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Investigate and study the key to pronouncing the word “real” well ③?? Solve questions with precision and answer questions with quality and efficiency. Bank of Shanghai innovates to enhance science and technology, finance, and empowers Pudong to lead the construction of the district.

Investigate and study the key to pronouncing the word “real” well ③?? Solve questions with precision and answer questions with quality and efficiency. Bank of Shanghai innovates to enhance science and technology, finance, and empowers Pudong to lead the construction of the district.

  Editor’s note

Since the investigation and research on the theme education of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era was launched in April this year, the Bank of Shanghai has insisted on solving the problem with “research”, persisted in in-depth investigation and research, persisted in strengthening process management, and persisted in promoting We will work hard to transform results, coordinate “immediate changes” and “long-term establishment”, and strive to promote the transformation from “solving one thing” to “solving a category of things.” “Shanghai Bank Micro News” continues to launch a series of reports, using real problem solving as a “touchstone” to test the effectiveness of theme education and a “booster” to promote high-quality development.

The construction of the Pudong Leading District is a major strategic task assigned to Shanghai by the country, and it shoulders the mission and responsibility of taking the lead in exploring the path for Chinese-style modernization. 2023 is the second anniversary of Pudong New Area’s creation of a leading area for socialist modernization. As a city commercial bank rooted in Shanghai, how to achieve high-quality development while serving the local economy has always been a topic that the Bank of Shanghai thinks about.

  Focus on development

  Improving accurate topic selection with scientific and innovative financial services

As the core carrying area for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, technological innovation has always been the focus of leading the construction of the area and is also one of the biggest engines of Pudong’s development. The Bank of Shanghai takes scientific and technological innovation as a breakthrough point and surveys and research as its focus to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of scientific and innovative financial services.

In order to fully understand the financial needs of scientific and technological innovation enterprises in Pudong’s leading area, the Bank of Shanghai’s head office, branches and sub-branches set up a number of special research teams to continuously visit governments, parks, platforms, enterprises and people at all levels of Pudong New Area to listen to opinions from different positions, Opinions and suggestions from different identities. In response to the opinions and suggestions collected, Bank of Shanghai conducted detailed research on countermeasures through various forms such as special meetings.

  Focus on difficulties

  Solve the problem with innovation of special financial products

Pudong has always been the area with the largest concentration of integrated circuit industries. In 2022, the industry scale will exceed 220 billion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the city’s integrated circuit industry. However, the integrated circuit industry has a long investment time and large capital requirements, but it is difficult to see returns in a short period of time. During the research and interviews, most companies reported that they faced the problems of “large investment in R&D, small investment in heavy assets, poor product response, and difficulty in bank financing.”

To this end, the Bank of Shanghai has formed a special class on the integrated circuit industry with the participation of the head office and branches to conduct in-depth research on the integrated circuit industry, analyze the integrated circuit business model, and strive to solve the financing difficulties of integrated circuit companies. After many rounds of discussions, the Bank of Shanghai innovatively launched an R&D loan product. This product breaks through the limitations of traditional current loans and uses R&D-related expenditures as loan purposes. Through R&D loans with long terms, large amounts, and flexible payments, it can better match Research and development funding scenarios for scientific and innovative enterprises. Under the Shanghai Bank Science and Technology Innovation Laboratory model, the maximum term of R&D loans can be up to 5 years. At present, due to the good response of this product in the integrated circuit industry, it has been copied and promoted to various strategic emerging industries, has been highly recognized by the market, and has provided services to some well-known companies in the industry.

In addition, in response to the characteristics of Pudong’s characteristic industrial agglomeration, the Bank of Shanghai takes the characteristic industrial park as an entry point to optimize the implementation path of financial services for technology-based enterprises, and takes the park development body as the axis to form a one-park, one-policy financial service plan. Based on the industrial characteristics of the park and the different life cycles of enterprises, we have innovatively created a series of products for the “Spring Bird” park. For enterprises with “scientific innovation + inclusive + advanced manufacturing”, we have specially launched “building nests to attract phoenixes” products, and passed the park’s approval It provides basic credit lines of less than 5 million yuan to enterprises in the area other than guarantee funds. After nearly half a year of trial implementation, 15 credit customers have been granted.

  Focus on quality and efficiency

  Long-term answers to questions with the “four expertise” mechanism of science and technology innovation finance

Technology-based companies also have high requirements for financing matching due to their new business models and high technical thresholds. To this end, the Bank of Shanghai, led by its science and technology branch, strives to build a science and technology innovation financial flagship store, using specialized institutions, specialized teams, exclusive products, exclusive evaluations, etc. to accurately match technological enterprises.Build specialized agencies and teams,The Science and Technology Innovation Finance Department has been established at the head office level. Based on the existing Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub-branch, more than half of the branches have been promoted to set up science and technology innovation classes, and a full-time operation and approval team has been established to specialize in science and technology innovation finance business.Build exclusive products and ecosystem services,We will strengthen support for new products such as intellectual property pledge financing, science and technology investment-linked loans, and enterprise loans, and focus on key parks such as Zhangjiang, Da Zero Bay, and Lingang to serve technology companies through investment-loan linkage.Improve the exclusive evaluation system,By establishing differentiated credit ratings, approval scopes, and inspection templates to clarify standards before, during, and after the loan, we balance returns and risks and accurately match the full life cycle needs of technology-based enterprises.Strengthen special incentives and constraints,Let more scientific and technological innovation enterprises dare to lend, be willing to lend, and lend easily. Up to now, it has served more than 30% of the companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Pudong New Area, and also has nearly 30 companies planned to be listed during the incubation period.

Each business unit has gradually formed its own unique industry segment advantages. For example, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub-branch focuses on key industries in Pudong’s leading area. Currently, it has established three professional customer management teams: chip design, antibody drugs, chemistry and equipment. Nanhui Sub-branch is in the biotechnology industry. In the field of medicine, the Zhangjiang Sub-branch is in the field of integrated circuits, and the Lingang New Area Sub-branch provides in-depth services to technological innovation enterprises in the fields of new materials and new energy, and has established a partner banking system.

On this basis, focusing on the three world-class industrial clusters of Pudong integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence and the layout of six major hard-core industries, Bank of Shanghai will focus on core customers in the supply chain to strengthen upstream and downstream small, medium and micro enterprises in core scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Radiation driven by manufacturing enterprises. Establish a multi-dimensional digital evaluation access mechanism, an industry-university-research cooperation mechanism, a sandbox pilot business promotion mechanism, and a service base for small, medium and micro enterprises to create a “scenario + finance” integrated ecosystem and promote the further penetration of scientific and technological innovation financial services. As of the end of October 2023, Bank of Shanghai ranked first in terms of the amount of guarantee fund approval in Pudong New Area.

Research and empowerment promote development and improve quality and efficiency to achieve long-term development. In the future, Bank of Shanghai will continue to base itself on the development hotspot of Pudong, continue to explore new paths for the development of science and technology innovation finance, realize the organic combination of technological innovation and financial innovation, and create a new situation in science and technology innovation finance work. In resonance with the Pudong leading area, we will achieve sustainable and high-quality development of the Bank of Shanghai.

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