Interview with Tang Xinbo, Senior Partner of Beijing Kangda Law Firm: Win the Trust of Clients with Refined Services

Interview with Tang Xinbo, Senior Partner of Beijing Kangda Law Firm: Win the Trust of Clients with Refined Services

When each client encounters a problem, he wants to find a high-quality and responsible lawyer to help solve it. Especially when encountering complex disputes, we hope to select the best from the best and find a trustworthy lawyer who puts the interests of clients first. Tang Xinbo, a senior partner of Beijing Kangda Law Firm interviewed today, is such a lawyer who wins the trust of clients with refined services. Whether it is a client or a colleague, everyone who has come into contact with lawyer Tang Xinbo expresses admiration and admiration for his case-handling ability and personality.

Society needs laws, so he stood up

It has been 30 years since Mr. Tang Xinbo was qualified as a lawyer in 1992. When looking back on the past, he still has the determination of the past, and even more the pride of sticking to his original intention. Influenced by movies and TV shows when he was young, the image of a lawyer defending justice and defying power was deeply engraved in the mind of lawyer Tang Xinbo. When filling out the application for the college entrance examination, he firmly chose the major of economic law, hoping to become a legal practitioner and realize his dream.

After graduating from university, Tang Xinbo was assigned to a government agency and became a civil servant. But he never gave up his dream of being a lawyer, still learning legal knowledge by himself, and kept exploring. In 1992, Tang Xinbo successfully passed the biennial national lawyer qualification examination and became a part-time lawyer.

Knowing the law is not enough to be a good lawyer. In 1993, Tang Xinbo started to do business and run enterprises, which laid the foundation for him to use business thinking to handle cases from multiple angles in the future. In 2000, with the rapid development of my country’s market economy, more and more legal disputes began to appear. At this time, Tang Xinbo realized that enterprises need refined services to resolve personalized conflicts of interest, and the country also needs a large number of lawyers to resolve social conflicts. Although the business is booming, Tang Xinbo resolutely chose to abandon business and follow the “law”, and became a full-time lawyer who fulfilled his family and country responsibilities and fulfilled his long-standing professional pursuit.

After Tang Xinbo came to Kangda Law Firm, he continuously improved his legal literacy and practical skills, and developed a rigorous, efficient and refined service work habit. Today, he has accumulated rich experience in criminal crimes such as duty-related crimes, Internet commercial affairs, and fund-raising crimes, as well as civil, commercial, and financial legal services including private lending, funds, and non-performing asset disposal, and has become a criminal civil servant. Cross business specialist. But he is still jumping out of his comfort zone, developing and attacking towards larger and farther goals, in order to “stand up as long as the country and society need it. Relieve the worries of the people and protect fairness and justice”, and do something A good lawyer who “reassures the party and the people”.

Being a lawyer is a tough job. The moment the client entrusts his matter to the lawyer, not only commission fees, but also heavy responsibilities. An ordinary economic dispute may be related to the survival of an enterprise, a criminal case may involve the life and death of a person, and a mistake in a major project may lead to huge claims. Lawyers need to resist the confrontation between the two parties, handle the relationship with the client and the court well, and realize the legal effect while realizing the expected interests of the parties as much as possible.

Lawyer Tang Xinbo said that sometimes when encountering difficult cases, he could not sleep well for several days. “For a big case, our entire team stayed up for two weeks, sleeping for 3-4 hours every day, as long as we opened our eyes, we were processing materials.” Coping with high-intensity work is the basic principle that a lawyer must master. Attorney Tang Xinbo has already developed the habit of responding to emergencies at any time. In his view, the client’s needs come first, and his own health and other things come second.

Refined service is trusted by customers, persist to the end and win a complete victory

“The client’s trust is the life of a lawyer. If you want your client to trust you, you must provide the most professional service to satisfy the client.” Attorney Tang Xinbo said that many of the cases he took over were complex legal relationships, difficult legal application, Solve long-term cases. Out of the lawyer’s sense of mission and sense of responsibility, he will create refined and exclusive service content for these clients. Inform the parties of the detailed service content, cycle, possible effects and risks, and strive for the full trust of the parties.

Every time after accepting an entrustment, Tang Xinbo’s lawyer team will divide the work and review the files as soon as possible, list the facts, evidence, legal issues, etc. of the case, and put them in the electronic system, which is convenient for other lawyers to review and analyze. Read and check the marked marks.

The drawer of lawyer Tang Xinbo’s desk was full of thick case-handling work reports. In the face of complex cases, from the beginning of receiving customers to the final closing of the case, the links of customer service such as calls and meetings are recorded in detail, and the time is accurate to the minute, forming a complete manual. It is convenient for customers to check at any time to understand the progress of the case and the specific implementation situation. It can also help Tang Xinbo’s team improve the efficiency and quality of case handling, and better serve customers.

