It is no longer a problem for lawyers to search for practical articles, the Alpha system solves the pain points of lawyers’ legal search

It is no longer a problem for lawyers to search for practical articles, the Alpha system solves the pain points of lawyers’ legal search

Lawyers and other industries are no strangers to practical articles, which refer to the articles formed by legal professionals after summarizing their experience, practices or case handling content in combination with their actual work. In the eyes of industry insiders, practical articles have a very important reference value, and they play an extremely important role in providing ideas for handling similar cases and conducting academic research. However, affected by various factors, it is not easy to retrieve high-quality and high-level practical articles quickly and accurately.

According to professionals, the creators of pragmatic articles are very extensive, and the channels for their release are also relatively diverse, such as major self-media platforms, professional journals, newspapers, and industry intranets.

Usually, the way lawyers search is to input keywords on traditional search engines, and then repeat the steps of browsing, opening, screening, and closing on the search webpage, but finally find that there are not many contents that meet their actual needs. That is, more than half of the working time is spent on content retrieval and sorting, but there is not enough time and energy to analyze and study specific cases.

In order to meet the needs of lawyers for the quality of practical articles, and at the same time help lawyers save time and effort, achieve cornering and quickly handle cases, the research and development team of the Alpha legal intelligent operating system has carried out continuous research on technology, and when the system is upgraded in 2022 The database of practical articles has been launched.

In order to ensure the sufficiency of practical article data and the authority of content sources. Alpha has cooperated with more than 180 institutions in China, and the system has collected a large number of practical articles such as case handling experience, practical experience, cutting-edge discussions, and interpretation of new laws, with a total of more than 40,000 articles. At the same time, the official public account iCourt Faxiu has been cooperating with partners and senior lawyers of major law firms, updating practical articles in real time every day.

So, how to sort out such massive resources in an orderly manner to ensure that users can search for content that meets actual needs?

First of all, the system classifies the topics according to the article types, and the articles of the same type can be automatically associated, so that users can quickly find the target articles and related articles according to the topics, so that everyone can retrieve more ideal content results.

Secondly, considering that many legal workers have high requirements for the quality of articles, the system also adopts the method of “technology + manual” to process all data in two dimensions. Simply put, it is to automatically screen out those articles based on intelligent technology The results are screened manually, which not only ensures the efficiency of retrieval, but also filters out some inaccurate results, thereby ensuring the quality of retrieval.

Since the function of practical articles was launched, it has been favored by many legal workers, and a large number of people search for practical articles through the system every day. “In the past, it took more than half a day to search for suitable practical articles. If you were in a hurry to use it, you would feel deeply powerless. Now, with the help of the practical article retrieval function of the Alpha legal intelligent operating system, you can search in just a few seconds. Being able to get ideal results not only provided me with valuable references in handling cases, but also helped me a lot in the process of writing academic materials, and now it has become an indispensable tool by my side!” Said a lawyer .

In the future, the Alpha legal intelligent operating system will continue to strengthen cooperation with relevant institutions, and is committed to realizing the continuous expansion of the practical article database and bringing greater convenience to legal workers.


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