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In-depth integration of industry, academia and research to help build a financial power!Fudan University and China Pacific Insurance Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

In-depth integration of industry, academia and research to help build a financial power!Fudan University and China Pacific Insurance Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement


On December 20, Fudan University and China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Pacific Insurance”) held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony and a launching ceremony for insurance and financial joint innovation research. Shanghai Vice Mayor Xie Dong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Wang Ping, Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Commission Ye Linlin, Fudan University Party Committee Secretary Qiu Xin, President Jin Li, Executive Vice President Xu Zheng, China Pacific Insurance Party Committee Secretary Fu Fan, Chairman Kong Qingwei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhao Yonggang and others attended and witnessed the launching ceremony.


Xu Zheng and Zhao Yonggang signed the agreement on the spot. According to the agreement, the two parties will focus on talent training, insurance application innovation, and social and cultural activities to carry out all-round cooperation, jointly build an insurance application innovation research institute, actively explore new models for the integration of industry, education and research, help build a financial power, and do a good job in technology, finance, and Five major articles: green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance.

Qiu Xin said in his speech that the establishment of a strategic cooperative relationship between Fudan and China Pacific Insurance Company is an important measure to implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and the General Secretary’s important speech during his inspection of Shanghai. The cooperation between the two parties should not only reflect the height of Fudan’s “Guanghua Building” and the depth of “Pacific”, but also reflect the thickness of Fudan’s disciplines. Fudan will give full play to the advantages of finance, insurance, artificial intelligence, big data, medicine and environment and other disciplines, make insurance application innovation research a top priority, promote talent training, scientific research consultation and achievement transformation, and promote school-enterprise cooperation in depth Go, go to the real place.

Kong Qingwei pointed out that the signing of the contract between China Pacific Insurance and Fudan is a powerful action to implement “building a financial power”. Both parties will use the strategic cooperation agreement as a program of action to plan for the long term and face the future. Next, both parties must follow the principle of “three-year entry, five-year promotion, and ten-year planning” to implement “general-to-overall design, project-to-project docking, and matter-to-matter implementation” to implement one by one and implement one by one. Get in position and push forward step by step. Use your heart, emotions, and hard work to realize resource sharing and intellectual integration between Fudan University and China Pacific Insurance, conduct sophisticated and high-quality research in the integration of intellectual resources, provide in-depth applied services, establish interdisciplinary connections, and jointly explore and advance the new era.” The new journey of “Great Country Insurance”.

In recent years, China Pacific Insurance has actively expanded cooperation with leading universities. In June 2022, we will strategically cooperate with Shanghai Sport University to jointly build the Youth Health Promotion Center and the Sports and Health Promotion Modern Industry Institute, and start exploring the “sports + health + insurance” model. In November 2022, the Rehabilitation Research Institute will be jointly established with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine to strive to create a new highland for the construction of rehabilitation disciplines nationwide. This cooperation between China Pacific Insurance and Fudan University is a milestone in pushing the industry-university-research integration model from a single field to all-round cooperation. It will further promote the supply-side reform of insurance, open up professional channels for insurance applications and basic research, and provide outstanding students from well-known universities with leaders. It connects the talent needs of all insurance companies to better meet consumer needs, and adds new impetus to fulfill the mission of becoming a financial and educational power and achieve high-quality development.


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