In the case of Dr. Cui, a Chinese-American scientist who returned to China to invest against the defendant’s loan, the refined service spirit of Tang Xinbo’s team played an important role. As an overseas high-level talent and a leading entrepreneurial talent, Dr. Cui has made considerable achievements in the field of drug research and development for the treatment of hepatitis B, and has major inventions and patented technologies. In 2012, he established a joint venture company to devote himself to the research and development of new hepatitis B drugs. But unexpectedly, the partner took the investment money he invested as a loan and sued him in court.

Dr. Cui, who was full of passion for research and development, was hit hard by this. He came to find lawyer Tang Xinbo admiringly, hoping to use legal weapons to get justice for himself.

In order to finally win this tough and meaningful battle involving multiple interests, Tang’s lawyer team continued to discuss and analyze the evidence and trend of the case from all night to early morning. As the leading lawyer, Attorney Tang accurately grasped the key points and difficulties of the case in his work, fully focused on the changing needs of the client and the plaintiff to protect the rights, safeguarded the legal rights of the client, and did not let Dr. Cui’s research efforts go to waste.

Under the guidance of lawyer Tang Xinbo, the team conducted a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of the case through refined service methods, and found a breakthrough to solve the problem: Dr. Cui has completed the obligation to complete the intellectual property procedures and inject it into the company, and the partner is suing In the past six years, Dr. Cui has not claimed repayment, so this case should be defined as an investment legal relationship rather than a loan legal relationship. The lawyers of Tang Xinbo’s team have solid professional skills and a full sense of justice, which has won the full trust of Dr. Cui, fully cooperated with the pre-trial work, and played a very critical role in handling the case.

Burning lights again and again, sleepless nights. After two years, the case was finally supported by the court after the first instance, second instance and retrial. Attorney Tang Xinbo and his team received an exciting “reward” for their courageous efforts – Dr. Cui won the verdict. “Thank you to the lawyers of Tang Xinbo’s team for helping me, which made me feel the fairness and justice of the laws of the motherland.” Dr. Cui said.

If you want to serve the parties well, you must work as a team

When asked “how to persist in fine-grained services for ten years”, lawyer Tang Xinbo said that no matter how good a lawyer is, his personal ability and energy are limited, and teamwork can solve problems faster and better. Tang Xinbo’s team has integrated the best resources of the law firm and formed a strong “lawyer team” team for clients to do a good job in case handling, technical configuration and logistics support, with a plan, a division of labor, and a purpose Provide refined services to customers.

At present, Tang Xinbo’s legal team has 4 senior partners and more than 20 outstanding lawyers. There is a professional evaluation system within the team, which helps lawyers grow in three aspects: self-motivation, cooperation and sharing, and professional improvement. Self-drive emphasizes the improvement of learning initiative. Only by constantly updating legal knowledge and applying it to cases can we handle cases well. Cooperation and sharing means that teamwork requires tacit cooperation, mutual help, knowledge and experience sharing, and healthy competition among lawyers to make progress together. Professional improvement requires improving professional research and practice capabilities, mastering the legislative spirit behind the laws, understanding industry changes and trends, and thoroughly familiarizing with guiding cases.

Under the high standard requirements of lawyer Tang Xinbo, the team members not only achieved the professionalism of the law itself, but also the service quality reached the forefront of the industry. “Legal services are also a service industry. Every case is different, and clients’ demands are also different. We not only need to handle the case well, but also consider the client’s feelings and experiences throughout the process. When handling a specific case, according to the personality of different clients , requirements, and scenarios to flexibly grasp the service strategy, not to miss every detail, and truly achieve refined services.”

If you want to build an elite team, you must pay attention to the training of young lawyers. Being a lawyer seems glamorous, but it is very hard work. The nature of the industry determines that lawyers must regard learning as a lifelong career, and constantly face challenges. If you take a slow step, you may not be able to keep up with the pace of the team.

“Don’t worry, take your time.” This is Tang Xinbo’s advice to young lawyers. “Although some young people are very skilled in business, it takes time to settle their mentality when dealing with cases. It takes at least five years to become a 60-point criminal defense lawyer. It can only be honed, and a lawyer with a score of 80 or above must have practiced for at least 10 years. When everyone mentions the lawyers of Tang Xinbo’s team, there is a natural sense of trust, then our goal has been achieved.

The ancients said: “When the hearts of the people are united, Mount Tai can be moved. It is difficult for one person to carry a thousand catties, but many people can move thousands of mountains.” The strength of the team is the greatest strength. Tang Xinbo’s team of lawyers has won gratitude and praise from the parties and their families many times for their dedicated and high-quality legal services, and received a banner of gratitude. “The whole team works together, sincerely pays, and works hard. I believe that they will eventually create their own extraordinary achievements on the road of legal services.” Tang Xinbo said.


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