Inheriting century-old classics and rejuvenating for ten years | Jin Jiang Metropolo Hotel’s 10th anniversary brand promotional film “Ten Years” was released shockingly

Inheriting century-old classics and rejuvenating for ten years | Jin Jiang Metropolo Hotel’s 10th anniversary brand promotional film “Ten Years” was released shockingly

A century-old cultural heritage Chinese national brand

Jinjiang Metropolo, a rejuvenated brand after ten years, starts again

The classics have been passed on for a hundred years, and the new life has been revived for ten years; the revival of the national trend is channeled, and the pioneering spirit is conveyed; the exploration of the new era lights up the horizons of the mind. Flourish in precipitation and gain high praise for quality.

From its establishment to its development and growth, Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel is like a road to search for a river. The brand concept of “lighting up the mind and horizon” is infused in the blood.

On February 24, 2023, the brand promotional film “Ten Years” produced by Jin Jiang Hotels (China), a mid-to-high-end cultural tourism exploratory brand under Jin Jiang Metropolo to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the brand, was released on the entire network of the “Jin Jiang Metropolo” video account It was first released, and once the video was released, it immediately attracted countless fans, attracting praise from netizens! Channels where you can watch this video include: Bilibili, Tencent Video, iQiyi, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Sina Weibo, etc. The film is based on the exploration of cultural tourism, combined with the sense of time travel, and presented in a relaxed and flexible form. Following Jinjiang Metropolis “Ten Years”, the immersive “cultural travel journey” opened, leaving a deep impression on people and lighting up the horizons .

The ten-year cycle of exploration has never stopped

Jinjiang Metropolis lights up the road ahead for pioneers

The story of Jinjiang Metropolo began in Shanghai in the 1930s, a place where modernity and tradition coexist, and it is also the origin of Shanghai-style culture.

In a sense, Jinjiang Metropolo is not only a brand or a hotel, but a kind of art, a kind of spirit, and a kind of inheritance; it uses designs rich in Chinese culture to tell “Chinese stories” to the world; The inherent power of culture also injects a steady stream of new vitality into the intangible cultural heritage.

Follow Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel’s “Ten Years” to cross the sacred alpine snowfield and go to the place closest to heaven; there are not only beautiful scenery, but also more meanings of life; waiting for people to explore and set off, just to break the limitation of vision.

Take a walk in the streets of Chengdu and watch the human fireworks in the famous city with a history of 3,000 years; the unique skill of changing faces in Sichuan opera is the inheritance and innovation of generations of Sichuan opera performers.

Fly over the Silk Road to southern Fujian to explore the fascinating and vast ocean culture. Three lanes and seven alleys carry the brilliance of famous officials and talents. Wuyi Mountain is full of hope and worship of tea people, and there is a spiritual inheritance of “hard work will win”.

In the video, the hands of the Chabaixi masters are highly condensed meaning of “artisan”, which expresses the high degree of fit between the brand’s exploration spirit and the craftsman spirit of the non-heritage inheritors.

Drinking morning tea while doing homework is a unique flavor of life in Guangzhou. Market culture is only its side, inclusive and open, which is its essence; tens of thousands of prosperous foreign businessmen are the starting point of so many young people’s dreams.

Wherever you go, the scenery you see is the memory of Jin Jiang Metropolo Hotel and you. From the very beginning of its establishment, Jin Jiang Metropolo Hotel has never stopped exploring, blending the style of Eastern and Western cultures, exploring every inch of land with heart to discover its unique characteristics.

Jin Jiang Metropolo’s pioneering spirit in the hotel field has never stopped, and “Ten Years” is the best interpretation, constantly breaking through the limits and creating new possibilities. With the rise of the “national tide”, Chinese traditional culture has been given a new definition. Jinjiang Metropolis keeps up with the pace of the times, maintains respect for the turbulent era, and does not lose its original intention for the near future. We pay tribute to the era and every creator behind the era.

In the long river of time, classics meet and collide with the times, which will bring ingenious classics that linger and forget to return; in the contemporary era of rising cultural self-confidence, we are participants, and we are leading all of this. Jinjiang Metropolis is quietly carrying and recording …

Ten years is another new life. In the future, I believe that Jin Jiang Metropolo Hotel will not forget its original intention and continue to explore the elegance of different cities, cultures and borders; open the door to explore the world of mind and vision, and see how a little starlight can start a prairie fire.

Jinjiang Metropolo Brand Introduction

Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel is a mid-to-high-end cultural tourism exploration brand under Jinjiang Hotels (China), which originated from the Shanghai-style culture in the 1930s. The oriental culture is innovatively interpreted in the ART DECO decorative art style, and it is committed to providing a social space for local culture exploration and social inspiration for mid-to-high-end business travelers from home and abroad. Relying on the management of the brand’s international team, tourists from all over the world can enjoy unique cultural and tourism hospitality. With the brand concept of elegance, meticulousness and creativity, it will bring guests an inspirational stay experience of surprise, innovation and comfort.

As a pioneer in cultural tourism exploration, Jinjiang Metropolis is organically integrating with art trends, intangible cultural heritage culture, and cross-border IP to create a four-star global hotel brand.

At present, nearly 400 hotels in Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel have opened and are under construction, covering more than 140 cities in China. In the next 3-5 years, the Jinjiang Metropolo brand will distribute 60 hotels along the “Belt and Road” countries, and the scale will reach 1,000 hotels worldwide. Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel lights up the horizon.

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