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Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch promotes high-quality development of party-led groups: new exploration, new methods and new results

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch promotes high-quality development of party-led groups: new exploration, new methods and new results

  2023 is the first year for the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is also the first year for the Communist Youth League to follow the party on a new century-old journey of youth. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Tianjin Branch will thoroughly implement Implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on youth work and the head officeThe action deployment of “Study deeply to strive for excellence, dare to be the first, and work hard to achieve results”,Solidly promote party building and team building, focus on strengthening the ideological education of youth league members, focus on expanding and improving the overall quality of youth league members, focus on cultivating the innovative spirit and practical ability of young league members, and explore new methods for party leadership and mass league work , and promote new results in development.

The party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee for the development of the Communist Youth League. Party building and league building work are fundamentally about “building” and the key is “leading.” In February and September this year, the Tianjin Branch Party Committee listened to the Youth League Committee’s 2022 full-year work report and 2023 half-year work report, conducted special research and deployment of the Communist Youth League work, and incorporated the League’s building into the overall pattern of party building. At the same time, explore the 4S working method of “time, style, reality and momentum”, seize the “time” opportunity, innovate the “style”, be down-to-earth, integrate into the big “trend”, and lead the work of party building and team building Put it into practice.

Seize the opportunity of thematic education and build a solid “ballast stone” of ideals and beliefs.

  During the theme education period, Tianjin Branch organized young party members and league members to simultaneously carry out party innovation theory learning activities.For example, twenty major special learning activities were organized and carried out, synchronous online learning themed education special reading classes, youth theoretical study groups focused on study… Inspired by firm ideals and beliefs, youth members insisted on combining learning with application, and focused on “deep learning, striving for excellence, Dare to do“Striving to be the first, working hard and striving for results” action, express your thoughts based on your own job work.

Break through the limitations of traditional lectures and lectures, create a multi-dimensional three-dimensional time and space classroom, and use themed educational practice activities that the majority of young people love to see, so that young people can witness the great changes of the times and feel the great development of China. Tianjin Branch used the WeChat platform of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to carry out the “Youthful Hearts Forward a New Journey to the Party” cloud exhibition tour, using a “first-person perspective” to immersively experience the historic achievements of the Party’s youth work in the new era; actively promote the popularization of youth learning, After the 19th National Congress of the Communist Youth League, the Youth League Committee of the branch immediately organized various Youth League branches to carry out concentrated study and seminars, conduct online cloud group classes and share and exchange learning experiences.

Innovate the party and league co-building methods to stimulate the “vitality” of young employees

On the eve of the May 4th Youth Day, the Tianjin Branch carried out joint construction and co-construction with the local party and government agencies, organized members of the league branches and young party members to participate in the fun sports meeting hosted by the Xiaobailou Street Committee, and called on the youth of the league members to work hard with a high-spirited spirit. Work hard and move forward with courage.

  During the National Day, the Party and Youth League of Tianjin Branch jointly organized and carried out the audio reading activity “‘Xing’ Singing and Reciting China”.The activities are divided into 100 readings of classics, Age of Awakening,Song of youththree mastersFor the works on the topic, young party members and league members enthusiastically “spoke out”.Comrade Qi Xing, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of the branch, recited a message, calling on the young employees of the branch to continue to play the role of young force and vanguard, and to continue to write a new chapter of high-quality development of the branch with an unswerving mental state and an indomitable attitude of struggle.

Improve the mechanism down-to-earth and open up a “new situation” in Youth League work

  Strengthen organizational and ideological construction.Tianjin Branch continues to strengthen the organization and management of the Youth League Committee and Youth League branches of the branch, clarify the responsibilities and division of labor of Youth League cadres at all levels, use youth theoretical study groups, theme Youth League days, and Party and League co-building as carriers, and use theme education as a powerful starting point, combined with the head office branch Carry out rich and colorful ideological and theoretical learning activities, related themed group days and training activities at important events such as celebrations, and lead new members to visit the branch history museum and party history exhibition hall, in-depth drip irrigation of the spiritual roots of young people, and guide young people to grow together with the branch Correctly face difficulties and problems on the road, be full of the spirit of facing difficulties, work hard and enterprising on the ground, and give full play to the fighting vitality of grassroots league organizations.

