Interview with Chen Nan, Director of Fuhe Law Firm: Leading a comprehensive and integrated professional team to make high-quality legal services within reach

Interview with Chen Nan, Director of Fuhe Law Firm: Leading a comprehensive and integrated professional team to make high-quality legal services within reach

Withdrawal of cases, non-prosecution, non-approval of arrest, successful release on bail, commutation of sentence, remand for retrial, commutation of sentence, verdict of acquittal… In 2022, the team of Fuhe Law Firm will report frequent successes and fruitful results. A delightful result. When asked how to achieve such excellent results, Chen Nan, director of Fuhe Law Firm, said that only by working as a team can the lawsuit be successfully fought to the greatest extent. We are never alone, but a team serving the parties.

Since the establishment of Beijing Fuhe Law Firm at the end of 2016, it took only seven years to build an elite team with rich practical skills, top theoretical level, clear professional division of labor, and high operating efficiency. The founder, lawyer Chen Nan, has more than 20 years of practicing experience and has handled many difficult and complicated legal projects. Under his leadership, the law firm has made remarkable achievements in many fields such as criminal, civil and commercial, administrative, and corporate legal counsel. Looking back on every case we have taken over, we can see the responsible, professional and cohesive spirit of Fuhe lawyers, and at the same time shine the light of team wisdom.

Innovative system enhances team cohesion and case handling results meet customer expectations

A person may walk quickly, but a group of people learn from each other and grow together, and they will walk more steadily and firmly. In Fuhe Law Firm, every lawyer is an excellent soldier, and Director Chen Nan is the coach who leads the soldiers. He leads the lawyers of the firm to forge ahead towards the grand goal with a far-sighted structure and the strength of shrewd talents. At any time, Chen Nan, as the director, is the first person in charge of the law firm. Handle each case personally, reassuring team members and reassuring clients who come to him to handle cases.

“No matter how good a lawyer is, one person’s energy and ability are always limited, and it is impossible to be proficient in everything, and now the needs of clients are all-round. Only by putting talents with different advantages in the right position and creating a tacit cooperation Only a team that trusts each other can handle each case well. Facing the parties wholeheartedly and using the power of the team to provide customers with high-quality legal litigation services is the original intention of the establishment of Fuhe Law Firm.” Chen Nan said.

Many law firms are now engaging in team management, but few can really do it well. In order to gather strength and focus, Chen Nan let the team make a breakthrough. He provided lawyers with a step-by-step growth platform. Through the way of mentoring, starting with cultural inheritance, moral development, and professional improvement, the senior lawyers in the firm have a greater sense of belonging, and the young lawyers can grow rapidly and devote themselves to the business.

“A law firm must have its own culture and growth atmosphere. When the team develops cohesion, many things can be done with half the effort.” Chen Nan has innovatively set up pre-case seminars and pre-trial moot court systems in the firm, allowing lawyers to In the process of doing business down-to-earth, he has completed all-round professional accumulation, and at the same time, he has honed each case again and again, and has reached new heights in litigation strategy, customer experience, and case effects, meeting the expectations of customers.

The team management emphasized by Chen Nan is not just about performing their own duties under the general process. In his opinion, the way for lawyers to improve their business capabilities should not be limited to the size of the team, but should be reflected in the combat effectiveness and collaborative combat capabilities of the team. Gather talented people together, use cohesion and common belief in the law, promote the standardization and branding of law firms, and accurately and efficiently defend the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

When the reporter arrived at Fuhe Law Firm, Director Chen Nan was leading the lawyers in the meeting room to carry out special case seminars. The case-handling secretary made the basic case, relevant evidence, and trial process sorted out in advance into a handbook and issued it. The participating lawyers expressed their opinions on the facts of the case, contradictory points, evidence review, and defense strategies, exchanged inspiration, summarized the focus of disputes, and analyzed the case. There may be different development trends in the future, and different coping methods and defense ideas are planned.

According to Chen Nan, regardless of the size of the case, as long as the client finds Fuhe Law Firm, he will receive professional team services provided by at least 2-3 lawyers. If it is a difficult case, more lawyers are involved in handling it. Pre-litigation conferences like this may take more than a dozen times around the same case.

A young lawyer from Fuhe Law Firm told the reporter that he spent half a day preparing for this meeting. “We need to collect similar case precedents, local court precedents, relevant judicial interpretations and other materials in advance, brainstorm at the meeting, and try our best to help the parties find the best solution.”

Regular moot courts are held to improve the ability of lawyers to respond to lawsuits in court, and ensuring the effectiveness of defense in court is also the key to Fuhe’s high success rate in handling cases. The staff of the law firm act as judges to guide the trial procedure of the moot court, and carry out all links from pre-court preparation, court investigation, evidence and cross-examination, court debate to final statement, etc., which are highly consistent with legal regulations and real court hearings. The plaintiff and the defendant started a confrontation around the focus of the dispute, the prediction of the defendant’s possible defense, and the facts to be found out by the judge.

