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In cooperation with many international giants, Haier’s new recycling materials have a purity of 99.99%

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) opened at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. Haier Smart Home’s recycling industry debuted, demonstrating a full-link green recycling ecological layout, and releasing its high-quality recycling new material product system and recycling application results on-site, attracting the attention of many international giants.

According to reports, Haier’s new recycling materials on display have a purity of 99.99% and can be recycled in multiple scenarios such as home appliances, automobiles, homes, outdoors, and offices. As the builder of the first full-link green recycling ecosystem in the home appliance industry and the leader in recycling new material technology, Haier Smart Home is committed to creating high-quality plastic cleaning and sorting production lines and recycling new material production lines based on the industry’s most advanced high-quality plastic cleaning and sorting production lines and recycling new material production lines. Quality recycled new materials. Based on the leadership of new recycling material technology, Haier Recycling has reached cooperation with a number of international giants. The powerful alliance not only promotes the infinite recycling of waste home appliances, but also creates a new model of green circular economy.

  The purity is as high as 99.99%, and recycled new materials enable upgraded applications.

At present, the mandatory addition of recycled plastics has become a global development trend. In this regard, our country has also continued to introduce relevant policies to improve the mechanism for the promotion and application of recycled materials, and guide the automotive, electronic and electrical industries and other industries to carry out upgrading actions for the application of recycled materials.

At this AWE, Haier Smart Home displayed a high-quality circular new material product system, including recycled standard pellets, recycled standard modified materials, recycled customized modified materials and other series. Compared with traditional recycled plastics in the industry, Haier’s recycled new material products have a purity of up to 99.99% and almost zero attenuation in physical properties. They can replace new materials and are used in many fields such as home appliances, automobiles, daily chemicals, and high-end luggage, breaking through the industry’s downgraded use. Limitation, achieving equal or even upgraded use.

In the low-carbon life exhibition area, “recycled” products of old home appliances attracted many visitors. “We use cat litter for cats at home, but I never thought that the amount of plastic after dismantling an air conditioner can be used to make five cat litter boxes! This kind of home appliance recycling display taught the children a meaningful lesson, and it also taught me We have a deeper understanding of low-carbon and environmental protection,” exclaimed Ms. Yang, who came to the exhibition with her children.

  Leading with high quality, attracting international giants to reach cooperation

While leading the technological innovation of circular new materials, Haier Smart Home relies on the industry-university-research open innovation system to continuously improve the scientific and technological innovation ecosystem and customize it to meet the needs of high-quality recycling applications in different fields such as home appliances, automobiles, daily chemicals, home furnishings, and food-grade applications. .

At present, Haier Smart Home’s new recycling materials have been recognized by many international giants for their differentiated advantages of high quality, high performance, traceability, and customization, and have cooperated to create a global high-value application market for new recycling materials. In September 2023, Haier Smart Home Recycling and MATERI’ACT, a subsidiary of the automotive parts technology company FORVIA Group, reached a long-term strategic cooperation. The two parties will promote high-quality recycling new materials on the basis of complementary advantages. R&D applications.

In the future, Haier Smart Home will also develop high-end chemical recycling and regeneration, enter the field of high-end daily chemicals, and create a research and development platform for high-value utilization technology of waste plastics suitable for different types of plastics and different sources.

Adhering to the value concept of “limited earth resources, unlimited recycling value” in the AWE live video, Haier Smart Home will continue to accelerate exploration in the layout of the recycling industry, while building a green future, with deeper cooperation and a broader vision, The industry continues to inject new growth momentum.

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