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Interlude clip from the movie “The Story of Three Nobles” released, Yao Chen’s true singing of love and freedom

Interlude clip from the movie “The Story of Three Nobles” released, Yao Chen’s true singing of love and freedom


Produced by Li Shaohong and Yao Chen, directed by Liu Siyi, starring Hu Xianxu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye, and Zhou Yiran, starring Zheng Yunlong and Xiang Jing, and friendly starring Zong Juntao, the fantasy love fairy tale film “The Story of Three Nobles” uses a fairy tale perspective to examine reality and The topic of love was re-deconstructed, thus attracting a large number of audiences into the theater and receiving good reviews. Following the release of the MV for the movie theme song “Fire Clouds”, the film officially released a clip of the episode “My Name is Freedom” today. The episode was sung by producer and star Yao Chen, composed by well-known musician Ding Wei and served as producer, and written by Liang Mang. The rhythmic lyrics “Why do you follow me, the breeze in your ears? He said I call for freedom to blow away sorrow”, paired with Yao Chen’s touching singing, quickly bring people into the emotions of love and regret.

  The protagonist’s perspective brings a full sense of immersion in memories

The interlude uses the perspective of Xu Yuexia (played by Yao Chen)’s memories, showing the scene when she sang “My Name is Freedom” in the past. On the stage, Xu Yuexia sang songs in two completely different styles, lyrical and DISCO, and conquered the audience with her soulful and passionate contrasting performance.

Along with the changes in music style, past events are also mixed in. Xu Yuexia entered the entertainment industry with the ambition of “hoping everyone will love me”, and the appearance of her agent (played by Zong Juntao) helped her get her wish. But at the same time, the loss of love and irreparable regrets caused her to suffer from insomnia for twelve years. At the end of the clip, Xu Yuexia calmly talked about the past and tried to reconcile with her regrets.

  The song is well-produced and the video is created with great ingenuity

When Yao Chen sang “Listen to that poem to break through the frozen throat, and wait for a passionate love to hit my rocky chest”, people can’t help but think of their own love story and feel the expectation and passion they once had. “He said my name is Joy and I will always be with you” is like a promise, telling us to believe in true love, it is so real and touching.

Director Liu Siyi once said in an exclusive interview: “The Story of Three Nobles” is by no means a work that forces the public to believe in true love. If everyone can treat it as a dream, feel some wonderful emotions from it, and even be moved, that will be enough. . In order to achieve the effect of emotional resonance, “The Story of Three Nobles” was very careful in the music production. The original soundtrack was personally composed by the well-known musician Ding Wei, and many songs were sung by the producer and starring Yao Chen. The production details were carefully polished, and the emotions were Deliver true feelings.

The movie “The Story of Three Nobles” is produced by China Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Leyi Chengbang Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunfeng Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd., Bad Produced by Rabbit (Shanghai) Film Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Beijing China Directors Association Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Xiamen SMG Film Group Co., Ltd., produced by Leyi Chengbang Film (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd. Co-produced. At the script stage, it won the top 5 winning projects in the 4th “Green Onion Project”, and won the “Investors Jointly Recommended Winning Project” and “Genre Selection Winning Project” at the 33rd Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference in 2020. In addition to winning awards for the film, director Liu Siyi also won the “Most Potential Director Award” from Golden Rooster Ventures. At the same time, the movie “The Story of Three Nobles” also made its mark at foreign film festivals. At the 22nd New York Asian Film Festival, it won the “Film Festival Jury Special Mention Award”. It was also the only one to win the award at that film festival. Chinese film. The jury praised: “This film skillfully integrates various elements into a sophisticated and outstanding debut film.”

The movie “The Story of Three Nobles” is a hit. It uses surrealistic fantasy expression to present to the audience a romantic fairy tale about bravely taking control of oneself, breaking the curse of fate, and finding love and hope. While everyone is watching the movie with their loved ones, You can also feel the touch of the 108-minute true love story in front of the screen!

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