If you love to fight, you will win! Guomao Real Estate Quanzhou Twin Value Conference came to a successful conclusion!


The starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, the world’s maritime trade center in China during the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and the endless ocean for thousands of years… Quanzhou, which was born by the sea and surging toward the bay, and Guomao Real Estate, which originated from Ludao and prospered toward the sea , the encounter between the two “sea whisperers” across the sea is destined to be an extraordinary beginning of the era.

It resonates with the city’s marine spirit of “If you work hard, you will win”, it resonates with Quanzhou’s people’s aspirations for living in the millennium era. On March 10, the “Gulf and Sea Meet Quanzhou of the World” Guomao Real Estate Quanzhou Twin Value Conference came to a successful conclusion.

  Highlights and future value sharing

The whole city focuses on it and the world learns from it. On the day of the press conference, many mainstream media in Quanzhou and guests from all walks of life in Quanzhou gathered together to witness the launch of Guomao Real Estate’s marine life aesthetics in Quanzhou.

(Xiamen International Trade Center Building)

In southern Fujian, the brand logo “Guomao” is well-known to every household. Guomao Holdings Group, the parent company of Guomao Real Estate, was born in response to the reform and opening up of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone and prospered because of the reform and opening up. After more than 40 years, it has created many “firsts”, including the first batch of local foreign trade companies in the special economic zone and the first batch of overseas foreign trade companies in the special economic zone. enterprise, the first enterprise in Xiamen to earn more than 100 million US dollars in foreign exchange from exports, the tallest building ever built in Fujian Province, the first batch to be listed on the market, and the first to carry out trade with Taiwan… The development history of Guomao Holding Group has become one of the epitome of the rapid development of the Special Economic Zone. one.

In 2023, Guomao Holdings Group was listed on the Fortune Global 500 for the seventh time, ranking 95th. It also won honors such as the World’s Top 500 Brands and the National Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise. The business has been deployed in five major areas: supply chain, advanced manufacturing, urban construction and operation, consumption and health, and financial services, and has actively invested in Quanzhou’s two-wheel drive strategy of “strengthening industry and revitalizing the city” to achieve mutual benefit and win-win and promote high-quality development of both parties.

(Five major tracks of Guomao Holding Group)

(Guomao Holding Group Brand Matrix)

As a real estate company with 37 years of experience in real estate development, Guomao Real Estate has always adhered to the mission of “creating beauty with the city”, constantly innovating the living experience, and driving the city forward through change. This press conference not only conveyed the determination and courage of Guomao Real Estate to deeply develop in Quanzhou, but also brought Quanzhou a preview of the value of urban high-end life and human settlements.

  Due to the beauty and newness of the ocean age

Guomao Real Estate has always regarded marine culture as the gene of its brand and products. In the development process, with extreme romance and rich imagination, it extracted three comfortable and wonderful scenes of “ocean, forest, and island” from the ocean to create a marine life. The core of aesthetic products – Hai Senyu.

The product lineage is built with the three major product lines of the original series, the upper series, and the Tianqin series. It uses the iteration of landscape space aesthetic proposition, life growth house type proposition, and digital wisdom proposition to accurately meet the living needs of different families and extend the aesthetics of marine life. More beautiful scenes to create the “island on the sea” that the times are heading for.

After meeting and getting to know each other across time and space, the small business owners of Guomao performed “Yuanhai” passionately, slowly opening the prelude to a new era of marine life aesthetics in Quanzhou. At the press conference, Wang Yibo, general manager of the Guomao Real Estate Brand Customer Relations Center, and Wu Yin from the Guomao Friendship Housing Evaluation Bureau respectively delivered special speeches to the guests on the Guomao Holdings Group, the marine life aesthetics of Guomao Real Estate, and the twin products of Guomao Real Estate Quanzhou One City. In-depth explanation.

Liu Jing, general manager of the product center of Guomao Real Estate, Hu Wei, architect and designer of Steve Leung, and Xiaoxiao, the owner representative of Guomao Real Estate, conducted an in-depth sharing and exchange on the ingenious product design of Guomao Real Estate and the high-quality residential life they create, so as to make future life better. The beautiful picture is vividly presented here.

  First acquaintance, deep friendship, deep exploration of the world, Quanzhou

All great beginnings that are at the forefront of the world begin with a reunion after a long absence. Guomao Real Estate and Quanzhou have a close friendship since they first met. When they first entered Quanzhou, they started to deepen their development with two companies in one city. Two new high-end masterpieces, one future, derived from two kinds of beauty.

Adhering to the concept of “only customization, not copying”, the Tianqin series, the top-level product of Guomao Real Estate, was created in the core land in the east of the city to create the cover legend of Quanzhou – Guomao Tianqinyue. The project surpassed the ordinary standards of the Quanzhou market and customized the Tianqin series collection, which is pure High-end improvements gather high-net-worth people to create a high-end living circle in Quanzhou and enhance Quanzhou’s high-end residential imagination. The new work of international design master Steve Leung is a model of luxury decoration in the world and the ultimate improvement work. It has a floor area of ​​about 194-240 m² and is dedicated to Quanzhou Times Hengzhi.

Living up to the cultural context of Licheng and adhering to the core spirit of “Excellent Architecture, Excellent Life”, the Guomao Jiangnan Tower is the first of its kind in Quanzhou. Based on the self-demanding considerations of the residents, it matches the high-definition living ambience and floor plan of the residents. Approximately 107-143 square meters, luxurious and spacious 3-4 bedrooms, dedicated to the city core cover residential area.

Quanzhou, a thousand-year-old ancient city, is surging with the times. Guomao Real Estate Quanzhou is a twin city with two major strengths. It integrates the aesthetics of marine life, gives a new urban aesthetic, and leads a new lifestyle in Quanzhou. The whole city is looking forward to more wonderful things.


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