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Investigate and study the key to reciting the word “real” ④??The digital upgrade of Shanghai Bank’s archives management enables efficient business development

Investigate and study the key to reciting the word “real” ④??The digital upgrade of Shanghai Bank’s archives management enables efficient business development

  Editor’s note

Since the investigation and research on the theme education of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era was launched in April this year, the Bank of Shanghai has insisted on solving the problem with “research”, persisted in in-depth investigation and research, persisted in strengthening process management, and persisted in promoting We will work hard to transform results, coordinate “immediate changes” and “long-term establishment”, and strive to promote the transformation from “solving one thing” to “solving a category of things.” “SIBO Micro News” will continue to launch a series of reports, using real problem solving as a “touchstone” to test the effectiveness of theme education and a “booster” to promote high-quality development.

Customer deposit certificates span more than 4 years. How long will it take to respond to customer needs as quickly as possible and help customers clear up doubts between accounting books and actual deposits? The answer given by the Bank of Shanghai is “you can get it immediately”. Thanks to the in-depth advancement of digital transformation in recent years, through the development of an online file management system, the efficiency of traditional file retrieval has been greatly improved. In daily operations, it is combined with “Micro-research” to continuously optimize system operation quality and efficiency.


  File query is available immediately

Recently, Aunt Wang from Huangpu District hurriedly came to a bank branch in Shanghai with a stack of crumpled deposit certificates to complain, “Why has my deposit dropped so much?”

It turned out that the total amount of deposits she checked at the branch differed by 30,000 yuan from her daily accounting amount, and the time span of more than 10 deposit certificates spanned more than 4 years. After understanding the aunt’s request, the Shanghai Bank staff immediately comforted the aunt not to worry. All the vouchers were saved in the file system and could be queried immediately. In response, the branch staff quickly checked Aunt Wang’s deposit and withdrawal vouchers for the past five years through the file management system. The 15 regular account opening and closing information were immediately checked through the file management system. The withdrawal voucher information stored in the system was detailed. , scan HD. After the staff carefully compared the contents of the voucher files and analyzed them thoroughly, they restored Aunt Wang’s entire record from the first deposit receipt to the present and compiled it into a list for her convenience, which gave Aunt Wang a “reassurance”. .

“Your bank is very efficient. We found out immediately. I can rest assured now.” After reading the voucher file, Aunt Wang praised the staff repeatedly.

In recent years, the Bank of Shanghai has attached great importance to the construction of archives digitization. Since the launch of the theme education, it has actively made good use of the heirloom of investigation and research to further deepen the digital transformation of archives, combining topic surveys with regular “micro-research”, and using “small and micro” to cut in. Flexibly and accurately capture the needs of grassroots and customers, and achieve effective work results immediately. Allowing customers to check business files immediately without having to run a second time is one of the results of many micro-researches, which greatly facilitates customers and saves customers time.

  Reduce the burden on the grassroots

  Efficient approval of empowered business

Due to the characteristics of the industry, security has always been the primary principle of banks’ daily operations. In the past, in order to ensure compliance and security, the process of accessing original files required layers of approval, and some processes took as long as a week. As the digital transformation of the banking industry accelerates, higher requirements have been put forward for the efficiency of file retrieval.

Since the launch of the theme education, Bank of Shanghai has comprehensively sorted out the entire bank-wide file borrowing and approval process, developed online quick approval based on the needs of various categories of file borrowing, unified the borrowing process, and improved user experience. This process realizes cross-level full-process management to improve approval efficiency; it enriches line management methods and covers more than 300 outlets across the bank to improve the pertinence of file services.

Recently, a branch of the Bank of Shanghai issued a request to check original files due to work needs, and the review and approval was completed that afternoon. Mange experienced that the original files were “checked in half a day”, which greatly shortened the borrowing cycle of original files and promoted branch business. progress.

  Focus on high quality

  Empowering the future of the industry

As an important record of the bank’s daily work, archives not only provide information resource guarantee for the digitalization of the entire bank, but are also an important basis for industry development decisions. The faster the digital age develops, the more important it is for archives work to keep up with the trend. The archives management system and the quick review and approval of original archives are a concentrated expression of the in-depth thinking of Shanghai Bank’s archives management work in the bank’s digital transformation strategy.

In the future, Bank of Shanghai will continue to conscientiously implement the “digital, standardized and intensive” archives management goals, adhere to the dual drive of technology and business, fully promote the high-quality development of archives work, empower the rapid development of Bank of Shanghai’s business, and contribute to the digital construction of the entire industry. Silver wisdom.

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