  Cultivate and forge outstanding talents.Tianjin Branch focuses on discovering and nurturing young talents from the Party and Youth League, providing them with more opportunities and platforms, and motivating them to make greater contributions to the development of the branch. Purchase study books such as “The Growth and Cultivation of Young Cadres” for young party and league cadres, and organize and carry out special study, thinking and practice activities, so that the majority of party and league cadres can touch their thoughts, absorb wisdom, and exchange insights.

  The Youth League Committee of the branch plays the role of Fujian Youth Talent Liaison Office and promotes the implementation of the “Fangyuan Talent Plan” in conjunction with the university resources of the human resources department of the branch and the branch.The Fujian Youth Talent Growth Plan is committed to providing liaison services to young people from Fujian abroad, exploring and opening up entrepreneurial practice bases, providing internship positions, and better helping Fujian students grow and become talents.Cultivate a group of young cadres with both ability and political integrity, who are virtuous and upright,Reserve young key talents for the branch’s growth and development.In March this year, the Youth League Committee of the branchCooperated with the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League in Tianjin and the human resources department of the branch to carry out“Forton Student Scholarship Award Ceremony” Incentiveyoung studentsLive up to the great trust of the times, cherish learning opportunities, learn skills seriously, and become good young people in the new era who have ideals, dare to take responsibility, can endure hardships, and are willing to work hard.

  Pay attention to cultural construction and publicity.Tianjin Branch promotes youth work through various channels such as online and offline and the media, showcases the style and achievements of young party members and league members, and guides party and league organizations at all levels to actively exert the power of youth in the construction of the branch’s corporate culture. On the eve of the branch’s anniversary, the Youth League Committee of the branch organized a collection activity for video shooting, calligraphy and painting works called “Xing Huo Glimmer” to showcase the colorful spare time life and humanistic sentiments of the branch’s young employees.

Integrate into the general trend of regional development and demonstrate the “responsibility” of young people

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch is rooted on the coast of the Bohai Sea. In line with its original mission of “finding a path for financial reform and making more contributions to economic construction”, it actively serves the regional economy, solidly fulfills its social responsibilities, focuses on Tianjin’s “Ten Actions”, and provides services to technology enterprises. Relieve difficulties, solve corporate financing difficulties, serve the overall situation, have the courage to take responsibility, work together, and contribute to regional economic development with practical results.

The Youth League Committee of Tianjin Branch actively integrates into local youth league organizations at all levels. Actively participate in the “Into Tiankai Park” visit and research organized by the Tianjin Financial Youth League Working Committee as well as discussion and exchange activities related to financial support for technological innovation.

  Actively participate in the integrated construction of regional “industry-university-research”, give full play to the strength of young people and vanguards, and contribute to regional scientific and technological innovation and the development of private enterprises.Youth Commando Huayuan Branch actively practices the branch’s “Study deeply, strive for excellence, dare to doThe action of “striving to be the first, working hard and striving for results”,Won the honorary title of Outstanding Science and Technology Characteristics Branch of Science and Technology Innovation Finance of the Industrial Bank Head Office. In 2022, it was included in the list of science and technology specialized institutions released by the Municipal Finance Bureau. It was awarded the honorary title of Tianjin Financial Work Bureau, Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Tianjin Branch of the People’s Bank of China, Tianjin Bank The China Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau jointly awarded the title of “Good Team” among the top ten financial service industry chains in Tianjin in 2022.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch relies on the bank’s “Volunteer Service Platform” to continue to strengthen the construction of a volunteer team of party members and league members, and organize various civilized and practical volunteer service activities. Up to now, more than 200 volunteers have registered in Tianjin Branch. At the same time, Tianjin Branch has organized various departments and sub-branches to organize volunteer activities such as donating scholarships, caring for key groups, and providing theoretical lectures, etc., to continuously enhance the volunteer service spirit of employees and establish a good image of the bank serving the society and the masses.

  Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will continue toGuided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we closely focus on the decisions and arrangements of the Party Committee of the Head Office and the overall regional economic development, give full play to the role of party building as the strongest bridge and lead team building, and lead the majority of young cadres and employees to boost morale and enhance confidence. , roll up our sleeves and work hard with a fighting attitude and eagerness to contribute to the bank’s high-quality development and regional economic development.

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