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Inclusive finance | “Government-bank guarantee” deeply cultivates the fertile soil of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and Shanghai Bank’s inclusive finance “chain” for rural revitalization

Inclusive finance | “Government-bank guarantee” deeply cultivates the fertile soil of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and Shanghai Bank’s inclusive finance “chain” for rural revitalization

Every year before the Spring Festival, it is the peak season for agricultural product purchase payments. Recently, fresh food e-commerce platform Dingdong Maicai received a 50 million yuan loan issued by the Bank of Shanghai and guaranteed by the Shanghai Guarantee Center, helping it to help upstream agricultural product suppliers to withdraw money faster on the basis of its own healthy capital flow. funds.

This loan pioneered the “government-bank guarantee” model to issue large amounts of funds to leading enterprises in the agricultural industry chain. The Bank of Shanghai and the Shanghai Guarantee Center will take this opportunity to provide guarantee fees, Financing services with double discounts on interest and fees focus on the “chain owners” of agricultural-related enterprises, linking points with each other and expanding the scope with chains, so as to expand the scope and improve the quality of inclusive finance, help enterprises “increase confidence” and farmers “increase confidence”.

  “Government-Bank Guarantee” reduces fees and benefits

  Helping enterprises “increase their confidence”

In recent years, in order to thoroughly implement the national and Shanghai rural revitalization strategies, further improve the accuracy of agricultural financial services, and continue to optimize the agricultural business environment, Shanghai Bank has continuously tried to promote the organic combination of “guarantee + agriculture + supply chain” to provide agriculture-related services. Enterprises provide better financial services.

Since last year, the Bank of Shanghai has cooperated with the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission, the Finance Bureau, and Anxin Agricultural Insurance to officially launch the “Government Bank Guarantee” business, focusing on the five major agricultural fields of “rice, pigs, vegetables, fisheries, and fruits”. On the basis of guaranteed loans, the performance policy of Anxin Agricultural Insurance was introduced to enhance credit, which is closer to Shanghai’s agricultural advantages and more in line with the needs of agricultural business entities.

This model gives full play to the resource advantages of the “government-bank guarantee” parties, accurately discovers qualified high-quality agricultural business entities and forms a “white list”. Enterprises on the list can not only enjoy preferential interest rates for bank loans no higher than LPR, but also Enjoy the interest and fee subsidy policy of the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, and better match the needs of banks and enterprises in terms of risk control and capital cost savings. In accordance with the interest and fee subsidy policy of the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission and the Finance Bureau, Dingdong Maicai’s recently approved loan business guarantee fees will be fully subsidized by policy funds, and the interest will be subsidized at no more than 80% of LPR to reduce capital costs for enterprises. In the future, eligible small and micro agricultural enterprises in the platform’s supply chain will enjoy interest and fee discounts.

Four-party cooperation expands coverage and improves quality

  Helping farmers “increase confidence”

Since the launch of the “Government-Bank Guarantee” business, the Bank of Shanghai has taken “three initiatives” to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for agricultural-related enterprises. The first is to proactively build a credit system that adapts to the development of modern rural industries and improve the matching between the term of credit products and the agricultural production cycle. Provide personalized and customized financing plans for different agricultural entities and financing needs, and at the same time proactively favor and provide preferential treatment in aspects such as resource allocation and interest rate pricing. The second is to proactively deepen the transaction scene of the agricultural industry chain, drive the dual-wheel drive of standardized strong core supply chain and customized pan-core supply chain, and increase financial support for small, medium and micro enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the agricultural industry chain through the “government-bank guarantee” model. , to achieve the expansion and quality improvement of policy-based agricultural guaranteed loans. The third is to proactively identify the financing needs of agricultural-related enterprises, take the initiative to be a good “financial consultant” for enterprises, and simplify and shorten the approval process in accordance with the principles and requirements of handling urgent matters, handling special matters, and handling them immediately, so as to maximize the satisfaction of The reasonable financing needs of “white list” enterprises have allowed more enterprises to enjoy the policy support of interest and fee subsidies from the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission.

The Central Financial Work Conference proposed five major articles including inclusive finance. As a local financial state-owned enterprise in Shanghai, the Bank of Shanghai will join hands with all parties to deepen and promote the “government-bank guarantee” cooperation mechanism and leverage its advantages. Focusing on Shanghai’s rural revitalization development plan, the Bank of Shanghai will establish and improve a comprehensive urban agricultural inclusive financial service system and steadily promote inclusive finance. The development of agricultural business will provide more inclusive and accessible financial services to more enterprises.

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