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Insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling-China Post Insurance Tianjin Branch launched the “Singing the New Journey Green Run” activity-Times Finance-Northern Network

During the eleventh “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, in order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, practice new development concepts, and jointly shape the image of the insurance industry, China Post Insurance Tianjin Branch concentrated on “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” theme event.

On July 5th, in the branch company’s “learning new ideas and building new achievements” theme education and seven series of activities, centering on the main line of “remembering the past, striving for the present, and looking forward to the future”, the theme of praising the great party and the great motherland , through pulling songs, contest songs, calligraphy, etc., the three party branches of the branch enthusiastically sang exciting songs such as “Fulfilling Your Wish”, “Young China Talk” and “Your Answer”, and interpreted the China Post insurer with loud and clear singing. The determination to be grateful to the party, to listen to the party, and to follow the party.

On July 6, innovative promotional activities were carried out in the form of setting up main and branch venues. The branch actively participated in the centralized publicity activities of the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association, and set the main venue in Nancuiping Park, Nankai District, focusing on the corporate mission of China Post Insurance “to protect the people’s better life”, the corporate vision of “the most trustworthy first-class insurance company”, The value of “customer first, pursuit of excellence”, the enterprise spirit of “openness, professionalism, truth-seeking, and enterprising”, and the core concept of corporate culture advocated by the brand of “post insurance, love and worry-free”, combined with rural revitalization, customer service activities, claims services, technology For practical work such as empowerment, green postal services, and aging-friendly services, a promotional booth was set up in Nancuiping Park to demonstrate the China Post Insurance brand and corporate culture to the past citizens, popularize insurance concepts and insurance knowledge, and enhance the China Post Insurance brand in Tianjin. Regional popularity and influence.

In the main venue, the branch organized employees to carry out brisk walking activities. Everyone dressed in a uniform, led by the flag fluttering all the way, shouted slogans such as “Insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling” and “China Post Insurance protects the people’s better life” while walking, full of energy. At the finish line, the high-spirited demeanor of China Post Insurance was shown to fellow companies and citizens, and it became a beautiful landscape at the event site. During the event, employees were encouraged to “pick up” garbage, to publicize the concept of green postal services to the public, and to advocate a healthy and green lifestyle.

The sub-venue was set up at the joint commendation meeting, centering on the theme of “insurance power, work harder for you”, and joined hands with intermediary channels to jointly publicize insurance protection knowledge and consumer rights protection, and jointly demonstrate the spiritual outlook of insurance practitioners. Create a good image of the insurance industry as “protecting people’s better life”.

China Post Insurance Tianjin Branch will continue to carry out the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” activities, deeply practice insurance responsibility, and strive to spread the “positive energy” of China Post Insurance!

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