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It’s time to appreciate flowers and watch exhibitions in spring

It’s time to appreciate flowers and watch exhibitions in spring

  Tianjin North Network: The breath of spring is strong, and the air is filled with the warmth of sunshine. In this season of blooming flowers, viewing flowers is a reserved item for spring outings, but there is more than one way to “view flowers”. When spring arrives in Jincheng, the flowers not only bloom on the branches, but also on the tip of the tongue, show their beauty in front of the scroll, and tactfully in their ears. The spring breeze is intoxicating, and the beautiful scenery is pitiful. It’s not enough to just look at it. Why don’t we meet together for a different kind of “flower appreciation” trip.

The Sea of ​​Begonia Flowers is one of the main scenic spots of the Five Avenues in spring, especially Dali Avenue is called “Begonia Avenue” by many people. Therefore, this time, the cultural and creative ice cream launched by Wudao also selected the elements of crabapple flowers, presenting the combination of Minyuan Square and crabapple. The color is also pink and lovely, which is very popular among female tourists and children. Recently, the Tianjin Museum has launched the “Flowers in Blossoms – Special Exhibition of Flowers and Cultural Relics in the Collection”, allowing the audience and cultural and museum lovers to “view the exhibition online” without leaving home, and at the same time follow the 720-degree virtual browsing function, ” Stroll” carefully arranged exhibition hall, experience the charm of ancient paintings personally. Relying on the rich collection of cultural relics resources of Tianjin Museum, with the theme of plants and flowers, the exhibition combines 15 kinds of plants and flowers with 116 fine cultural relics from the collection, and takes spring, summer, autumn and winter as the main line to connect a world of “blooming flowers”.

At the same time as the “Cloud View Exhibition”, you can also follow the Tianjin Museum’s “Spring Flower Yanzhi Painting Online Activity Class” to make your own quilting paper paintings, and feel the breath of spring together.

At the same time, today’s shopping malls have more and more rich consumption experience, and more and more fashion art exhibitions have entered shopping malls, which have attracted the attention and favor of Z-generation consumers. Exhibition is a good choice.

  Tianjin Tianhe City Shopping Center:Tianjin Teemall Shopping Center held the first exhibition of “Suspended Forest” in Tianjin. Based on the micro-creation blueprint of fairy tales, it combines the fantasy space in the fairy tale world with modern flower art to create a very atmospheric and participatory flower art experience space. Qingming Xiaochang started a romantic encounter with Tianhe City and Spring.

  Tianjin Hisense Plaza: To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hisense Plaza in Tianjin, we joined hands with independent designer “Tan Ali” Lynn to jointly launch the first exhibition of “Beautiful Flowers” in Tianjin. Lianhe Jinyun gave little red flowers to every city’s “spring guardian” to speak for the good.

  Tianjin Vientiane City:Tianjin Vientiane City (3.19-4.17) held joint exhibitions of works of contemporary artists, art installations of “Book of Happiness”, art installations of “Blueprint”, Leica photography exhibition and many other joint exhibitions of artists’ works. At the same time, there will also be an exhibition of woodblock New Year paintings by Yangliuqing Painting Society and an open class.

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