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Integrating innovation and vitality, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch fully supports the development and growth of the private economy

Integrating innovation and vitality, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch fully supports the development and growth of the private economy

On November 9, the 2023 China Private Enterprise Investment and Financing Fair (referred to as the “2023 Private Enterprise Fair”), co-sponsored by the Tianjin Municipal Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, opened at the Renaissance Tianjin Hotel. This year’s People’s Political Consultative Conference is based on the implementation of the “Ten Actions” and the theme of “New Era, New Opportunities and New Development – Integration of Innovation and Vitality”. At the opening ceremony, the “Several Measures to Promote the Development and Growth of the Private Economy” (hereinafter referred to as the “29 Measures for the Development and Growth of the Private Economy”) were released. The “29 Measures for the Development and Growth of the Private Economy” is an important measure to build a new situation of healthy and high-quality development of Tianjin’s private economy. It will further optimize the development environment of Tianjin’s private enterprises, protect the property rights of private enterprises and the rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, and promote the development of the private economy. grow.

As one of the financial institutions invited to participate in the exhibition, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the development and growth of the private economy, focusing on the head office’s “28 Measures to Support the Development and Growth of the Private Economy” and “One Chain – One Policy” – A batch of “special actions” to accelerate the implementation of various financial support measures for the private economy with greater intensity and more practical measures, serve private enterprises, support the real economy, and contribute “industry strength” to the high-quality development of private enterprises.

Private enterprises are the new force in promoting Chinese-style modernization. Since the beginning of this year, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has earnestly carried out activities such as “Going to Ten Thousand Enterprises to Improve Confidence and Excellent Services” and “One Chain, One Policy and One Group” small, medium and micro enterprise financing promotion activities. It has proactively visited matching enterprises, clarified target requirements, formulated service plans by category, and strengthened Track the progress to ensure that the coverage rate of visits to enterprises in the docking list reaches 100%, and organize the docking of the list of small, medium and micro enterprises in the industry chain. Based on the business characteristics of the industry chain, “one chain, one policy” provides diversified financial support for private small, medium and micro enterprises to improve financing. Convenience and feasibility. By formulating a special asset investment implementation plan and formulating a customer sandbox around Tianjin’s physical, manufacturing, “specialized, new” and key industrial chain enterprises, we will increase credit support for private enterprises, especially scientific and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. The growth rate of private enterprise loans exceeded 5%, ranking among the top financial institutions within its jurisdiction, and overall achieving “incremental expansion”. As of the end of October, the balance of private enterprise loans of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch exceeded 11.4 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 2.1 billion yuan from the beginning of the year.

“We will always adhere to the ‘same fate and common growth’ with private enterprises, and combine solving the financing pain points and difficulties of private enterprises with their own unique advantages and financial innovation to inject a steady stream of financial water into the high-quality development of the private economy.” Industrial Bank The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Branch said.

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