witness the beginning of a series of celebrity friendships.

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