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It wouldn’t be like Chinese New Year without dried meat! There are so many brands, how to choose?

It wouldn’t be like Chinese New Year without dried meat! There are so many brands, how to choose?

How would the Chinese New Year be like the Chinese New Year without dried meat?

Most people agree with the above statement. In addition to making jerky the first choice for gift giving, jerky will also be included as a necessity for entertaining relatives and friends in the New Year. It has become a Chinese custom to eat dried meat at New Year’s reunions.

Since you want to eat it, of course you have to choose a time-honored jerky brand with good quality and good reputation, such as the most authentic “King of jerky” with more than 50 years of food processing experience.

Tracing back to the origin and experience of Zhengwa Cured Meat Co., Ltd., which was opened in 1968, mainly produces and sells cured meat products. It has rich experience in meat processing. In 2007, it began to enter the jerky industry. After years of improvements, With multiple complicated production steps, today’s “Zhengrou Jerky” is also a leader in the industry in terms of quality packaging.

Zheng Jerky King has a variety of traditional and delicious meat jerky to choose from, including traditional pork jerky, chicken jerky, sliced ​​pork jerky and emperor jerky.

If you like traditional meat jerky, then you should choose the traditional pork jerky of “Zheng Jerky King”. This is the “Zheng” signature meat jerky. It is made by traditional honey charcoal grilling. The meat is fragrant and tender, and is often sliced ​​one after another. Chase and eat piece by piece.

If you are looking for the ultimate taste, you can’t miss the sliced ​​pork jerky and emperor’s jerky.

The sliced ​​pork jerky is specially made from sliced ​​pork hind legs. It has a chewier texture. You can put it in your mouth and chew it slowly, which will leave you with endless aftertaste.

Emperor’s jerky adopts a unique marinating method. “Zhengrou” is made from the finest cuts of pork belly. The fat of the pork belly is evenly distributed, with moderate softness and hardness, tender and refreshing taste.

Of course, in addition to dried meat, meat floss is also indispensable during the New Year. Meat floss is suitable for all ages and is definitely the best choice.

Zhengrou Dawang produces pork floss and chicken floss in two flavors to choose from. The meat floss is crisp and refreshing, suitable for bread or as an ingredient in New Year dishes, both of which are very suitable.

In order to ensure that the jerky still retains the most “authentic” traditional taste when it is delivered to consumers, “Zhengrou” uses an industrial automatic vacuum machine to package each piece of jerky independently in a safe and hygienic way. This not only ensures that the meat is The dry freshness, in terms of hygiene and portability, allow consumers to eat with peace of mind and give thoughtful gifts.

More importantly, vacuum-packed dried meat can greatly extend the shelf life. This way, you can ensure that the jerky is still in a pure and good flavor when giving as a gift, ensuring the quality of the product.

Zhenghe Cured Meat Co., Ltd. has been able to establish itself in the jerky industry for many years, not only because they have rich experience in food processing and production, but more importantly, they have an attitude of striving for excellence. From meat selection, pickling, carbon grilling to packaging, the process is very precise. We are rigorous and fastidious, adhering to the concept of “orthodox and wonderful preparation” without losing the traditional taste and maintaining food quality, so that consumers can enjoy the traditional good taste.

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