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InBev’s new national standard milk powder is renewed and upgraded, ushering in a bright new era of baby growth

InBev’s new national standard milk powder is renewed and upgraded, ushering in a bright new era of baby growth

Recently, InBev’s new national standard products Jiyue Goat Milk Powder and Jishun Milk Powder have been newly upgraded and launched. This upgrade not only achieved a major breakthrough in formula and technology, but also added rich nutrients to accompany the baby’s growth wholeheartedly:

Smart nutrition: DHA provides power for your baby’s brain and vision development, opening the door to wisdom.

Health cornerstone: Calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals build a solid foundation to help babies grow healthily and build a strong body.

Safety guarantee: Select high-quality milk sources, strictly control quality, and build a safety barrier for every can of milk powder.

The excellence of InBev’s new national standard milk powder lies not only in its high-quality milk sources and professional scientific research team, but also in its leading factory technology. The factory is located in the golden milk source belt, where the milk source is pure, fresh and rich in nutrients. The scientific research team is composed of senior experts in the industry. They devote themselves to studying the nutritional needs of babies, constantly innovate, and strive to provide the highest quality and safest products for babies. The factory introduces international advanced production technology and strictly controls every aspect of the production process to ensure excellent milk powder quality.

In order to pass on the care of InBev milk powder to more families, InBev has made major adjustments online and offline:

1. Social media promotion: Create an official social media account for InBev milk powder to share parenting knowledge and product information. Cooperate with well-known parenting bloggers to increase brand awareness.

2. Channel cooperation: Establish close cooperative relationships with major maternal and infant stores to provide high-quality product display and sales support. Conduct channel training to enhance sales staff’s understanding of products.

3. Member-exclusive benefits: Provide members with a variety of preferential activities and exclusive services, such as point redemption, member-exclusive discounts, etc. Organize offline activities for members to enhance member stickiness and brand loyalty.

4. Brand image creation: Design a unique brand image and logo, promote it through multiple channels, and convey brand values.

The upgraded Yingbo Jiyue Goat milk powder and Jishun milk powder are like shining stars, lighting up the baby’s growth path.

Here, we sincerely invite all mothers and friends from maternal and infant stores to witness the new journey of InBev milk powder and contribute to the bright future of your baby! At the same time, we will hold a series of exciting promotional activities in major maternity and baby stores, and more surprises are waiting for you to discover!

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