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Is Whole Life Insurance Necessary?you will know

Is Whole Life Insurance Necessary?you will know

With the popularization of “the importance of insurance” from all walks of life in the society, there has been a trend of “universal insurance coverage” in various places. However, there are many types of insurance nowadays. If the policyholder does not have comprehensive information on insurance classification and specific insurance products, and cannot make a reasonable choice according to his own needs, it is easy to have “chicken rib insurance” and the gain outweighs the gain. Recently, many people are asking how to buy whole life insurance? Zhonghong Insurance provides comprehensive answers for everyone.

A brief introduction to whole life insurance. Whole life insurance, as the name suggests, provides lifelong death protection. After the insurance takes effect, if the insured dies unfortunately, the insurance company shall pay the designated beneficiary the death benefit of the insurance amount stipulated in the contract. The common whole life insurance on the market is generally divided into installment payment and one-time payment according to different payment methods. If customers have the conditions, it is still recommended to purchase whole life insurance. This is a basic guarantee and a continuation of love for children and family members. Especially for the middle-aged group, at the age when the seniors are old and the juniors are young, and they are prone to diseases, purchasing a whole life insurance is also a manifestation of family responsibility.

How to buy whole life insurance? Policyholders can choose from the following two aspects.

First, choose according to economic strength. When purchasing whole life insurance, how much should the insurance amount (also called “insured amount”) be determined? How long is the payment period? These can be determined according to the individual’s economic strength, family conditions and future family expenditure planning. Generally, 10% of the annual income can be used to purchase insurance, and the insurance rating is more than 10 times the annual income. Whole life insurance itself plays the role of “spending money to ensure safety”. Therefore, policyholders must do what they can to avoid unnecessary financial burdens.

Second, choose according to the scope of protection. When purchasing whole life insurance, you must also consider the coverage of the insurance product itself. Every insurance company will try to consider the differences when developing whole life insurance, and there are some differences. The policyholder should have a comprehensive understanding of the selected insurance product. Pay attention to whether the coverage, deductible liability, and health notification described in the insurance liability description meet your own needs. For example: whether there is total disability protection, whether the health notification is loose, what are the exemption clauses, etc. Only with a comprehensive understanding of insurance products can we specifically analyze whether it is suitable for purchase.

When purchasing whole life insurance, you must choose a formal institution; the insurance products launched by insurance companies with operating qualifications, perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, and good sales reputation are more secure and more assured to buy. Here we recommend the Zhonghong Hengying Family Manulife Insurance Product Plan launched by Zhonghong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. It is composed of Zhonghong Hengying Family Annuity Insurance and Zhonghong Manulife Premium Whole Life Insurance (Universal Type). You can receive the value of the universal account at will, and you can also carry out emergency turnover and wealth inheritance. This product portfolio is suitable for people of a certain age and higher income, who have a certain financial foundation, but also have heavy family responsibilities. Even if they die, they can bring a sum of insurance money to the family to alleviate the heavy damage to the family. It is also suitable for those who need to inherit assets. If the agreement is clear, the death insurance money can be given to the designated beneficiary according to the wishes of the policyholder.


This product plan is composed of Zhonghong Hengying Family Annuity Insurance (referred to as “Hengying Family”) and Zhonghong Manulife Premium/Premium Whole Life Insurance (Universal) (referred to as “Manulife Premium/Premium” )composition.

This product plan can be combined flexibly, and you can associate or not associate universal whole life insurance according to your own needs.

“Manulife Insurance Premium Edition/Premium Edition” is a universal insurance, and the part where the settlement interest rate exceeds the minimum guaranteed interest rate is uncertain.

The content of this document is for reference only. The specific insurance liability, liability exemption, surrender fee and other details are subject to the terms of the insurance contract.

Insurance companies shall not sell non-insurance financial products in violation of regulations, and shall not participate in illegal fundraising.


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