Industrial Bank and Visa jointly released the “2023 Consumer Insights White Paper”

Industrial Bank and Visa jointly released the “2023 Consumer Insights White Paper”

Recently, Industrial Bank and Visa jointly released the “2023 Industrial Bank Visa Consumption Insight White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) in Fuzhou. Through insight into the latest changing consumption trends, it will further smooth the economic cycle and boost consumption. Yin Xiaolong, Visa’s global vice president and China president, and Zhang Wei, vice president of Industrial Bank, attended the “White Paper” conference and delivered speeches.

“2023 Industrial Bank Visa Consumption Insight White Paper” Officially Released

Yin Xiaolong said that he is very happy to join hands with Industrial Bank, through Visa’s industry insights and data capabilities, combined with Industrial Bank’s credit card experience, to discover new consumption trends, explore new business directions, and discuss solutions to problems in expanding domestic demand and enhancing consumption. , hoping to use the “White Paper” to provide customers with better products and services.

Zhang Wei said that credit cards naturally connect the financial supply side and the consumer demand side, and undertake important missions in expanding domestic demand, stimulating consumption, serving people’s livelihood, and supporting the real economy. We hope to use the release of the “White Paper” as an opportunity to work hard to predict and present the trend of China’s consumer market, and to discuss and promote high-quality consumption with all partners to serve the consumption needs of the people.

The “White Paper” released this time is based on the consumer trend research jointly conducted by Industrial Bank credit cards and Visa. Relying on the data management capabilities of Industrial Bank credit cards, it conducts extensive analysis on consumer mentality, concepts and behaviors, and analyzes the trends of the Chinese consumer market. The direction was objectively analyzed and predicted. In recent years, under the influence of various factors, my country’s residents’ consumption has been upgraded in the direction of development and quality. The “White Paper” released this time is an in-depth summary and forecast analysis of this new consumption situation. Among them, the focused discussion on social issues such as green and low-carbon consumption and elderly consumption not only shows that the Industrial Bank and my country’s economic and social development are at the same frequency. Resonate the responsibility, and look forward to working with all sectors of society to promote high-quality consumption growth.

According to reports, the “White Paper” conducted extensive special research on consumer mentality, concepts, and behaviors, and distributed 10,000 questionnaires to consumers in major domestic cities through a combination of online and offline forms, covering the economic volume of about It accounts for 95% of China’s GDP. The book is divided into three parts: “Driven by the Times – The Emergence of a New Consumption State under the Slowdown of the Epidemic”, “Urban Insights – The Pulse of Consumption under Population Flow” and “Consumption Observation – The Evolution of Consumption Mind in Environmental Adaptation” , with detailed data, rich pictures and texts, rich content, and in-depth research and judgment, and the free access channel is now open. Enter “Consumer White Paper” in the dialog box of the “Industrial Bank Credit Card” official WeChat public account to read the full text.

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