Interdisciplinary, interprofessional, the Avenue Hengmei brand matrix debuted in Guangzhou Design Week for the first time!


Times are evolving, and changes in marketing environment, media technology, information channels, content contacts, and segmented groups are accelerating the reshuffle of commercial brands. Today, when people talk about the value of a brand, what are they talking about? Is it the brand’s premium rate, influence, commercial value, or sustainable development?

Dao Hengmei, who has been deeply involved in the brand field for many years and has achieved great results, knows how to intelligently create brand value and help Chinese corporate brands to grow sustainably and healthily. Rooted in the fields of aviation, real estate, design, art, home furnishing and fashion lifestyle, Daohengmei adheres to the core system of “big brand strategy”, builds with cognition, drives with innovation, defines with strategy, and builds with cultural intelligence , lead by aesthetics, use integrated communication, establish an excellent brand image for customers in the industry and continue to add value.

This time, Daohengmei brand management brings 6 major parallel brands – the business strategy and business design planning brand “Urban City”, the creative design brand “ING is practicing”, the global communication brand “Interactive to the United States”, professional design The platform “DESIGN TRENDS”, the new agricultural poetic lifestyle brand “Ruigu Ecology”, and the professional luxury house trend platform “Mega Mansion Dream Enjoy Home” will be held in Guangzhou Design Week from March 3rd to 6th!

At that time, Avenue Hengmei will take the self-growth of the brand as the core, as a “new species” evolved under the guidance of the big brand strategy, focus on interdisciplinary professional strength, and will be held in the exhibition hall area of ​​Hall 11 on the first floor of the Guangzhou International Procurement Center Set up a brand culture exhibition to comprehensively show how its strategic strength in the brand field, cross-border awareness, resource layout, practical execution and infinite love help customers grow their corporate value!

Avenue Hengmei × 6 major parallel brands

Immersive brand booth, comprehensive expansion and deep cultivation

Over the years, as a high-dimensional and professional brand strategic positioning company, Daohengmei has a comprehensive professional level, and at the same time enjoys the unlimited growth path of expanding boundaries horizontally and taking root in depth.

We transform past cognition and experience into cross-border power, from B-end to C-end, from client to consumer end, in the horizontal extension of multiple fields, in the convergence of multi-professional wisdom, to explore the full dimension of the brand The way of construction is to comprehensively and systematically expand brand contacts, so that the brand can truly penetrate into the hearts of the people.

On the one hand, we grow horizontally, starting from the perspective of the brand, exploring new agriculture, luxury houses, catering, urban commerce, visual creativity and other fields, practicing the goal of breaking the ceiling, breaking through the boundaries, conceiving the ideal territory, and realizing sustainable business increment.

On the other hand, we adhere to our original aspirations, take root in design, deepen the comprehensive strength of the trend platform, build a design ecology headed by “DESIGN TRENDS” and “Mega Mansion”, gather the power of the circle, and radiate the influence of design To the whole domain, praising China’s good design and leading the forward-looking trend.

Therefore, focusing on subdivided fields and professionally laying out parallel brand ecology, Avenue Hengmei takes innovation and cutting-edge development concepts as the driving force, and takes brand development as the center to carry out cross-border development. Now it has expanded a number of parallel brands:

·Business strategy and business design and planning brand “Urban City”, the exploration of commercial content product innovation and human needs driven by cultural strategies;

·Creative design brand “ING is practicing”, spanning multiple fields such as brand, space, vision, interaction, etc., to provide innovative comprehensive design solutions for social and professional customers;

·Global dissemination of the brand “Beautiful Interaction”, and in-depth construction for the image enhancement of Chinese corporate brands, customer base expansion, cultural precipitation, and business value-added;

·Professional design platform “DESIGN TRENDS” takes the realization of urban quality living life as the starting point, exerts the influence of the platform, and builds an ecological circle for industry communication;

·The professional luxury house trend platform “Mega Mansion Dream Enjoy Home”, with an international perspective, pays attention to the quality of urban living life, focuses on the source of design, and aims to become a guide to the top luxury living above the tide of the times;

The new agricultural poetic lifestyle brand “Ruigu Ecology” implements the strategy of rural revitalization and helps the high-quality development of agriculture with the new form of agricultural operation from the field to the dining table and the new link between the plateau scenery and cultural heritage…

March 3-6,

Focus on self-growth, drive commercial transformation,

Avenue Hengmei interdisciplinary professional “brand matrix”

It will be unveiled at Guangzhou Design Week soon,

We are waiting professionally in the exhibition hall area of ​​Hall 11 on the first floor of the national mining industry.

Looking forward to meeting you “love”!



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