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Industrial Bank’s nine-year love run with the “most beautiful filial boy”

Industrial Bank’s nine-year love run with the “most beautiful filial boy”

Recently, a girl named Wang Dan officially entered the door of the Credit Card Marketing Center of Changchun Branch of Industrial Bank and became a member of the Industrial Bank family. This “most beautiful young man with a filial piety” became associated with Industrial Bank nine years ago. Their 110 months of love together created a touching story of sowing love and bearing fruit.

In May 2014, CCTV launched a program called “Looking for the Most Beautiful Filial Boy”, which featured a special report – “Wang Dan: Home is the Most Beautiful Scenery”. Wang Dan, who was only 13 years old at the time, lived in Tiantai Village, Longtan District, Jilin City, Jilin Province, and had been dependent on his mother since he was a child. But when she was less than 10 years old, her mother became seriously ill and became bedridden. The young and sensible Wang Dan secretly found a local silk flower shop and begged the boss to let her tie silk flowers. Two flowers cost three cents. She had to tie four to five hundred flowers every day in an effort to earn money to support her family. One evening, Wang Dan ran home excitedly and handed his dear mother the first week’s income – 47 yuan. This seemingly meager income was the only source of income for the mother and daughter.

In this way, Wang Dan used her thin shoulders to support the home of just her and her mother. Facing a difficult life, she has always appeared strong and optimistic: “Where there is a mother, there is a home, and where there is a home, there is the most beautiful scenery.”

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Little Wang Dan doesn’t know that the warm sunshine in life and the true love from far away places are gradually gathering towards this “strong little flower”… Immediately after Wang Dan’s deeds were broadcast, Industrial Bank Credit Card Center The party branch of the credit review department launched a love donation activity of “igniting hope with love and sowing sunshine with action”.

In order to enable Xiao Wang Dan to grow up healthily and happily like his peers, and to concentrate on studying and studying, all the employees of the branch have donated their money and love: new employees who are still in the internship period put the only cash they have into the donation box without reservation. Four female colleagues who were on maternity leave at home donated their love through electronic transfers. The colleagues who were seconded to work in other departments took the initiative to contact the branch to donate after learning about the incident. One woman was discharged from the hospital less than a year after suffering from cancer, and her child had just come out of the intensive care unit. employees reached out to help regardless of their own financial difficulties…

(The party branch of the Credit Review Department of Industrial Bank Credit Card Center organized a fundraiser)

From 2014 to 2023, the party branch of the Credit Review Department of Industrial Bank Credit Card Center launched three charity donation activities. All the proceeds were used to support Wang Dan’s study and life, and a fixed amount was transferred to his mother’s account on the 1st of every month until he went to college. graduate.

During the Spring Festival, the party branch of the Credit Review Department of Industrial Bank Credit Card Center will send people to visit Wang Dan and his mother, care about Wang Dan’s current study and life, and send condolences and new year gifts. Walking on the snow-covered dirt road to Wang Dan’s home, everyone sat on the red plaid-lined kang and chatted about home affairs. They listened to Wang Dan talk about the changes in the past year, and watched the mother and daughter’s faces change from gloomy to full of smiles. Everyone in the branch felt that Comrades all feel real happiness.

  (Every Spring Festival from 2015 to 2019, branch party members would visit Wang Dan and his mother)

In 2019, 18-year-old Wang Dan is about to face the biggest exam in his life – the college entrance examination.

In the summer of 2019, 18-year-old Wang Dan is about to face the most important exam in his life – the college entrance examination. As a “family member” who has accompanied her along the way, the party branch of the Credit Review Department of Industrial Bank Credit Card Center not only solved Wang Dan’s life difficulties, but also always paid attention to her state of mind and psychological needs, cheering her on before the college entrance examination. Provide application suggestions and future planning guidance based on the experience of “experienced people”. What is gratifying is that after years of hard study, Wang Dan was successfully admitted to a university in Jilin and became a college student that the village is proud of. When the comrades of the branch learned about it, they were all very happy and were always thinking about Wang Dan’s study and life in university. During the epidemic, everyone was unable to visit her at home as in previous years. Branch members and enthusiastic colleagues added Wang Dan’s WeChat account to care about her current situation and other needs remotely. The branch also purchased daily necessities for her and her family through online purchases. Taking into account his professional characteristics and learning needs, the branch also specially purchased a laptop for Wang Dan to meet his learning needs. Although we are thousands of miles apart, our care is always constant and we follow each other like a shadow.

“When my mother and I were going through the most difficult time, it was you who gave me and my mother selfless help, which made me and my mother understand that ‘there is true love in the world.'” She also always said, “Your love means nothing to me.” The most precious gift.” After receiving Wang Dan’s letter of thanks, the comrades in the branch already had tears in their eyes. They have long regarded Wang Dan as their own family, and the lives of mother and daughter have always touched the hearts of Xingye people.

In June 2023, Wang Dan successfully graduated from university. Considering the severe employment situation for college students this year, he was actively recommended by the Party Branch of the Credit Review Department of the Credit Card Center of Industrial Bank, and with the strong support of the Party Committee of Industrial Bank Changchun Branch, in August, Wang Dan Dan successfully joined the integrated post of the Credit Card Marketing Center of Jilin Branch of Industrial Bank Changchun Branch. At this time, it also coincides with the 35th anniversary of the founding of Industrial Bank. The new starting point of “A Century of Industrial Bank” has also become a new beginning in Wang Dan’s life.

Stand together to achieve prosperity and benefit from each other. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Industrial Bank, the Industrial Bank Charity Foundation was officially launched in Fuzhou. In the future, it will mainly invest in public welfare projects in the fields of rural revitalization, student assistance, disaster relief, and poverty alleviation. It will actively promote charity culture and support public welfare. Philanthropy development.

Since its establishment 35 years ago, Industrial Bank has always adhered to the principle of finance for the people, finance for good, and is committed to charity and public welfare. It has continuously improved and improved the trinity of “helping the poor”, “donating to educate” and “disaster relief” in parallel with normal donations and disaster assistance. Xingxing public welfare charity system, the new era has donated a total of 515 million yuan in the past ten years, helped more than 50 poverty alleviation points get rid of poverty, and funded 100,000 students to complete their studies.

  “We believe that Wang Dan, a kind-hearted girl, will definitely carry on the spirit of great love of Xingye people.With warmth and hope, spread your true feelings to a broader world, and let finance help make life better!“Party members of the Party branch of the Credit Review Department of the Credit Card Center of Industrial Bank said one after another.

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