IKEA’s 25th Anniversary of Serving Chinese Consumers “Limited ‘Home’ Years” Opens

IKEA’s 25th Anniversary of Serving Chinese Consumers “Limited ‘Home’ Years” Opens

2023 is the 25th year for IKEA to serve Chinese consumers, the 25th year for IKEA to grow hand in hand with the Chinese public, and the 11th year for IKEA to enter the Tianjin market. In order to celebrate this meaningful journey, IKEA Tianjin held the IKEA China 25th Anniversary Celebration at Dongli Shopping Center today, “Limited ‘Home’ Years”, and the Tianjin Market 11th Anniversary Media Meeting. With the theme of “giving more value to life, more than 25 years”, review the important development history of IKEA in the Chinese mainland market and the stories of IKEA and Tianjin consumers, share IKEA’s inspirational, sustainable and affordable products and solutions, And explore the boundaries and imagination of future home life.

Deeply cultivate the Chinese market to create long-term value

China is one of the most important markets in the world for IKEA. By continuously deepening and optimizing its localization strategy, IKEA hopes to create infinite value for a better life for Chinese consumers. With the long-term confidence in deeply cultivating the Chinese market, through the implementation of the localization strategy represented by the “Future +” strategy, IKEA China has focused on key areas such as digitalization, omni-channel expansion, and home life, and has continued to make efforts and achieved a series of milestones. Achievements have laid a solid foundation for its future development.

IKEA China opened the first IKEA store in mainland China in 1998

11 years of attentive companionship in Tianjin for Tianjin

Tianjin is a very important market for IKEA in China, and it is also a market full of opportunities and challenges. Eleven years of companionship and co-creation have given IKEA a deep understanding of Tianjin’s society, culture and the resulting home furnishing needs. From the opening of Dongli Shopping Center in 2012, to the opening of the second store in Xiqing Zhongbei Town in 2019, and to realize the omni-channel operation of online and offline in 2022. IKEA continues to cultivate in the Tianjin market, trying its best to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers, and create a better daily life for the people of Tianjin.

Mr. Yang Ji, store manager of IKEA Tianjin Dongli Shopping Center, talked about the history of IKEA brand

The “home” of Tianjin people

With the ever-changing and ever-changing environment and people’s rethinking of the meaning of a better life and home, IKEA found that Tianjin consumers are increasingly cherishing time, energy, inspiration and creation, and environmental ecology, and have placed higher demands on home life. IKEA continues to analyze the expectations and fashion trends of Tianjin people’s home life. Starting from the homes and dreams of Tianjin consumers, it focuses on the three pain points of “storing items”, “living with children” and “living in a small space”. Present furniture inspiration solutions that are more suitable for Tianjin citizens.

Tianjin Dongli Shopping Center and Zhongbei Shopping Center have upgraded and renovated nearly 100 inspiration exhibition rooms for Tianjin consumers. You are welcome to go to the offline shopping malls to get inspiration at any time.

Join hands with Tianjin Volkswagen to realize the multiple values ​​of a better life

Facing the expectation of consumers to reap more value with limited budget, time and effort, IKEA continuously optimizes all aspects of product development, striving to achieve the balance between function, design, quality, sustainability and more affordable prices. On balance, IKEA will continue to provide Tianjin citizens with products with lower prices and higher cost performance. At present, 99 kinds of products with lower prices, more than 370 kinds of ultra-low-value products, more than 1,000 kinds of new products and 4,000 kinds of environmentally friendly and sustainable products are available in the mall, giving consumers in Tianjin more choices.

Give life more value, more than 25 years

During the 25th anniversary celebration, IKEA will present a series of exciting activities in the two offline stores of Toray and Zhongbei, inviting consumers to celebrate more value in a good life.

From April 29th to May 14th, the 25th anniversary limited-time special offers, as low as 50% off over 100 hot-selling products; shopping in the mall for 199 yuan or customers spending 129 yuan in restaurants can participate in the 25th anniversary limited peripheral lucky draw, 100% winning.

During the National Day holiday from April 29th to May 3rd, IKEA customers can get 88 yuan coupon package for 88 yuan in restaurants; there is also a whole house design surprise card back activity, and the maximum return is 2,400 yuan IKEA gift card, helping to rejuvenate the home need.

“To give life more value, more than 25 years” is IKEA’s hope to accompany Chinese consumers for a long time, and it is also a long-term commitment to realize more value for the homes of the Chinese people, for the Chinese market, for the earth’s homeland and the Tianjin market. Standing at the starting point of the next 25 years, IKEA will continue to base itself on the strategy of long-term development, and together with Tianjin Volkswagen at home, in life and work, in society and the global environment, we will jointly explore and create multiple values ​​and possibilities for a better life , let “home, born because of you”.

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