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Intelligent manufacturing is the trend!Yadi electric vehicles use technology to support industry supply-side reform

Intelligent manufacturing is the trend!Yadi electric vehicles use technology to support industry supply-side reform

With the rapid development of technology and the diversification of young people’s lifestyles, the choice of travel mode has also become a way to show personal taste and life attitude.

In the context of consumers’ diversified and personalized travel needs, on February 28, Yadi Guanneng upgraded again, using automotive-grade technology to achieve a comprehensive transition of product brands. Three new models, Yadi Guanneng 6th generation Q50, Yadi Guanneng The 6th generation T60 and Yardi Guanneng 6th generation M85 were officially released. Relying on Yardi TTFAR 6.0 long endurance system, Yardi Ark intelligent security control system and Yardi smart travel system, they define a new benchmark for flagships.

In the current travel field, the trend of electrification, high-end, and intelligence is becoming increasingly obvious. This not only makes waves in the field of four-wheeled passenger vehicles, but also triggers profound changes in the electric two-wheeled vehicle track. Yadi, which has been deeply engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of electric two-wheeled vehicles for many years, has keenly captured the changes in the industry. The advent of GN6’s products is a concrete manifestation of this strategic thinking.

Relying on innovative technologies such as Yadi TTFAR 6.0 long-range system, Yadi Ark intelligent security control system, and Yadi smart mobility system, the sixth generation of Yadi Guanneng products fully demonstrates the concept of “long-lasting battery life, smarter and safer”. This is not only a comprehensive upgrade of product performance, but also a profound insight into and guidance for the future development direction of the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry.

Among them, the Yadi TTFAR 6.0 long-range system solves the pain point of long battery life of new cars but fast decay of old cars by comprehensively upgrading component quality, coupling matching and intelligent algorithms. It also promises to provide a 24-month battery warranty service with free replacement. New, this kind of after-sales service is new in the industry.

The Yadi Ark intelligent security control system, which was first launched at the press conference, realizes active safety control in multiple scenarios through the collaboration of sensitive sensors, intelligent hardware and software control algorithms to systematically solve the riding problems of electric two-wheeled vehicle users. Address travel safety issues and reshape a new experience for pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Wang Jiajia, senior vice president of Yadi Technology Group, believes that what Yadi brings is a different long battery life, a different intelligent security control system, and a different smart mobility system. He hopes that this combination can bring good benefits to users. Experience will also promote the youthful and high-end technology-leading image of the Yadi brand.

One minute on stage, ten years of hard work off stage. Behind the achievement of such innovative results, Yadi’s user-centered starting point and insistence on technological innovation are inseparable. Up to now, Yadi has 7 major production and research bases, 6 industry-leading technology R&D centers, 2 CNAS corporate laboratories, 1 industrial design technology center, and more than 1,900 patents jointly created by more than 1,000 R&D personnel. , and technological breakthroughs continue to bring better experiences to users. After this upgrade, Yadi Ivy graphene lead-acid batteries have longer lifespan and larger capacity, breaking the industry ceiling, and dare to promise to replace them with new ones if their capacity declines by 20% in 24 months. This is our responsibility to users and also Yadi’s confidence in its own technology.

Being user-centered is Yadi’s core value and one of the deep-seated reasons for Yadi’s steady and long-term success. Yadea, which is committed to “let hundreds of millions of people enjoy beautiful travel”, is once again taking the lead with outstanding products such as the 6th generation of Yadea Guanneng Q50, the 6th generation of Yadea Guanneng T60, and the 6th generation of Yadea Guanneng M85. At the forefront of the industry.

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