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Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch comprehensively carried out the promotional activity of “popularizing financial knowledge for thousands of miles”

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch comprehensively carried out the promotional activity of “popularizing financial knowledge for thousands of miles”

In order to continue to improve consumers’ financial literacy, stabilize consumer confidence in financial consumption, effectively help consumers understand financial knowledge and financial risks, ensure that key groups master necessary financial knowledge and skills, and enhance risk prevention awareness, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively organized and carried out ” The activity of popularizing financial knowledge for thousands of miles demonstrates the “prosperity” service of Jincheng.

During the event, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively organized various institutions within its jurisdiction to carry out differentiated financial knowledge popularization activities, produced promotional leaflets, billboards, roll-ups, small fans and other materials for the event, and also ran code screens at business outlets within its jurisdiction. And the promotional slogan of the event will be placed on the display screen of the self-service machine. At the same time, organize various outlets within the jurisdiction to cooperate with surrounding communities and cooperative enterprises to carry out publicity activities to popularize financial knowledge. Go into the community and conduct outdoor publicity during periods when people on the street are densely packed with people commuting to and from get off work, to teach surrounding residents anti-fraud skills, popularize risk prevention knowledge, and enhance financial consumers’ risk prevention awareness and capabilities. Visit the agency company and explain in detail the characteristics, manifestations and harms of illegal fund-raising to company employees. They must not disclose personal information and account passwords at will, and protect personal financial information and other knowledge.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch actively responded to the call of superior regulators and participated in the third “Popularize Financial Knowledge and Create a Better Life” outstanding works collection and selection event. It used its creativity to organize employees to direct and perform in the form of “Industrial Bank Small Theater” A series of humorous short videos. According to the characteristics of different audience groups, targeted popularization of financial risks, with the themes of strictly preventing illegal campus loans, staying away from illegal fund-raising, and refusing to click on unfamiliar links, reminds financial consumers to resolutely resist illegal lending and the risks that exist under high interest rates in investment and financial management. High risk and potential risks of unfamiliar links. At the same time, the official account released WeChat posts of “Small Anti-Fraud Classroom” and “Speaking of Risks with Cases”, listing typical cases and key points on how to avoid being deceived, focusing on preventing new types of scams emerging in the society, and reminding the general public to protect their “money bags” “.

Through continuous in-depth joint construction, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has gradually increased the awareness and recognition of community residents and cooperative enterprises around its branches to meet the financial education needs of diversified customer groups. Continuously encourage all employees to explore new carriers, new channels, and new models of financial knowledge popularization. At the same time, publicize good experiences and cases in financial knowledge activities as daily public education measures, establish a long-term mechanism for popularizing financial knowledge, and enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of public education. In the later period, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will continue to promote various financial knowledge to the public through diversified channels, continue to fulfill the mission and responsibility of financial institutions, and help build a harmonious and stable financial environment.

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