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In March, the Lecture on Empowerment of Specialized, Special and New SMEs came to a successful conclusion

In March, the Lecture on Empowerment of Specialized, Special and New SMEs came to a successful conclusion

On March 17th, the “Specialized Specialized New SME Empowerment Lecture” was hosted by Tianjin Small and Medium Enterprise Service Center and jointly organized by Tianjin Small and Medium Enterprise Economic Development Association, Huawei Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Binhai Counter Trading Market Co., Ltd. Held at the Science and Technology China Intellectual Property Service Center, more than 60 business representatives attended the meeting. This lecture aims to provide all-round empowerment support for small and medium-sized enterprises in Tianjin, from policy interpretation to capacity building, to help enterprises transform and upgrade, and improve their competitiveness.

Minister Li Runshuai of the Tianjin SME Service Center made an opening speech and pointed out that “SMEs are the main body of the market and the main force to maintain employment. The SME Service Center will continue to support the development of enterprises, organize various empowerment lectures, and comprehensively help enterprises establish ‘specialized enterprises’. Jingtexin’ ability.”

Aiming at the declaration policy that enterprises are most concerned about, this lecture invited Mr. Zhang Shu, a lecturer in the “specialized, special and new” policy consulting lecturer of the Small and Medium Enterprise Service Development Office of Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Tianjin Small and Medium Enterprise Service Center, to explain in a simple way, From the perspective of enterprises at different stages, the current application policy, review elements, and the upgrading paths and methods of specialized and new enterprises are analyzed.

In terms of financial policies, Fu Cancan, director of the Market Development Department of Tianjin OTC Equity Business Headquarters, explained bond financing, equity financing, and related services on the Tianjin Specialized Special Board. In line with the above policies, Yang Xiaozhi, deputy general manager of the Inclusive Finance Department of China Construction Bank Tianjin Branch, also introduced CCB’s current inclusive financial products and platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition to policy support, the development of specialized and new enterprises is inseparable from the construction of digital capabilities. Huawei Cloud Tianjin solution expert Chen Yingxue gave a special presentation on this topic, focusing on the pain points of enterprise management efficiency improvement, process standardization, and system construction. Starting off, Huawei’s own practical experience in digital transformation was shared on the spot. From consulting planning, cloud services to industry collaboration, multi-party service companies have grown rapidly and steadily.

Finally, the lecture invited Fan Junfeng, a representative of Tianjin Hongda Credit Suisse Technology Co., Ltd., a specialized and innovative enterprise in Tianjin. Gradually moving towards the specialization, special new little giant, and providing on-site case interpretation for participating companies from the perspective of enterprises.

After the meeting, relevant participating companies said that this lecture not only gave them a deeper understanding of the development status and problems faced by specialized, special and new enterprises, but also learned a lot of practical capacity building methods, which provided useful information for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. value support.

At present, the number of specialized and special new enterprises has accounted for half of the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises, and will also become an important force to promote Tianjin’s economic development. In the future, Tianjin will continue to strengthen its support for specialized, specialized and new enterprises. By holding more targeted empowerment lectures and training activities, it will enhance the innovation capabilities and core competitiveness of enterprises, and inject new impetus into the high-quality development of enterprises.

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