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Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch: Build a strong fortress to fulfill the original intention, respect and love the elderly and warm the hearts of the people

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch: Build a strong fortress to fulfill the original intention, respect and love the elderly and warm the hearts of the people

Respecting and caring for the elderly is one of the traditional Chinese virtues. It is not only a basic humanitarian spirit, but also an important cornerstone of building a harmonious society and family. Party members and comrades of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch gave full play to their pioneering and exemplary role and took practical actions to practice “I am the elder and the elder of others”. In daily financial services, we devote more attention and patience to the elderly customer group, keeping in mind that “customer service is no small matter”, so that elderly customers who come to handle business can experience Industrial Bank’s patient, meticulous, professional and convenient financial services. An Xingye person and every grassroots party member have the responsibility to have warmth.

Careful service for the elderly

On this day, customer Ms. Liu hurriedly came to Tianjin Youyi Branch of Industrial Bank and asked how to help her father with mobility difficulties handle the bank card password unlocking business. Seeing Ms. Liu’s anxious look, the sales office director immediately inquired about the customer’s specific situation and needs in detail. It turned out that Ms. Liu’s father was bedridden due to severe illness all year round and was in urgent need of money for medical treatment. However, the account was locked due to the number of incorrect transaction passwords exceeding the limit, and the old man could not come to the bank to handle the unlocking business, so Ms. Liu anxiously Come to the industry for help. After understanding the whole story, Youyi Branch quickly launched a special customer service plan and arranged for a dedicated person to carry a mobile terminal to the customer’s home to provide door-to-door service. The branch successfully helped the customer unlock the password and solved the customer’s urgent need for money in a timely manner. “Industrial Bank is a trustworthy bank!” Ms. Liu and her family praised the special customer service plan and service attitude provided by Industrial Bank Tianjin Youyi Branch.

Helping the elderly bridge the digital divide

“I am an ordinary customer. Due to the enthusiasm and seriousness of the employees of Industrial Bank Tianjin Xiqing Branch and my trust in them, I have been handling various businesses at Xiqing Branch for many years… While I am very moved, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them. The leader reflects on these two good employees who are dedicated and conscientious. He thanks Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch for such an excellent environment and thanks the leaders for cultivating and educating such good employees.” Recently, Industrial Bank Tianjin Xiqing Branch received such a simple letter And a letter of commendation written by a customer full of affection.

One afternoon in July, customer Uncle Li hurriedly rushed to Xiqing Sub-branch to handle remittance business. It happened to be a weekend and inter-bank remittances at the counter could not be remitted in time. Uncle Li’s funds had to be remitted to the other party’s account on the same day. After understanding the ins and outs of the overall incident and ruling out the possibility of telecommunications fraud, the teller suggested that Uncle Li remit money through mobile banking transfer, which would have no handling fees and could be credited in real time. Uncle Li said he was not familiar with mobile banking operations, so the teller used his own mobile banking to demonstrate step by step. Uncle Li asked and learned, and finally successfully completed the remittance operation using his mobile banking. Afterwards, the teller helped Uncle Li print three slips with a long time span, and carefully checked them according to the required time. At the same time, he assisted Uncle Li in recording business details such as transaction time and capital flow in detail. When the business was successfully completed, Uncle Li thanked him repeatedly and left with satisfaction.

Protecting the Elderly and Preventing Telecom Fraud

  Some time ago, an elderly man came to the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone branch of Industrial Bank alone and asked bank staff for help because he did not know how to use a smartphone. It is understood that the old man and his children are not around all year round. In the early stage, they added so-called “insiders” through the WeChat “stock recommendation group”, bought their recommended stocks and made a certain profit. This time they want to invest an additional 500,000 yuan. “Insiders” require the elderly to download an APP and pass the video “authentication” before they can obtain a seat account with the corresponding amount. The staff immediately realized that the elderly was at risk of being scammed by telecommunications. In view of the customer’s older age and resolute attitude, they first calmed the elderly’s emotions, and then gradually explained to the elderly that this time by reviewing relevant cases and patiently analyzing the factors of fraud. The incident is a typical investment and financial management telecommunications fraud. Finally, with the patient persuasion of the staff, the old man finally realized that he had almost fallen into an electronic fraud trap.Exited the “stock recommendation group” and deleted the “insiders”.

Love old age and be a heart-warming bank

Uncle Wang, a customer of Tianjin Jiangdu Road Community Branch, is a 73-year-old retired soldier who has difficulty hearing and his children are not around all year round. Every traditional festival such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Spring Festival, employees of Jiangdu Road Community Branch will send holiday blessings and heart-warming greetings. Uncle Wang has difficulty traveling, but the community branch provides him with attentive service of door-to-door business processing. He said with satisfaction: “Industrial Bank Tianjin Jiangdu Road Community Branch is the most heart-warming bank I have ever encountered.” He also specifically asked his daughter to write a letter of thanks to him. , to express recognition of the services of community branches.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has always focused on the financial service needs of special groups such as the elderly and the weak. The front-line party members and comrades of the branch have given full play to the role of the fighting fortress of the grassroots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, adhered to the service concept of respecting and caring for the elderly, and helped create a friendly and comfortable environment for the elderly. Provide an old-fashioned service atmosphere, be a warm, caring and considerate person to elderly customers, and be a warm bank.

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