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Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch’s effectiveness in strengthening counter risk prevention and combating electronic fraud was “liked” by the judicial authorities

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch’s effectiveness in strengthening counter risk prevention and combating electronic fraud was “liked” by the judicial authorities

Recently, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch received a “Letter Recommending Commendation to Employees Who Actively Cooperate in Combating Telecommunications Fraud” from the People’s Court of Hedong District, Tianjin, commending the branch’s employees for proactively handing over clues and actively cooperating in the arrest of four criminal suspects. , express our sincere gratitude to the branch for its strong support in Tianjin’s work to combat new illegal crimes in telecommunications networks.

At 12:45 on April 21, 2023, Sun went to the Tianjin Hedong Branch of Industrial Bank to handle a cash withdrawal of 100,000 yuan, saying that it was for medical treatment. During the business processing process, the branch supervisor discovered the suspected entourage in the business premises, immediately aroused alarm and conducted further investigation into the account transactions. After verification, Sun opened an account at the Tianjin Jinzhong Branch of Industrial Bank on April 17, 2023. No transactions occurred after the account was opened. Only one off-site inter-bank entry transaction occurred one hour before the cash withdrawal. The transaction amount was 100,000 yuan, and the counterparty It is a personal account and no reservation has been made before cash withdrawal. In view of Sun’s above-mentioned suspicious behavior, the branch manager contacted the local anti-fraud center at 12:53 that day and handed over suspicious clues. The territorial anti-fraud center stated that branches need to delay business processing time and wait for the police to be dispatched.

At 13:10 that day, five police officers from the local police station arrived at the branch, immediately took control measures against Sun and his entourage, and intercepted their mobile phones. By checking the mobile phone chat records, it was found that there were messages such as “Quickly withdraw” in the chat records of the entourage, and the police determined that there were other accomplices around the outlet. After being identified by Sun and his entourage, the police found two other accomplices in vehicles near the branch. They arrested the above four people and seized a total of 150,000 yuan in cash on site. After subsequent investigations by the public security organs and trials by the Tianjin Hedong District People’s Court, the four arrested suspects were involved in a total of 6 telecom fraud cases involving more than 970,000 yuan. All four defendants have been sentenced to corresponding penalties and handed over for execution.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively implements the People’s Bank of China’s deployment on cracking down on telecommunications network violations and crimes, consolidates the main responsibilities, continues to strengthen risk prevention awareness, maintains a high degree of vigilance against suspicious behaviors at the counter, gives full play to the effectiveness of the police-bank cooperation mechanism, and has cooperated on many occasions The public security organs successfully arrested criminal suspects and intercepted the funds involved, forming a strong deterrent to illegal and criminal activities on the telecommunications network and contributing significantly to Safe Tianjin.



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