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In the second half of 2023, a number of new commercial projects in Tianjin will “enter the bureau”, with an additional volume of nearly 600,000?

In the second half of 2023, a number of new commercial projects in Tianjin will “enter the bureau”, with an additional volume of nearly 600,000?

  Tianjin North Net News:Entering the “second half” in 2023, Tianjin commercial marketWhat will change and what new commercial projects will“Entry”?

  According to relevant statistics,In the second half of 2023, six commercial projects will open in Tianjin. The newly opened shopping malls still maintain the characteristics of the shopping malls opened in the first half of the year:One is to speed up the creation of landmark commercial districts. The major commercial projects closely revolve around the city’s key business districts, benchmarking against international first-class standards, and attracting domestic and foreign high-end commercial brands and resources. The second is to improve the commercial layout of Tianjin.effectively filledOutside the six districts of the cityThe lack of large-scale shopping malls in the region can better enrich the regional consumption experience and improve the construction of the county-level commercial system. The third is to innovate consumption scenarios. Each project focuses on the two-way deep integration of online and offline, focusing on various innovations such as business formats, models, products, and services. It will introduce more than 100 first stores and flagship stores to create a number of immersive, experiential, and interactive consumption scenarios. Realize the integrated development of business, tourism, culture and sports. The fourth is to fully tap the existing commercial carrier resources.likeXiqing Joy PlazaasThe revitalization and utilization of idle carriers, through the introduction of well-known commercial real estate operators, accelerates the promotion of urban renewal and transformation, cultivates new economic growth points, and drives the commercial district to rejuvenate. The fifth is to pay more attention to the convenience and benefit of the people. Each project actively adapts to the new trend of current residents’ consumption, accelerates the creation of a 15-minute convenient living circle in the city, introduces boutique supermarkets, high-quality catering, beauty salons and other business formats closely related to residents’ daily life, and provides multi-level and personalized commodities suitable for community consumer groups and service.

  Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza

  Xiqing Joy Plaza is located in the core of Zhongbei Town, Xiqing DistrictCBD, with a commercial building area of ​​about 133,000 square meters. The project focuses on the needs of high-quality families. Through innovative business combinations, it creates a regional commercial benchmark. It has a naked-eye 3D large screen, a full-glass curtain wall commercial building, and sky corridors, as well as being close to nature and meeting different social needs. The three themed outdoor plazas, immersive themed gourmet street, and high-quality parent-child entertainment and interactive experience space. In terms of business format layout, the project adheres to precise positioning, focusing on a number of main stores and flagship brands, introducing 48 core strategic brands of the group, owning more than 40% of the first regional brands, jointly leading the regional business upgrade, and achieving a new quality life. highlands.

  project area:133,000 square meters

  openedtime: expected2023Decemberopened

  project location: Wanhui Road, Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District, Tianjinnumber 3

  Tianjin Shanshan Outlet Plaza

  Tianjin Shanshan Outlets Plaza is the No. The 16 chain projects are also the first asset-heavy project invested by Shanshan Group in a municipality directly under the Central Government, which will help Tianjin cultivate and build an international consumption center city. The project is expected to introduce more than 200 international and domestic famous discount stores. It is composed of seven major districts including international famous products, domestic boutiques, sports light luxury, boutique men’s clothing, fashionable women’s clothing, maternity, baby and children’s products, catering and entertainment, and is expected to attract a lot of customers every year With 12 million passengers, the annual revenue exceeds 3 billion yuan, and the tax payment is about 100 million yuan. The project follows Shanshan Outlet’s classic facade architectural style, which is fashionable and modern, full of artistic atmosphere, and pays attention to the harmony and unity with the surrounding landscape as a whole.

  project area:160,000 square meters

  openedtime: expected20239month opening

  project location: South Station Science and Technology Business District, Xiqing District

  Tianjin Fengya Impression City

  Tianjin Fengya Impression City is located in the South Station business district of Xiqing District, Tianjin. The projectWith an area of ​​100,000 square meters, it is the largest one-stop experience center in the South Railway Station business district. By activating the commercial energy of the sector, it creates a joyful and comfortable gravitational field, bringing a city of joy and joy to the young and high-quality families in the new city. In terms of brand investment, the project covers the life needs of families of all customers, focuses on the goal of caring for the quality of life of surrounding families, and focuses on introducing a number of well-known lifestyle and fashionable catering brands to create a gravitational field for quality life of young families in the new city.

  project area:100,000 square meters

  openning hours: expectedQ3 2023

  project location: Intersection of Fengya Road and Jiahe Road, Xiqing District

  1895·Cultural Tide Park

  1895·Cultural Tide Park is located in the Shuanggang area known as “Tianjin Wisdom Valley” in Jinnan District, Tianjin, with a construction area of ​​78,000 square meters. The project is only 1,500 meters away from the Jinnan Campus of Tianjin University, and includes multiple functions such as office buildings, single-family offices, and street-facing commercial apartments. At the same time, in order to meet the different living needs of different customer groups in the region, 1895·Cultural Tide Park has also built a one-stop business format such as retail, catering, parent-child, leisure and entertainment, and life services in addition to the sports business. Brand matrix, dedicated to creating a “ball +” trend economy, comprehensively and accurately reaching and meeting the needs of the surrounding customers for a better life. In particular, the “basketball” element is used to create a children’s play space to enhance the atmosphere of the project and provide consumers with more brand-new experiential scenes.

  project area:79,000 square meters

  openning hours: expectedOctober 2023

  project location: Intersection of Junyang South Road and Ruiping Road, Jinnan District

  Baodi Vanke Plaza

  The first full-format one-stop shopping center in Baodi District: a new format supermarket+The first theater-line cinema (giant screen)+themed experience children’s entertainment+fast fashion retail+chain brand catering. The overall interior design is based on the concept of “light chasing”, aiming to build a very experiential “light chasing journey”. The moving line is based on the path of light, and the overall “city Light” community MALL, the three atriums are defined as three different themes, namely “Stay, Explore, Gather”, different themes are integrated with different business functions, and at the same time, they are connected in series through moving lines to form a complete and unified “Time Gathering”.

  project area:69,000 square meters

  openning hours: expectedend of 2023

  project location: Intersection of Nancheng East Road and Linhai Road, Baodi District

  green moveBOX

  green moveBOX adopts the characteristics of container boxes, and is creatively spliced ​​by modules of different sizes to enrich the internal and external architectural layers. It not only uses natural forests as the background, but also introduces vegetation to intersperse the building, forming a unique aesthetic of industrial and natural symbiosis. Red punch.At the same time, based on trendy play experience, fashion trends, and dynamic social interaction, rationally arrange commercial business groups to form a good ecology that can empower each other internally and compete and win-win between brands, helping to iterate new groups of people, new consumption, and new scenarios, while also being experiential. , functionality, comfort, and check-in, creating a new species of Tianjin outdoor multi-commercial business

  project area:5.8Ten thousand square meters

  openning hours: expected2023the third quater

  project location:Intersection of Yazhi West Road and Sports Ring Road, Haijiao Garden, Jinnan District

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