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It works! Use patience to explain and wake up the “dream person” who is being “surveilled”

It works! Use patience to explain and wake up the “dream person” who is being “surveilled”

Since the movie “All or Nothing” was released nationwide, people have had a deeper and more vivid understanding of criminal activities such as money laundering and fraud. In fact, banking financial institutions have been working hard for several years to combat money laundering and telecommunications network fraud, especially ” Since the launch of the “Card Disconnection Operation”, the anti-email fraud work has taken a big step forward. The space for fraud criminals to use “bank cards” to transfer, cover up and conceal their illegal gains has been continuously reduced. Recently, in the business department of Binhai Branch of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank, a staff due diligence investigation successfully awakened the “dream man”…

On the morning of October 8, a male customer walked into the business department of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Binhai Branch and asked to open a bank card. Based on the principle of due diligence, branch teller Wang Li (pseudonym) inquired about the purpose of applying for the card. The customer claimed that the card was used for transportation of goods. In addition to the original ID card, he also provided a copy of the motor vehicle driving license and a printed copy of the work certificate as supporting materials for the purpose of issuing the card. But the customer’s wandering eyes caught Wang Li’s attention.

Looking at the skewed and blurred fonts on the copy, Wang Li repeatedly checked with the customer. At this time, the teller in charge at the counter noticed the situation, took the initiative to verify with the unit contact person provided on the customer’s work certificate, and asked the customer whether he could provide the original supporting materials. At the same time, the lobby manager also walked to the customer to explain the knowledge on preventing telecom fraud, and then the customer suspended the business and walked out of the business hall.

“About twenty minutes later, the customer returned to the branch in a panic, saying that he was brought from Xiqing District by three ‘colleagues’ waiting outside the branch to open the card, and they were anxious to connect him to the transportation company.” The lobby manager recalled. .

“What is the purpose of your card?”

“Is your place of residence consistent with your residence permit?”

“The purpose of your card is for company turnover. Why does the company use your personal card for its business?”

It turned out that the copies of the customer’s ID were all false information provided by “colleagues” outside the door. After several questions from the staff, the customer gradually clarified his thoughts and realized that he was being used. Once his bank card was illegally used by others… At the same time, a “colleague” who was monitoring the movements in the hall from a nearby vehicle But he kept calling customers to urge them to apply for a card and get back to the car as soon as possible. After learning about the situation, the teller in charge immediately arranged for teller Wang Li to call the “colleague” number in the work certificate again. The two cooperated closely and remained calm. They slowed down their speech and delayed the business processing time on the grounds of card verification, and were careful to deal with him. On the other side, the lobby manager accompanied the customer to call the police and calmed the customer until the police arrived and successfully took away the “colleague” who was squatting nearby for investigation.

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has always strictly implemented the requirements of the real-name system for accounts, established an internal control and compliance system for settlement account management, strengthened customer identification and fund transaction data analysis, and established a liaison group for business personnel in the operating line and conducted small classes to decentralize supervision departments. Risk cases that have occurred or occurred within the jurisdiction are shared throughout the bank to continuously strengthen employees’ anti-fraud awareness and identification capabilities. This seemingly ordinary inquiry and exhortation is a responsibility to guard the people’s “money bags”.

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