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Investigate and study the key to reciting the word “real” ⑤?? Shanghai Bank is built with “three hearts” to provide thoughtful services that go beyond finance

Investigate and study the key to reciting the word “real” ⑤?? Shanghai Bank is built with “three hearts” to provide thoughtful services that go beyond finance

Since the investigation and research on the theme education of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era was launched in April this year, the Bank of Shanghai has insisted on solving the problem with “research”, persisted in in-depth investigation and research, persisted in strengthening process management, and persisted in promoting We will work hard to transform results, coordinate “immediate changes” and “long-term establishment”, and strive to promote the transformation from “solving one thing” to “solving a category of things.” “Shanghai Bank Micro News” continues to launch a series of reports, using real problem solving as a “touchstone” to test the effectiveness of theme education and a “booster” to promote high-quality development.

Go to the bank to withdraw money, and you can reserve an expert account while waiting in line? Go to the bank and buy a financial plan, and you can also change your medical insurance card? …The Bank of Shanghai outlets scattered in the streets and alleys of Shanghai, thanks to the careful, attentive and warm-hearted “Three Hearts” of the Bank of Shanghai, have transformed from a single physical carrier that provides financial services to a variety of commonly used services around citizens. Integrated space to provide thoughtful services that go beyond finance.

  Careful research and attention to detail

Since becoming one of the first batch of pension issuance agencies, Bank of Shanghai has always been committed to becoming an expert in pension financial services for the public. In recent years, as citizens yearn for a better life, they have put forward higher requirements for financial services.

Since the theme education was launched, the Bank of Shanghai has focused on refining pension financial services and established a special research group on pension finance to promote development through research, continuously improve the level of special services of “suiting for the elderly, serving the elderly, and helping the elderly”, and visited and researched characteristic elderly care outlets. Front-line employees, civil affairs departments, pension companies, and pension customers have established a “voice of the customer” to accurately collect opinions related to pension finance.

At the same time, based on the branch halls that directly face customers, Bank of Shanghai has established a regular “micro-research and small suggestions” mechanism around the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of the masses, starting from “small cuts”, striving to promote solutions, and insisting on “immediate changes” In combination with “long-term establishment”, we will continue to promote the quality, efficiency, and coverage of outlet services.

  Plan carefully and start small

Aunt Yang and her husband are both customers of the Bank of Shanghai. Their children live abroad. The couple suffers from basic diseases such as high blood pressure and have to go to the hospital every two weeks to register and dispense medicines. After the employees of the Ruihong New City Branch of the Bank of Shanghai learned about the situation, they invited the couple to go to the branch to experience the Internet hospital. They had a video consultation with a doctor from the First People’s Hospital and prescribed medicine. The whole process was completed in 15 minutes, and then the medicine was delivered to their home. At the same time, bank employees taught the two elders how to master WeChat registration and dispensing, mobile payment consumption, online bill inquiry, etc., and reminded them to pay attention to account security and not to trust strangers’ transfer requests and other anti-fraud security reminders.

“I didn’t expect that while I was waiting in line to receive money, I could also see a doctor and get prescriptions. Your bank’s service is so considerate and considerate.” Behind Aunt Yang’s praise, it is the Bank of Shanghai and the Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau that continue to promote “nursing home+” Projects such as “Internet Hospital” and smart nursing homes have been implemented. Thanks to the integration and upgrade of digital technology and aging-friendly scenarios, silver-haired people like Aunt Yang can experience the dual experience of financial services and convenient medical treatment at a bank branch at their doorstep.

Since the sub-branch launched this service, it has received widespread attention and recognition from customers, and even customers from other areas came here specifically. So far, a total of more than 400 people have experienced the one-stop service of the branch Internet hospital, covering more than 20 departments including ophthalmology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, and cardiology. In the future, the cooperative hospital will also expand from the First People’s Hospital to Tongji Hospital, and the network layout will also continue to expand, passing on the “upward warmth” to more people.

In addition, on the basis of completing the city’s first “nursing home + Internet hospital” pilot in 2022, the Bank of Shanghai has increased cooperation with the civil affairs bureaus of various districts and actively supported the intelligent transformation of nursing homes; as a “one thing” for medical payment in Shanghai The dedicated team members continue to upgrade the “Shanghai Silver Smart e-therapy” service system, serve more than 150 public medical institutions in the city, and create “warm smart medical services.”

  Warm-hearted service strengthens practical efforts

In fact, similar services are not only welcomed by silver-haired people like Aunt Yang, but also highly praised by white-collar workers around the branch. “The First People’s Hospital is well-known, and I usually have to take time off to see a doctor. Now I only need to use my lunch break to make an appointment at the network, and even an individual ‘expert number’.” said Ms. Wu, a white-collar worker.

In addition to providing citizens with convenient medical services, the Bank of Shanghai, as one of the first batch of “smart government service” partner banks in the big data center, relies on self-service terminals in outlets to provide citizens with convenient “one-stop” government services.

This year, in accordance with the work arrangement and deployment of “one-stop service”, the Business Department of Wuding Road Branch of the Bank of Shanghai has exclusively applied the renewal and reprinting functions of the “Medical Insurance Medical Record Book” on the government affairs terminals of bank outlets in this city. Customers can use the embedded self-service The terminal’s ITM equipment can be updated and reprinted to realize system interconnection and expand the scope of “one-stop service” services. As the first outlet to pilot this “one-stop service” business, it successfully passed the joint acceptance guidance of the Municipal Government Office and the Big Data Center. The officially launched “Smart Government Services” will greatly facilitate the access of surrounding communities and business buildings. citizens and white-collar workers.

Today, with the rapid development of digitalization, Bank of Shanghai will always adhere to the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, continue to focus on financial technology to empower the digital transformation and development of cities, expand more people’s livelihood application scenarios, continue to give branches and halls more service connotations, and continue to expand financial services. Extended boundaries for the people.

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