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Intimate protection and full pampering Pacific Health Insurance and Sinopharm jointly released “Pink Guard 2.0” Breast Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis Insurance

Intimate protection and full pampering Pacific Health Insurance and Sinopharm jointly released “Pink Guard 2.0” Breast Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis Insurance

  On September 20, China Pacific Health Insurance and United Pharmaceutical Holdings, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, joined hands with China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance and Chenxi Health to officially launch a breast cancer recurrence and metastasis course management product – Pink Guardian Breast Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis Insurance (hereinafter referred to as “Pink Guardian”) in Shanghai. 2.0″).

China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Marketing Director Liu Yuqing (first from left), Pacific Health Insurance General Manager Shang Jiaoyan (second from left), Sinopharm Innovation Center Head Zhao Min (second from right), and Chenxi Health founder and CEO Li Wei (first from right) attended Event site.

Breast cancer is one of the common cancers in women. Its incidence ranks first among female malignant tumors and seriously endangers women’s physical and mental health. In 2019, Pacific Health Insurance cooperated with Fudan University Affiliated Cancer Hospital to develop the industry’s first 5-year breast cancer recurrence and metastasis insurance – “Pink Guard 1.0”, breaking the restriction that only healthy people can purchase health insurance, and providing better protection for breast cancer. Risk protection is provided to patients. In 2023, the newly launched “Pink Guardian 2.0” will realize the role transformation from “medical service payer” to “health management partner”, which not only continues the traditional highlights of the Pink Guardian series of “zero waiting period and guaranteed renewal for 5 years” , while upgrading various protection plans, including extending the first-time insurance age to 70 years old (can be renewed to 80 years old), insurable coverage to breast cancer stage 0, stage I, and stage II (including triple negative), and adding optional options Contralateral primary breast cancer is covered, and customers can also add specific drug cost coverage for breast cancer recurrence and metastasis according to their own needs. At the same time, relying on Pacific Health Insurance Company’s “Blue Medical Center” smart pre-approval platform, it provides customers with worry-free and convenient pre-approval and insurance services.

The “Pink Guard 2.0” released this time is a full-course management product for breast cancer created by two major state-owned brands, Pacific Health Insurance and Sinopharm, in partnership with the medical and health industry. It not only integrates the insurance company’s commercial insurance payment and services Integration capabilities, drug service and management capabilities of pharmaceutical companies, and with the support of the hospital’s professional diagnosis and treatment capabilities, will provide users with a set of health services that include “exclusive rehabilitation butler”, “professional medical resources” and “active service and care”. Management services.

Zhao Min, head of the Sinopharm Innovation Center, said that the Sinopharm Innovation Center will give full play to its supply chain service and marketing management capabilities, establish an open and shared collaborative ecosystem with Pacific Health Insurance, and jointly assist patient recovery and prognosis management.

Shang Jiaoyan, general manager of Pacific Health Insurance, said that Pacific Health Insurance has always been committed to serving the “Healthy China” strategy, assisting the construction of a multi-level medical security system, and striving to create a commercial health insurance and health care service ecosystem that satisfies the people. “Pink Guardian 2.0″ ” is the innovative result of the company’s in-depth exploration of the new model of medical insurance ecological linkage. It hopes to accumulate experience data through product operation, continuously enrich the supply of medical services, gradually expand the types of diseases, improve the level of protection, optimize the service experience, and allow insurance to benefit more people. crowd.

At the press conference, Professor Zheng Ying, Chief Physician of Fudan University Cancer Hospital, gave a special presentation on “Long-term Survival of Breast Cancer”, introducing breast cancer prognosis programs and how to optimize the management of breast cancer patients by following the breast cancer recovery timeline, advocating early prevention, Early cure and jointly make a positive contribution to improving the quality of life of breast cancer patients.

In the future, Pacific Health Insurance will continue to adhere to the concept of “product as service”, firmly try and anchor innovation, strengthen collaboration among medical, pharmaceutical, insurance and health technology platforms, actively build a diversified medical ecosystem, and focus on medical scenarios to provide good services and customer management. , providing more non-standard people with warm, more professional and service-oriented health insurance products.

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