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Influenza season is approaching, a new upgrade to protect the flu publicity and education activity is held in Tianjin

Influenza season is approaching, a new upgrade to protect the flu publicity and education activity is held in Tianjin

  8moon16On the 1st, Tianjin United Family Hospital held a new and upgraded publicity and education activity for flu protection.In recent years, a variety of quadrivalent influenza virus split vaccines have been launched in my country, and some influenza vaccines are applicable to6All people aged one month and above can better bring upgraded protection to the whole family.

  Influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza. Make an appointment for influenza vaccination as soon as possible this autumn and winter, and the whole family will be vaccinated to build a protective circle of peace of mind.

  its dangers you cannot ignore——The flu is not a cold!

  do you know? Many people equate the flu with a cold.In fact, influenza is very dangerous, it is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza virusInfectious diseases of the respiratory tract, its antigenicity is variable, and can lead to serious complications and even death risks for infected persons[1].according toWHOIt is estimated that up to65million, the global average49in seconds1people die from flu[2].

  At the same time, influenza is highly contagious and can cause annual seasonal epidemics and irregular global pandemics. The annual number of influenza infections in the world is as high as10100 million[2].The whole population is generally susceptible, and there arePeople with low immunity such as “immune deficiency” are more likely to be infected by influenza virus.

  Zhou Ning, medical director of Tianjin United Family Hospital, said that with the increase of population mobility, the future trend of influenza will become uncertain and unpredictable, and the emphasis should be on prevention.Getting the flu vaccine is the way to prevent the fluone.

  According to the people at the scene, getting the flu vaccine has increased immunity for themselves and their families. As an effective way to prevent influenza, insisting on annual influenza vaccination can make yourself safer and more at ease.

Early appointment Early vaccination good morning

  Enter2023Yearthe second half of the year,Simultaneously infected with multiplerespiratory infectious more attention should be paid to the prevention of influenza[4].Therefore, it is recommendedPeople can use online and offline channelsMake an appointment, go to the local health service center, health center or general hospital and other vaccination points as soon as possible, and take the family as the unitinoculationVaccine, reduce the infection rate of influenza, build a family influenza immune protection circle for yourself and those around you, and live with peace of mindflu season.

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