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“Incomparable, let’s join in the grand event” Tianjin Rouge Entertainment Group’s 5th Anniversary Celebration and Rouge Jianghu Brand Strategy Conference was successfully held

“Incomparable, let’s join in the grand event” Tianjin Rouge Entertainment Group’s 5th Anniversary Celebration and Rouge Jianghu Brand Strategy Conference was successfully held

On July 9th, the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Rouge Entertainment Group and the Rouge Jianghu Brand Strategy Conference of “Unparalleled, Join the Grand Event” came to a successful conclusion at the Westin Junlong Hotel in Tianjin. Li Yafeng, Chairman of Rouge Entertainment Group; Xie Yang, Director of Rouge Entertainment Group; Li Yuezeng, Director of Rouge Entertainment Group; Liu Xiuli, General Manager of Hertz Audio, Yu Mingyang, Chairman of Pikachu Network, Liu Weiyu, City Manager of MHD Tianjin, partners, suppliers from Lanzhou, Xi’an, Yinchuan, Hohhot, Nanning and other places, Tianjin Book Streaming Media and loyal customers gathered together to celebrate Rouge Entertainment Group’s fifth anniversary. People from all corners of the country rushed to gather surging forces to witness the new journey of the development of the Rouge Entertainment brand.

In his speech, Mr. Chen Liang, Dean of the School of Culture and Entertainment Business, expressed the new challenges and opportunities that the culture and entertainment industry is facing in the current market economy environment. Bars and performing arts industries have jumped out of traditional thinking, combined with the current network trend of new media, ushered in a new era. We should seize the opportunity and embrace the future. At the same time, we also shoulder the important responsibility of the shaper of urban culture. While creating many jobs for the city, it also improves the prosperity of the city’s night economy.

In his speech, Mr. Li Yafeng, chairman of Rouge Entertainment Group, first expressed his gratitude to all the guests present. Then, the future development of “Rouge Rivers and Lakes”, the masterpiece of Rouge Entertainment Group, and the brand strategy planning were introduced in detail. “Rouge Rivers and Lakes” is based on the promotion of China’s 5,000-year cultural history, presenting traditional Chinese national musical instruments on the stage of the night economy, and insisting that entertainment and culture go hand in hand. Taking Chinese cultural composition as the main line of cultural products has received unanimous praise from customers since its opening. It is unique in the industry with its distinctive social attributes, professional stage performances, and strong cultural heritage. Since the brand was launched more than two years ago, in addition to Tianjin, it has also signed seven stores in Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Hohhot, Xi’an and other places, and intends to cooperate with more than 20 cities. The goal is to reach 50 stores within the year and become a national style. Deduce the new leader on the scene.

Mr. Li Yafeng, chairman of Rouge Entertainment Group, also said in his speech that since its establishment five years ago, Rouge Entertainment Group has never sold a bottle of counterfeit wine and operates with integrity. Take customer food and drink safety as the red line of production. Never offend an iota. The group always believes that integrity is the cornerstone of creating the future and the lifeblood of enterprise survival. Be honest and trustworthy, match words with deeds, and welcome consumers and partners to monitor and supervise.

Mr. Li Yinan, a partner of Rouge Jianghu in Lanzhou, delivered a speech at the ceremony as a representative of the partner of Rouge Jianghu. Expressed the details of the cooperation with Rouge Entertainment in the past year. As the headquarters, Rouge Entertainment has given Lanzhou great support. From stage performance, brand promotion, market promotion and operation guidance, it is a good support for the Lanzhou store. Operation escort. It played a decisive role for Rouge Jianghu Lanzhou Store to gain a firm foothold in Lanzhou.

The ceremony also expressed its gratitude to the partners Hertz Audio, Pikachu Network, and Funk Culture Media, and awarded the designated audio partner, the best strategic partner, and the best brand partner respectively. At the same time, rewards are also awarded to corporate meritorious service, annual sales champion, annual outstanding team, annual logistics contribution, best artist, and in-service veteran employees.

A new future is coming, and Rouge Entertainment aims to continue to stimulate the creativity and potential of the team and pursue excellence. The celebration ended perfectly in peace and joy.

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