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Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch Effectively Improves Services for the Elderly

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch Effectively Improves Services for the Elderly

In recent years, as the degree of aging in my country continues to deepen, the financial demand for aging is increasing. In order to further improve the level of age-friendly financial services, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has taken multiple measures to continuously optimize the elderly-friendly service process, improve the elderly-friendly service facilities, and provide elderly customers with a diversified, personalized, considerate and heart-warming high-quality financial service experience. .

According to the physical characteristics of the elderly group, Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank has comprehensively upgraded and upgraded the self-service terminals for aging. According to the vision characteristics of the elderly, the interface colors, icons, and fonts have been redesigned, and the interface display effect has been optimized to make it clear, easy to understand, and easier to operate for elderly customers; the business menu has been reset and designed based on the operating habits of elderly customers. The shortcut menu of commonly used functions has added fuzzy query and other functions; a face-scanning acceptance mode has been added to the smart machine counter, expanding the scope of video service business and improving the smoothness of business processing; the information display link and paperless signature confirmation link have been extended The waiting time of the transaction screen is convenient for elderly customers; and the account opening service is continuously optimized, the content of documents is integrated, and the operation steps of elderly customers are reduced.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch provides a “door-to-door service” process for elderly customers with limited mobility, and establishes a “door-to-door service” response mechanism for branches to focus on the “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems faced by elderly customers in financial services. Under the premise of control, in accordance with system regulations and process requirements, we provide extended services to special customers who are unable to visit the counter in person and have urgent needs or have mobility impairments, so as to improve the efficiency and level of service to the elderly customer group.

In order to effectively solve the pain points and difficulties of elderly customers in using mobile banking, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has taken multiple measures to vigorously promote the barrier-free construction of mobile banking. The first is to optimize the transfer function. The voice verification of the two functions of card number transfer and mobile phone number transfer has been added, and the face recognition detection action verification of transfer has been optimized. The second is to optimize risk warnings when investing in products. For risk warnings for customers over 65 years old, a secondary risk confirmation letter has been added.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively carried out financial knowledge popularization and financial consumer education for elderly customers. Comprehensively use a variety of publicity methods and channels, and use easy-to-understand forms to continue to carry out financial knowledge promotion and payment safety and personal payment sensitive information protection activities for elderly customers, to help elderly customers become familiar with financial products and business processes, and enhance risk prevention awareness. .

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will continue to pay close attention to the difficulty in using smart technology for the elderly, pay close attention to the actual needs of special groups of the elderly, further provide considerate services to the elderly, and at the same time strengthen the promotion and education of financial knowledge for the elderly to make it easier for the elderly to accept it. , keeping up with the pace of development of smart technology, helping the elderly to adapt gradually and smoothly transition to the new era of digitalization.

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