Is the electricity supply sufficient this summer? Response from the National Energy Administration

Is the electricity supply sufficient this summer? Response from the National Energy Administration

Energy security concerns the overall situation. Now is the preparation stage for the peak summer season. Is the electricity supply sufficient this summer? Against the backdrop of tight global energy supply, is my country’s energy security guaranteed? The transformation of energy consumption structure is imminent. What bottlenecks are currently encountered in the development of renewable energy?

The relevant person in charge of the National Energy Administration responded to the above concerns at a series of press conferences on the theme of “Authoritative Departments Talking about the Beginning” held by the State Council Information Office on the 12th.

On April 12, the Information Office of the State Council held a series of themed press conferences in Beijing on the theme of “Commitment from Authoritative Departments”. , Li Chuangjun, director of the Department of New Energy and Renewable Energy, introduced the situation of “comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and deeply promoting the high-quality development of energy”, and answered reporters’ questions.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li He

Four aspects to ensure energy security

“Instable, uncertain, and unpredictable factors in today’s world are increasing, which are constantly impacting the stability of the global energy supply chain industry chain. Since last year, under the tense situation of global energy supply, my country has continuously improved its energy supply capacity and quality. The quantity and price of supply are stable,” said Zhang Jianhua, director of the National Energy Administration.

For some time to come, energy consumption will maintain a rigid growth, new energy security substitution capabilities have not yet been fully formed, fossil energy still needs to play a role in guaranteeing the bottom line, some energy technology and equipment still have shortcomings, and the impact of extreme weather on the stable supply of energy is becoming increasingly prominent , bringing multiple pressures to energy security.

In the next step, the National Energy Administration will ensure energy security from four aspects. First, based on the domestic market, take multiple measures to increase energy supply capacity, strengthen the construction of advanced coal production capacity, increase the exploration and development of oil and gas resources, increase the supply of clean energy, and strengthen the construction of energy storage capacity. The second is to improve the independent and controllable level of the energy industry chain, strengthen key technology research, and make up for the shortcomings of the industry chain. The third is to promote the low-carbon transformation of energy, build a new energy system, accelerate the adjustment and optimization of the energy structure, and ensure that more and more energy consumption is guaranteed by non-fossil energy. The fourth is to strengthen the prediction and early warning of energy security risks, continue to formulate and implement relevant energy security plans, and ensure the stability of my country’s energy supply.

Five ways to prepare for peak summer

“This year, the country’s largest power load is expected to exceed 1.36 billion kilowatts, which is a larger increase than last year.” Liang Changxin, director of the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration, said. In the event of power shortage, the National Energy Administration will strengthen overall coordination and do a good job in five aspects.

The first is to do a good job in monitoring, analysis and early warning. Do a good job in the regular monitoring of the power supply and demand situation, and do a good job in ensuring the power supply in accordance with the “one province, one policy” during the peak summer season. Before the flood season, we will continue to closely monitor the incoming water situation and the supply and demand situation in Yunnan, Guizhou and other places, fully consider the uncertainty of incoming water during the flood season, and prepare early to meet the peak summer power supply.

The second is to increase the construction and production of supporting power sources and transmission channels. In accordance with the principle of “moderately ahead and leaving a margin”, urge all kinds of power supplies to be put into production before the summer peak to play a role in ensuring supply. Among them, the supporting power supply is not less than 17 million kilowatts. Continue to optimize the regional main grid structure and enhance emergency support capabilities.

The third is to ensure sufficient supply of electricity and coal. Focus on ensuring the quantity, quality and price of coal supply. Supervise and guide the localities to speed up the handling of coal mine construction procedures, promote the construction of approved projects as soon as possible, further optimize the construction schedule of coal mines under construction, and put them into production as soon as possible. Urge all provinces to closely track the signing and performance of medium and long-term power coal contract agreements with guaranteed quality and quantity, and actively do a good job in supervising implementation and coordination.

The fourth is to make every effort to do a good job in the steady and full production of the unit. Urge power generation companies to implement a stable supply of coal and gas, sign medium- and long-term contracts for coal and gas with quality and quantity, and step up efforts to monitor performance. Urge power generation companies to strengthen production and operation and equipment operation and maintenance management, and resolutely obey dispatching instructions to ensure that the power generation units can be topped up, sent out, and stabilized.

Fifth, scientifically do a good job in load management. Urge localities to guide society to support, understand, and participate in demand-side response, further improve demand-side response capabilities, effectively relieve pressure during peak hours, and urge localities to further optimize orderly power consumption plans and implement them in a precise and detailed manner.

Renewable energy development faces three challenges

After years of development, my country has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of renewable energy. At present, the development of renewable energy is still facing three challenges.

Li Chuangjun, director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration, introduced that the first challenge is reflected in grid connection and consumption. With the rapid development of new energy, the traditional power system can no longer adapt to new energy in terms of planning, construction, scheduling and operation. Large-scale and high-proportion development requires relatively large pressure to accommodate new energy grid integration in some areas.

“The guarantee of elements is the second challenge.” Li Chuangjun said that the development of new energy requires a lot of land. To realize the large-scale development of renewable energy, it is necessary to further strengthen policy coordination with relevant departments in terms of land use, sea use, ecological environmental protection and other aspects.

The third challenge is consumer utilization. In order to actively adapt to the new requirements of the transition from “dual control” of energy consumption to “dual control” of total carbon emissions and intensity, it is necessary to further guide the initiative of the whole society to consume and utilize renewable energy.

In response to the above challenges, the National Energy Administration will accelerate the construction of new power systems. Coordinate the safe and stable operation of the power system, and improve the adjustment capability and flexibility of the power system. Improve the green power certificate trading system, promptly introduce policies related to full coverage of renewable energy green certificates and promote renewable energy power consumption, clarify the authority, versatility, uniqueness and dominance of green certificates, and expand the scope of green certificate issuance and transactions , Promote full coverage of green certificate issuance.

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