It’s on fire! Original Heart and Responsibility to Build “City of Youth”

It’s on fire! Original Heart and Responsibility to Build “City of Youth”


It is another year of graduation season, and countless college students will carry their dream backpacks and rush to a bright future. Some people say that work smoothes our edges and corners, making us sophisticated and smooth.

But there will always be such a group of dream chasers who are still full of enthusiasm, stick to the passion and original aspiration of young people, and forge ahead on the career path. The TV series “City of Youth”, which is currently being broadcast on CCTV, focuses on the journey of young people’s struggle, growth, and realization of their dreams. It revolves around the drastic changes in the development of my country’s technological innovation field, and tells the hard entrepreneurial stories behind several generations of entrepreneurs.

  Passion and aspiration build the cornerstone

Xia Mo, the entrepreneur played by Qin Hailu, leads the company’s scientific research personnel to bump into obstacles repeatedly on the road of research and advancement. Finally, under the strong cooperation of Nie Zinc and Wei Zhiyuan, a further breakthrough has been made in the modification and research and development of calculation formulas.

However, one wave of ups and downs followed another. As a leader in the industry, Professor Wang pointed out earnestly: the application of new fuel cells is still controversial. Can the reality really be consistent with the theoretical concept? Although Mr. Wei, who was splashed with cold water, argued hard in front of Professor Wang, and even aggrievedly said “resignation” to Xia Mo, the uncertainty of the application market really left a deep impression on Mr. Wei and Nie Xin. The next seed of worry.

The dilemma behind scientific research is the same, and so is the private misery of entrepreneurs. Despite being unfavorable and short of funds, the entrepreneur Fang Yuanjian played by Lin Yushen finally “smashed the pot and sold the iron”, and went all the way in the development of robots.

Fang Yuanjian, who had run into trouble borrowing money everywhere, made up his mind to confess his financial problems to his parents, and wanted to cash in the sea-view house he bought for his parents to fund the robot research. Fang Yuanjian has the courage to break the boat and put all his eggs in one basket, which is commendable. Perhaps the way to break the situation is his persistence in his original intention. Temporary failure of starting a business is not a bad boy. Fang’s father and mother expressed their full support for their son’s career. Zhuo Ye, the landlord’s son who has always been righteous, once again extended a helping hand. Fang Yuanjian’s every meaningful contribution has finally been understood and will eventually will get a satisfactory answer. The darkness in front of Fang Yuan’s eyes may be about to appear that “line of sky”!

  Responsibility and responsibility build a city together

The strength of an enterprise is inseparable from the benign interaction with the government. In the play, Cui Jiangbei, the representative of the Science and Technology Innovation Committee played by Zhu Yuchen, does his best to study policies and help enterprises. It is precisely because of Cui Jiangbei who dares to break the rules, and has intelligent and warm staff, that the isolated and helpless Cavaliers Alliance can overcome obstacles and become bigger and stronger!

Jiang Nannan, played by Reyiza, is also a grassroots worker. She deals with ordinary people and does some irrelevant and even trivial tasks. But she is principled and has always been generous and friendly. Even in the face of unreasonable people, she can contain the unhappiness in her heart and keep a bright smile. Later, she was transferred to work in the Sub-district Enterprise Service Office. In order to help the company she served to solve the difficulties, she worked hard to find out the truth, and even reprimanded the rumormongers who discredited the company face to face.

Cui Jiangbei, who paves the way for the Cavaliers League with the courage to give and take responsibility, and Jiang Nannan, who is stubborn and determined, let us see the responsibility and responsibility of the new generation of public officials. They accompany the entrepreneurs to go through the ups and downs together. In the process of the growth of the enterprise, they are also harvesting and accumulating, and together they push the city forward.

In the play, the jewelry designer Meng Meng played by Huang Miyi has relatively young career ideas compared with the protagonists. In order to get rid of her father’s protection, she came to Pengcheng alone. Accidentally learned from her mother that Hans, who appreciates her talent, is actually a good friend of her father for many years. Meng Meng once again felt that she was poured a bucket of cold water.

Although she can see farther by standing taller, Meng Meng, who wants to prove herself through her own efforts, is worried that accepting help from her family will greatly reduce her efforts and talents under the bondage of “relationships”. With a superior family background, the most commendable thing in her heart is the pure insistence on her dreams. One side is the shadow of his father, and the other side is a partner who has worked hard together. How will Meng Meng, who is entangled, choose?

The immature teenagers will eventually stumble towards the battlefield of the next stage of youth. The bags loaded with original intentions and responsibilities will accompany us to the peaks and valleys of life one after another. Whether it is a slope or a trough, the original intention will clear the fog for us and remind us of the direction we are heading in the dark; responsibility will hold up a big umbrella for us, and when we stand on a high place, it will resist the biting mountain wind for us and be vigilant. We think rationally and don’t slack off.

In the last few episodes, the plot has been twisted and turned, and the protagonists have gone through hardships, with ups and downs, and the reality is often crueler than in the drama. Netizens with a lot of experience said, “Who knows, this is a part-time job.” The most authentic daily life in the workplace!” “This drama seems to be playing my workplace life!”

The era in “City of Youth” is coming to an end, and the stories of the new generation of professionals are still being written. It is said that the generation born after 2000 is the generation to rectify the workplace, but in fact, young professionals are also silently sticking to their original career aspirations and responsibilities and missions, and have brought new vitality and new thinking to the workplace environment. One day they will also build Their exclusive “City of Youth”! I have to say that the plot of Yang Ma’s “City of Youth” really ignited! Call your little friends to follow the show together!

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