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Improving customer satisfaction with warm “heart” services Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank innovatively launches branch service quality managers

Improving customer satisfaction with warm “heart” services Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank innovatively launches branch service quality managers

“Speaking of services, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank is really getting better and better. You see, such a difficult matter was solved properly immediately.” Uncle Zhang, who was in the waiting area of ​​the business hall of Baodi Center Branch of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank, saw what he had just seen The scene that happened gave the branch service quality manager Yang Wenjing a thumbs up. As an old customer of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank, Uncle Zhang comes to the business hall every month to handle pension deposits and withdrawals. Regarding how to become an excellent bank in the hearts of the people, in his opinion, “service attitude is even more important than business ability. “.

Just now, the business department of Baodi Central Sub-branch welcomed a customer whose social security card “failed”. After inquiries by the teller, there was no abnormality in the bank account of the social security card. Yang Wenjing, who was in the office area, heard the customer repeatedly excitedly saying, “It’s the card.” “problem”, I immediately stepped forward to help the teller communicate with the customer. I learned that the customer took leave from work specifically to get medicine for his child, but was in trouble because the card could not be used in the hospital. “I am a bank employee and a mother. If I were equally anxious, the most important thing is to seize the time to help customers solve practical problems.” Yang Wenjing suggested that customers first handle the emergency card replacement business, and at the same time repeatedly demonstrated to customers how to use Tianjin Agricultural Products Commercial Bank’s mobile banking services are available online. When the customer saw the employees in the hall working nervously for her, her tone became much calmer. A possible complaint was resolved by the warm service of Wen Jing and her friends.

As the head of the back office of the business department of Baodi Central Sub-branch, Yang Wenjing was given a new identity as “Service Quality Manager of Business Outlets” some time ago. Although she has been working in the outlet halls for more than ten years, this is her first day working in this capacity. It is necessary to deal with the “big and small issues” that occur in the entire network service on site. In August this year, in order to promote the improvement of service quality and service image of the bank’s business outlets, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank launched a special “zero tolerance” governance action for service attitude complaints and set up “business outlet service quality managers” in more than 400 business outlets. , responsible for hall service quality and complaint management. Since going online for more than a month, these “administrators” have actively implemented the service commitment of “serving farmers and businesses with heart, bringing warmth home”, carefully providing financial services to every customer, and achieving the “service attitude and customer satisfaction” of all outlets under their jurisdiction. There are no new “opinion-type complaints”, which has effectively “warmed up” the services in the outlets and halls.

“I believe that high-quality financial services allow every customer to not only have their financial needs met from the moment they enter the branch to the moment they leave, but more importantly, they feel the warm service of our bank,” Yang Wenjing said.

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