Industry optical lossless off-axis design, Microfruit D1 Pro creates a new history of LCD projection

Industry optical lossless off-axis design, Microfruit D1 Pro creates a new history of LCD projection

For contemporary young people, it has become a norm to lie on the sofa after get off work and watch their favorite programs with a projector. However, there is a big pain point in the current projectors. Affecting the line of sight and allowing stable and high-quality output of the picture is an urgent problem to be solved in the LCD projection industry.

At present, in the field of LCD projection, some manufacturers will provide users with brackets to create physical elevation angles (add a small foldable bracket at the bottom of the fuselage), or allow users to place them on the edge of the table. These methods did not fundamentally solve the problem, but more problems appeared, such as image distortion, loss of clarity and brightness, incomplete projection, and even crashing the projector from the desktop to the ground, which is not worth the loss. To solve these pain points and comprehensively improve the viewing experience, Weiguo has provided a brand new solution.

On February 27, Weiguo, the head brand of LCD projectors, released the new D1 Pro projector. , Enjoy high-quality immersive viewing.

  The industry’s optical lossless off-axis design directly hits the pain points of users

Off-axis design is very common in DLP projection products, but no manufacturer has applied it to LCD projection before. An important reason is that the size of the LCD screen is usually about 3 to 5 inches, which is generally large. If it is designed off-axis, the diameter of the lens will become larger, resulting in a larger body and increased cost. Furthermore, after the off-axis is made, while the overall image moves upwards, the edge image becomes farther away from the center of the lens, which will make the center image clear, the edge image blurred, and the image quality uneven, which greatly affects the viewing experience.

In order to solve these two major technical problems, Microgo started from the optical level, and realized a 50% non-destructive off-axis design inside the projector through fine optical path tracing technology and optical component configuration. In terms of lens design, compared with the three-piece lens of ordinary single LCD projectors, Weiguo cooperated with BOE to adopt a four-piece all-glass lens and a new lens coating technology. Finally, the picture is clearer, the brightness uniformity of the picture, and the sharpness of the corners can be presented without loss. This becomes the lossless off-axis design of LCD projection optics!

In addition, in order to ensure that the picture can be displayed stably in various complex environments, Weiguo engineers will perform factory calibration on each D1 Pro when it leaves the factory, and input standard keystone correction parameters, and cooperate with the self-developed AI that can learn intelligently Keystone correction algorithm, more accurate TOF laser sensor and 6-way gyroscope for real-time autofocus and real-time adjustment.

Through this combined solution of optical lossless off-axis design + TOF non-inductive six-way automatic calibration, Microgo makes home projectors no longer restricted by usage scenarios, and can be placed at any position for use, liberating people’s attention to projectors. imagination. The small and light body can get a satisfactory picture display in any environment.

  Strong alliance, domestic technology creates picture

The immersive experience is inseparable from the convenient projection method and the screen output.

Just like mobile phones, chips are also the core display devices of smart projection, but like many key chips, the chips used in projection are also monopolized by overseas brands, which have pricing power in this field. Domestic LCD projection companies have been trying to catch up in the field of LCD display technology, but they are facing a key problem – the screen transmittance is too poor. The transmittance of the liquid crystal screen of an LCD projector is only 5% to 6%, and the remaining 95% is converted into heat. Faced with this industry problem, the Weiguo technical team spent more than a year to jointly build a BOE customized display screen with BOE. Overcoming the difficulty of low rate has become a monument in the field of domestic LCD projection.

The wide-temperature LCD screen mounted on the Weiguo D1 Pro is a grade A wide-temperature LCD from BOE. The upper limit of the operating temperature has been increased by 20% to 95°C, and the brightness can be significantly improved by using a higher-power light source. The high-transparency LCD display module is manufactured using refined super-grade manufacturing technology, which increases the screen transmittance by at least 20%, reaching the top level in the industry. With the blessing of this set of wide-temperature liquid crystal + high-transparency LCD display modules, the brightness of the Weiguo D1 Pro is increased to 1500 ANSI, and the contrast ratio is 2500:1, which is about 5 times that of ordinary DLP products.

In addition, Weiguo has also developed a high-color gamut composite lifting film, which is installed on BOE’s customized display screen, which can increase the color gamut of the entire screen by 50% compared with other LCD products, reaching an industry-leading 60% NTSC.

The hardware must be good, and the software level should not be inferior. The combination of software and hardware can make the projector output brilliant picture quality. For this reason, Weiguo D1 Pro is equipped with the self-developed Chameleon AI image quality engine, adopts ACM color management, can independently adjust the color, and achieve color enhancement based on the human visual system model, and improve the precise contrast of the global screen scan at the same time. It can also identify the content of the scene in the dynamic area and optimize the noise interference signal. It truly achieves the intelligent enhancement of the software level to optimize the lack of color gamut at the hardware level.

  Inclusive technology, true 1080P comparable to 5K price DLP products

The level of resolution determines the richness of picture details. Higher resolution will bring more realistic visual presentation effects. However, most of the current DLP projection products with a price of 3,000 yuan are equipped with 0.33 overseas chips. The rate is only 720P. The 1080P playback source can only watch 720P images. Consumers spend “huge sums” to buy video website members, but in the end the quality of the video is “stuck” by the projector.

The Weiguo D1 Pro uses BOE’s customized display screen, which uses a native real 1080P physical resolution display screen, and its resolution is 2.25 times that of 0.33 overseas chip shaker 1080P. Comparable to DLP projection products.

  Reward users with “more”

A user-centered enterprise always wants to bring more surprises and feedback to users, and Weiguo is such an enterprise. With clearer image quality, better cooling performance, smarter, more durable, and more resources, these micro-fruits are all thought of for users.

The intelligent temperature control cooling system equipped with Weiguo makes cooling more efficient and quieter. In cooperation with iFLYTEK, the remote control also has AI intelligent voice function, the word recognition accuracy rate is over 95%, and the projector can be controlled with one sentence. The fully enclosed optical machine has reached the IP5X dustproof level, and the fully enclosed design can realize ” “Zero” light leakage, with a service life starting at 30,000 hours, which completely solves the user’s after-sales worries. With 60,000 movies, 120,000 TV series, and 70,000 variety shows, LUNA OS has aggregated massive resources of domestic video websites under the extremely small memory, allowing users to bid farewell to the “shortage of dramas” and catch up with dramas quickly.

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