In February, the domestic terminal market share exceeded 52%, and Great Wall Pickup Trucks sold 17,156 units globally in February


A few days ago, Great Wall Pickup announced the sales data for February. The global sales of Great Wall pickup trucks in February reached 17,156 units, a year-on-year increase of 47.4% and a month-on-month increase of 46.9%.

In February, Great Wall Pickup’s domestic terminal market share exceeded 52%, a new high. For every two pickups sold in China, one is Great Wall.

The Great Wall Cannon sold 12,882 units worldwide in February, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 30 months, ranking first in pickup truck sales for the second consecutive year. In February, the Great Wall Pao, Fengjun, and King Kong Pao continued to be the top three in single-model sales in the pickup truck market.

Great Wall Pickup has been the number one in sales for 25 consecutive years. Driven by the three major engines of category innovation, user co-creation, and global development, Great Wall Cannon continues to lead the pickup truck industry upward with a high-spirited attitude.

King Kong Cannon automatic block hard core is launched, leading the fashion and commercial value benchmark

Great Wall Pao insists on category innovation, continues to develop the two major categories of passenger leisure and fashion business, and promotes the expansion of the pickup truck market with high-value products.

A well-off society looks at pickup trucks, and thousands of industries are diamond guns. Recently, Great Wall Cannon has practiced category innovation and another product—King Kong Cannon with automatic transmission, was launched at the Haikou Auto Show. 120,800 yuan; car buyers can enjoy the triple car purchase gift of “financial gift, replacement gift, and recommendation gift”.

Since its launch one year ago, the sales volume of the fashionable commercial pickup King Kong Cannon has continued to rise, and it has entered the top three single-model sales in the pickup truck market. The King Kong Pao AT model is positioned as a “100,000-yuan automatic transmission pickup”, which is specially for the strugglers in the new era. 6AT has super high cost performance, and the transmission has passed the rigorous test of 300,000 kilometers. The technology is mature, the structure is simple, and the quality is reliable. It is especially suitable for commercial cargo transportation.

King Kong cannon automatic transmission is equipped with 2.0T+6AT diesel/gasoline power, two/four-wheel drive, and provides three types of cargo boxes: standard box/flat box/long box. The four major strengths of King Kong and fashion King Kong lead the new trend of commercial pickup trucks, helping users to do business well and live better.

Personalized Modified Huobo Glory launched to refresh the ultimate experience of off-road pickups

The passenger leisure category of Great Wall Cannon has extended to off-road, modification, travel, locomotive, fishing and other multi-scenario and personalized products, constantly breaking through the price ceiling of Chinese pickup trucks, and making the category value of pickup trucks jump.

A few days ago, Great Wall made a strong presence at the 23rd Shenzhen International Custom Modified Automobile Exhibition with a variety of personalized customized models such as Fireball, Shanhaipao, Dragon Bullet, and Brigade Cannon. The Great Wall Cannonball is officially on the market, with an official guide price of 259,800 yuan. As a personalized co-creation modified model of Great Wall Cannon and Topfire, Huobo has a rough off-road style and powerful off-road performance.

The full-blooded overall design and the extremely elegant genes make Huobomb as a pickup truck more powerful than the limit. The Firebomb is equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine developed by Great Wall, and the front and rear reducers are equipped with differential locks, which has a stronger ability to get out of trouble. The chassis is newly developed and upgraded, the upper and lower control arms are strengthened, and the professional K-MAN eight-stage adjustable shock absorber is equipped to enjoy the driving experience of “walking on flat ground”.

Shanhaipao is delivered to the first batch of car owners in the country, hand in hand with users to share the ultimate life

As a masterpiece of category innovation in the 2.0 era of the Great Wall Cannon brand, the large-scale high-performance luxury pickup and the outdoor king Shanhai Cannon have been widely concerned and praised by users and media since their launch. In February, Shanhaipao delivered cars to the first batch of car owners in the country, and joined hands with users to unlock the ultimate car experience.

At the same time, the National Regional Tasting Meeting of Shanhaipao is also in full swing, exploring mountains and seas with users and creating the ultimate life together. Through in-depth driving on ice and snow roads, expressways, mountainous roads and other road conditions, the extreme strength of Shanhai Pao has won unanimous praise from users.

Relying on the three extreme product strengths of “high performance, ultra-luxury, and ultra-fun”, Shanhaipao continues to gain a large number of fans and is deeply loved by senior pickup truck players. 3.0T V6+9AT power is matched with a hard-core four-wheel drive system, coupled with a luxurious cockpit, a super fun and versatile rear trunk, and excellent NVH performance. The ability to adapt to leisure in all scenes makes it the real king of the outdoors, and it is an excellent companion for outdoor exploration. There is also an optional 2.4T diesel power, with a thermal efficiency of up to 42%, light and powerful, enabling users to ride fast in the wind.

Entering the Middle East and Latin American markets, the global layout continues to deepen

As China’s first global pickup truck brand, Great Wall Pao actively promotes the global layout while leading the upward development of the domestic pickup truck market.

In February, Great Wall Motor held a GWM brand conference in the Sultanate of Oman, unveiling a number of blockbuster models including the Great Wall Cannon, promoting the in-depth development of the Middle East market. At the same time, the first pre-investment meeting of Great Wall Motors in Mexico was grandly held in Mexico City, planning to gradually introduce pickups and other advantageous categories and flagship models, and Great Wall Motors will usher in another new layout in Latin America.

At present, Great Wall Cannon has been launched in more than 50 countries on four continents around the world, and it has become the first Chinese brand with a five-star safety rating under the new Australian ANCAP standard. Great Wall Cannon also takes root in overseas local culture, assists the world’s top events, and shares a healthy life with global users.

In the future, Great Wall Cannon will continue to insist on category innovation and user co-creation, and ignite the pickup dream in everyone’s heart; and on behalf of Chinese pickup trucks, it will compete with international mainstream brands in the global market, aiming at the top three in the world, and making Chinese pickup trucks popular in the world.


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