Internet payment enters universities, Tonglian Payment Ningxia Branch helps build smart campuses


With the vigorous advancement of education modernization and informatization, the construction of smart campuses has now become a new direction for the development of colleges and universities. As an important place for college students’ three-point and first-line life, the “canteen” has naturally become a key part of the construction of smart campuses.

To this end, Tonglian Payment, a financial technology service company based on third-party payment, has created a comprehensive payment solution, which not only effectively improves the overall operating efficiency of the canteen, but also brings a new dining experience to teachers and students. For example, at Ningxia University of Technology, based on its comprehensive payment solution, Tonglian Pay actively introduced the local Dawukou District Government’s catering consumption voucher activity, allowing teachers and students to “pay with code” and “enjoy discounts” when dining, which is a great benefit for this university located in The construction of colleges and universities “fortressing Jiangnan” injects wisdom and vitality.

1. Pay with dining “code”

The Ningxia Institute of Technology campus covers an area of ​​more than 1,500 acres and has nearly 14,000 full-time students. Due to the large number of teachers and students in the school, there will be long queues at the canteen stalls during peak dining periods. For the staff, they are busy ordering and serving meals while checking out and cashing out, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive and prone to errors; for dining teachers and students, the waiting time in line is too long and the dining experience is very poor.

Having insight into the dual needs of canteen managers and dining teachers and students, Tonglian Payment Union Bank provides canteens with a comprehensive payment solution that combines “code collection + cloud speaker voice broadcast” to make dining during peak periods smarter and faster. In this way, teachers and students no longer need to use meal cards, they can directly scan the code with their mobile phones and pay quickly within 3 seconds; after the payment is completed, the “cloud speaker” will broadcast the voice in real time, and the stall staff can confirm the payment synchronously without any operation, avoiding the need to run away. The situation of orders and missed orders has greatly improved the cashier efficiency; after the business is over, the canteen manager can quickly understand the transaction list of each stall in the backend of the Tonglian payment system with one click to achieve smart management.

2. Enjoy the discount by setting up a “code”

Knowing that dining in colleges and universities pays more attention to cost-effectiveness, Tonglian Pay teamed up with the local Dawukou District Government to launch a dining discount campaign, and placed a “Get coupons and enjoy full discounts” campaign at the entrance, stalls, tables and other places of the canteen of Ningxia University of Technology poster. It is reported that this activity has been warmly welcomed by students, and tens of thousands of electronic consumption vouchers have been collected and written off in just over ten days since it went online.

Specifically, Tonglian Pay generates an exclusive electronic consumption coupon QR code through the WeChat entrance, and embeds the QR code into the public account of the canteen manager before the event. Teachers and students scan the code and follow to enter to receive the consumption coupon; after successfully receiving the consumption coupon It is automatically deposited into the WeChat card package and can be written off simultaneously when you scan the QR code to pay for food, which is convenient and hassle-free. At the same time, Tonglian Pay also provides the canteen management with the same day’s consumption voucher write-off data and the previous day’s transaction data, making it easier for them to understand the status and effects of the activities in a timely manner, so as to better operate the canteen business and serve teachers and students.

Adhering to the concept of “payment for the people”, Tonglian Payment has now penetrated into many universities across the country to help the construction of smart campuses reach new heights. In the future, Tonglian Payment will continue to upgrade and optimize solutions that integrate comprehensive payment, financial technology, and digital marketing to provide smart, efficient, and convenient services for campuses, transportation, retailers and supermarkets, catering, cultural tourism, and other fields, inspiring The potential of the domestic consumer market serves the high-quality development of the real economy!


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