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In the past 20 years, Nu Skin China will continue to rely on its advantages to actively integrate into China’s new development pattern

In the past 20 years, Nu Skin China will continue to rely on its advantages to actively integrate into China’s new development pattern

Since entering China in 2003, as one of the multinational companies rooted in Shanghai and developing in China for a long time, Nu Skin China (hereinafter referred to as “Nu Skin”)’s 20 years of localization development has demonstrated its firm confidence and cohesion in the development of the domestic market.

Zeng Runhai, Executive Vice President of Nu Skin Global Chief Scientific Research

As for the development in China, Zeng Runhai, executive vice president of Nu Skin’s global chief scientific research, said that Nu Skin is an early direct selling company that entered China, and was also one of the first batch of companies that obtained a direct selling license in China. The Chinese market has always been the focus and core of Nu Skin, and it is also one of the most important overseas markets for Nu Skin. Over the past 20 years, Nu Skin has invested in the construction of 5 major production bases and 1 R&D center in China.

Over the past 20 years, Nu Skin has grown along with China’s continuous expansion and opening-up, and has grown together with the Chinese market. It is one of the witnesses and beneficiaries of China’s expansion of opening-up and improvement of the business environment. Thanks to China’s stable market, bright future and open business environment, Nu Skin China is developing rapidly. In particular, the determination and efforts of the Chinese government to continue to optimize the business environment for foreign investment have strengthened our confidence in continuing to develop and invest in China relying on the advantages of China’s large market. Zeng Runhai said.

“Over the past 20 years, Nu Skin has actively integrated into China’s new development pattern, leading the upgrade of China’s consumer demand with technological innovation, and helping China’s ‘dual carbon’ process with sustainable development. On the one hand, Nu Skin adheres to the product concept of ‘gathering high-quality, pure and flawless’ , Strictly implement 6S quality control measures, continue to provide consumers with the highest quality products; continue to increase investment in innovative research and development, and set up a research and development team to better meet consumers’ increasingly personalized and customized needs; another On the one hand, Nu Skin unites good forces through practice and formulates a sustainable development strategic plan that includes three dimensions of ‘Earth and Environment’, ‘Products and Production’ and ‘Humanities and Community’,” Zeng Runhai said.

Times are changing, user needs are changing, and brands must also change accordingly. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Nu Skin’s entry into China, the brand theme of “Beauty is born from the heart” is the best interpretation of the emergence of new technologies, new scenarios, and new models such as Nu Skin’s embrace of youth and digitalization. Zeng Runhai said: “The development strategy in the next few years will integrate the five major trends of ‘social e-commerce, gig economy, product subscription, personalized customization, and the Internet of Things’ to build an intelligent communication bridge for consumers and operators. 20 The anniversary will also be rooted in the new needs of consumers, starting from ‘new’, and bringing new experiences to the industry and consumers with a new brand look.”

According to Zeng Runhai, “Beauty comes from a new life” represents Nu Skin’s 20 years of co-prosperity and symbiosis with China in the field of beauty and health, and also heralds the firm belief in going on a new journey of beauty in the future. First, beauty is reborn. Nu Skin will focus on “new” quality and “new” technology to meet consumers’ needs for upgrading the quality of beautiful and healthy products, and help more people start a better life; second, create a new life. Nu Skin will use the “new” measures of the digital entrepreneurial ecological platform to empower the growth of marketing personnel and achieve a double harvest of skills and rewards; third, be kind and reborn. The “new” upgrade of good actions includes expanding the “territory of love” to benefit a wider group, and actively practicing sustainable development.

Nu Skin has a keen eye for digital development. As early as 2017, Nu Skin has unswervingly embarked on the road of digital development, and has accelerated digital transformation by continuously promoting the digital strategy of “digitalization of all businesses and digitalization of business”.

In 2022, in order to further deepen the digitalization construction and accelerate the realization of becoming a leading brand leading the integration of beauty and health around the world, Nu Skin has formulated the “Empower Me” strategy with digitalization as the core, combining the three key areas of product, technology and community. Combined with the interconnection and intercommunication characteristics of the Internet of Things, a “digital ecological kingdom” is created. Zeng Runhai said that Nu Skin is one of the first batch of direct selling companies to promote digital transformation. When many traditional peers are still hesitant, Nu Skin has started a continuous and in-depth digital strategic layout.

At present, the digital ecosystem has initially taken shape. On the one hand, Nu Skin combines products with digital solutions, and uses the expertise of the global scientific research team and Nu Skin scientific database to provide consumers with personalized product recommendations and skin care consultation; on the other hand, Nu Skin’s marketing staff As long as we make full use of the tools of the Nu Skin digital entrepreneurial ecological platform, we can accurately and efficiently help consumers choose the most suitable product mix. Take the NU store as an example. It is not only an online store exclusively for marketers, but also a very good customer attracting and management tool. It combines the advantages of good looks, easy selling, easy sharing, and easy management. Under the premise of customer authorization and consent, operators can clearly see their own customer portraits and achieve more efficient and valuable communication between the two parties. At the same time, operators will also be able to carry out social marketing on WeChat, organize group buying, etc., to meet the needs of consumers in more diverse consumption scenarios.

Through digital strategic transformation and empowering industrial upgrading, Nu Skin will reconstruct its core business competitiveness, shape our new advantages in market competition, and become a new driving force and new opportunity for Nu Skin’s sustainable development in China.

Talking about how to better satisfy Chinese consumers’ pursuit of a better life, Zeng Runhai said that the high quality, safety and innovation of products will be Nu Skin’s commitment to Chinese consumers in the future. As the cornerstone of Nu Skin’s development, all Nu Skin products will pass the globally consistent 6S quality control measures, and a series of verification procedures for product raw materials and production processes will be carried out in accordance with local laws and regulations when they are launched locally. For example, all Nu Skin products in the Chinese market will go on the market only after passing the testing and approval process in accordance with relevant Chinese regulations. In response to the increasing demands of consumers for high-quality and personalized products in recent years, Nu Skin is also continuing to promote the “personalized product strategy”, applying the latest sensing technology and big data evaluation to accurately understand consumer needs, and using digital technology to integrate Personalized unique product recommendations to users. At the same time, with the help of biological innovation, Nu Skin combines mature science and technology with sustainable raw material procurement, and continuously upgrades the patented ageLOC and Pharmanex series products to continuously improve product efficacy while ensuring safety.

China continues to optimize its opening-up policy, the business environment is becoming more and more transparent, the upsurge of entrepreneurship and innovation continues to deepen, and the attraction of foreign capital is becoming stronger and stronger. Entering China’s new journey of 20 years, Zeng Runhai is full of expectations for the future prospects of the Chinese market. He said: “Nu Skin will continue to plan the future with a forward-looking vision, keep up with the latest technology, and actively apply technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to empower products. Research and development, in order to continuously satisfy consumers’ yearning for a better life, and help the development of China’s big health business. At the same time, comply with laws and regulations, continue to invest in Nu Skin China, and build it into the global R & D center, manufacturing center and innovation center of the Nu Skin Group , and play a greater role in the Chinese market and even the global market.”

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