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Insurance’s “Five Entries” Sunshine Life’s distinctive mission spreads the positive energy of finance

Insurance’s “Five Entries” Sunshine Life’s distinctive mission spreads the positive energy of finance

Since the official launch of the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” in 2023, Sunshine Life has actively responded to the call for activities and, with the theme of “Gathering Financial Power to Create a Better Life”, has continued to carry out various consumer rights protection education and publicity activities to enhance Public financial literacy, promote national financial health, gather financial power, and create a better life.

Go into rural areas and provide considerate services to gather people’s hearts

Sunshine Life Insurance Yunnan Branch went deep into ethnic minority areas and carried out publicity activities in Tibetan language to the Tibetan people in Yugong Village, Yanmen Township, Deqin County. By preaching the eight rights and interests of financial consumers, preventing illegal fund-raising, and preventing telecom fraud, the focus was It is reminded that “don’t be tempted by high interest rates, don’t listen, don’t believe, don’t transfer money”, and effectively bring financial knowledge into border ethnic areas and into the hearts of ordinary people, and fulfill the mission of finance for the people and finance to help rural revitalization.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Yunnan Branch preaches financial knowledge to Tibetan people in Yugong Village)

Sunshine Life Insurance’s Zhanjiang Central Branch went to common people’s villages and cooperated with the Nanqiao Sub-district Office of Zhanjiang City to carry out financial promotion activities to care for left-behind children, and distributed promotional discounts on consumer rights protection, anti-money laundering, anti-telecom fraud, and prevention of illegal fund-raising to local villagers and left-behind children. page, patiently answer relevant questions, and encourage local people to pass on financial risk prevention knowledge to their family and friends, further expanding the influence of financial education and establishing risk awareness among the general public.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Zhanjiang Middle Branch visits Baixing Village)

Sunshine Life Qingdao Branch and Hami Central Branch also went to local villages to share fraud cases in daily life with villagers, explain anti-money laundering prevention methods and eight basic rights and interests of financial consumers, and popularize how to identify and prevent illegal fund-raising and financial fraud. and other scams, advocating the concepts of rational consumption and value investment.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Qingdao Branch visited Diaojia Dazhang Village)

(Sunshine Life Insurance Hami Middle Branch enters Hami Xinxi Village)

  Go into the community, express condolences and give knowledge during the Double Festival

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch visited Guangrongyuan in Baodi District, sent care and condolences to the seniors, and explained the types, methods and prevention knowledge of telecommunications fraud in easy-to-understand language, expressing concern during the festival. In addition, we help the elderly in the community gain an in-depth understanding of financial knowledge and deepen their awareness and prevention of financial risks.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch visited a nursing home)

Sunshine Life Insurance Ezhou Branch carried out outdoor publicity activities on financial knowledge in Tiandu Huafu Community, actively carried out publicity and education to the public on preventing illegal fund-raising, telecommunications fraud and pension fraud, patiently explained citizen consultations, and guided citizens to download ” “National Anti-Fraud Center” APP explains the dangers of telecommunications network fraud and popularizes financial knowledge.

  (Sunshine Life Insurance Ezhou Branch “enters the community”)

Enter the campus and establish a good concept of financial consumption

Sunshine Life Insurance Yunnan Branch and the Maojie Town Police Station in Wuding County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan jointly visited Maojie Town Middle School and conducted anti-fraud campaigns for more than 600 parents who came to attend the parent-teacher meeting for the 2023-2024 school year and more than 700 teachers and students in the school. Anti-gambling propaganda. Interact with parents and students in a relaxed and interesting way, distribute educational materials and promotional materials, and enhance their awareness of resisting illegal fund-raising and anti-fraud concepts in telecommunications networks through interactions and case explanations. The atmosphere of the on-site activities is strong.


(Sunshine Life Insurance Yunnan Branch went to Maojie Town Middle School to give a lecture)

Sunshine Life Insurance Hainan Branch and Huangshi Central Branch visited Hainan Health Vocational College and Hubei Normal University respectively to popularize financial and insurance knowledge to teachers and students at the school, and explained in detail the risks of anti-money laundering and illegal fund-raising, and the dangers of campus online loans. Through a The sharing of a series of real cases and campus online loan video materials can improve college students’ awareness of financial risk prevention and establish a correct view of financial consumption.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Hainan Branch visited the Health Vocational College)

(Sunshine Life Insurance Huangshi Middle Branch visited Hubei Normal University)

Enter the enterprise and protect the safety of funds and property

Sunshine Life Insurance Dalian Branch teamed up with Dalian Dahua Hospital to educate doctors and nurses in the hospital on financial knowledge. The staff explained the eight rights and interests of financial consumers and the security protection of personal information, cited cases to remind them of the financial risks they may encounter in daily life, and improved the awareness and ability of medical staff to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Dalian Branch visited the hospital)

Sunshine Life Insurance Huanggang Middle Branch visited a local clothing manufacturing company and patiently explained insurance and financial knowledge and consumer rights protection to company employees, focusing on reminding them to prevent telecommunications fraud, Internet fraud, resist illegal fund-raising, and be wary of illegal “agency rights protection” traps, etc. Prompt illegal financial activities that promote “capital preservation and high returns”.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Huanggang Middle Branch visits the enterprise)

Enter the business district and improve merchants’ financial literacy

Sunshine Life Inner Mongolia Branch carried out the “Fluorescence Cool Run” event at the local Wanda Plaza. Interesting sessions such as financial knowledge Q&A, “Transformers Interactive Anti-fraud” and “Lonely Frog” delivering financial tips were set up on site to educate. Yu Le’s method was used to promote financial risk prevention knowledge, and the activity received enthusiastic response from the masses.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Inner Mongolia Branch launched the “Fluorescent Cool Run” activity)

Sunshine Life Insurance’s Ji’an Middle Branch went into the local building materials and home furnishing market, and explained the financial knowledge they need to know in daily life by distributing promotional leaflets and manuals to merchants and the public, and introduced the protection of consumer rights and interests, prevention of anti-money laundering and fraud to merchants. Promote and be wary of illegal fund-raising, Internet fraud and other knowledge, and enhance the public’s anti-fraud awareness.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Ji’an Middle Branch enters the building materials and home furnishing market)

Sunshine Life will take the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” as an opportunity to continue to be committed to protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers and actively fulfilling social responsibilities, strengthening the promotion of financial knowledge, expanding coverage, and enhancing consumers’ trust and satisfaction in the financial industry. degree to provide consumers with more professional and comprehensive financial services.

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