By mooting the actual practice of the court, the collision between different legal viewpoints is facilitated, allowing lawyers to quickly grasp the core issues and disputes of the case, find breakthroughs in the opponent’s point of view, and discover loopholes and deficiencies in their own statements. After the moot court is over, Director Chen Nan will take everyone to review the case together, summing up the shortcomings and summarizing the experience.

As long as they have participated in moot court cases, whether it is evidence, facts or procedures, the lawyers have already mastered the case by heart in repeated drills. , directly and accurately passed on to the judge.

Chen Nan also listens to the lawyers in the firm in court or watches the live broadcast of the court trial to observe their performance on the spot. If you find areas that can be improved, you will promptly raise deficiencies. Even if it is a particle of tone or a pause, Chen Nan must correct it in place and urge the other party to improve.

“The working mode of team combat has opened up the two channels of learning, handling cases and supervising, allowing our business capabilities to grow rapidly, and the cooperation of colleagues has become more and more tacit. At the same time, the highly integrated service mode is also responsible for the parties, and gathers all elite forces in the firm. , professionally and efficiently help clients win lawsuits.” said the young lawyer above.

Hire a lawyer, get the services of a team

During the more than 20 years of becoming acquainted with the law, Director Chen Nan has weathered wind and rain all the way, overcame obstacles and thorns, and cultivated deeply in the professional field. Under his leadership, Fuhe Law Firm in 2022 has achieved very good results in many major civil and commercial cases. Many parties sent banners to express their gratitude.

During the interview, lawyer Chen Nan showed us a newly received judgment. At the end of last year, the team successfully changed the judgment of the parties through the second-instance procedure and obtained the long-awaited project funds. You must know that due to the influence of many factors, it is very difficult to change the judgment in the second instance. Some courts directly control the conversion rate of second-instance cases, which greatly increases the client’s requirements for the lawyer’s ability. Relying on professional case-handling ability and outstanding business level, Chen Nan led the team to obtain good results of second-instance judgment revision and remand for retrial many times. Talking about these achievements, Chen Nan said that this is by no means the credit of him alone, but the strength of the whole team.

Anyone who is familiar with Chen Nan knows that he cherishes and loves talents very much. At the beginning of the establishment of Fuhe Law Firm, he actively selected a group of outstanding talents with profound legal literacy, hard work and high morals to join his team of lawyers. “Follow with morality and act toward goodness.” This is his request and advice to young lawyers. The quality of cases is not only related to the personal interests of the parties, but also directly related to judicial authority and social fairness and justice. A truly successful lawyer must keep in mind the mission of justice and pursue conscience and social responsibility. Think ahead for customers and do ahead.

These lawyers gathered together because of their common belief in the law. Under Chen Nan’s high standards and strict requirements, after seven years of precipitation, they have built an excellent team with strong strength and tacit cooperation, and strive to make every case a high-quality product. Not long ago, Chen Nan took a team to a certain city in northeast China on a business trip to handle a criminal case. Due to the unsatisfactory results of the first instance, during the meeting, the parties were extremely pessimistic about the realization of a “reversal” in the second instance, and once wanted to give up their defense.

Chen Nan temporarily acted as a “psychiatrist” and continued to enlighten the client. “As long as there is 1% hope in this case, we will try our best to fight for you. As long as you don’t give up, everything will turn around.” This conversation gave the parties a lot of comfort, regained their confidence, and actively cooperated with the lawyers Subsequent defense work.

On the other hand, the lawyer in charge of collecting evidence materials found the lack of important evidence for the prosecution’s prosecution through repeated checks. So the team took this as a breakthrough, planned the response plan, conducted a second communication with the parties, determined the final defense direction, and effectively implemented it in the court trial, and finally achieved good results in retrial. The mother of the client said gratefully to Chen Nan, “We only hired one lawyer, but we feel that we have the support of the entire lawyer team. Thank you very much. We have news about the follow-up case. I hope your team can still defend us.”

The lawyers in Chen Nan’s team are all “all-rounders”, proficient in investigation, communication, cross-examination, and debate. But no one is complacent and arrogant, and they all maintain a conscientious style. Chen Nan emphasized that team members can give full play to their advantages and cooperate with each other when handling cases. But you can’t “split the case” and only care about your own work, regardless of the overall situation. A good lawyer must ensure that a case is followed from beginning to end, understand the whole picture of the case, communicate with the team in a timely manner, share experiences, and ensure the best service effect.

“The prerequisite for determining whether a case can achieve a good result is to make it to the extreme. Don’t be afraid of time-consuming, only by going deep into it and repeatedly studying and judging and rehearsing can you gain something.” Fuhe Law Firm formed a team of lawyers to provide Providing services for one case has created an excellent case-handling model in the industry and created an extraordinary core competitiveness. Through hard work, such a group of excellent lawyers who are perfect and have the feelings of family and country have fulfilled the solemn promise of putting the interests of clients first and comprehensively safeguarding the legal rights and interests of the clients, and let the clients see the future and hope with excellent and reliable legal services. .

The vicissitudes of Linggu, the original intention remains the same. No matter how the environment changes, Chen Nan’s team has always had the same love for the legal career. They believe that as long as they provide valuable services to clients through their professional capabilities, the light of the rule of law can shine in the distance.

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