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“If You Are the One 3” debuts full lineup for the first time, Ge You and Shu Qi return together to renew their relationship

“If You Are the One 3” debuts full lineup for the first time, Ge You and Shu Qi return together to renew their relationship

Group photo of the main creators of “If You Are the One 3”

  Tianjin Northern Network News:On December 9, director Feng Xiaogang’s “If You Are the One 3” held a “Meet Newcomers and Gather Old Friends” press conference at the China Film Director Center in Beijing. Director Feng Xiaogang, Ge You, Shu Qi, Fan Wei, Li Chengru, Yue Yunpeng, Chang Yuan, Yu Shuxin, etc. All the actors including the movie made a collective appearance. What is unique is that the event site is full of the smell of “bitter orange”, and it is a truly “true fragrance” press conference that is “full of orange flavor”. As the final chapter of the “If You Are the One” series, old and new friends gathered together for the first time with a lot of emotions and shared many stories behind the creation.

Director Feng Xiaogang

  “If You Are the One 3” cast member Dopamine Feng Xiaogang revealed that the art inspiration came from nursing homes

In the previously released preview, the color aesthetics of “If You Are the One 3” impressed everyone. The stage design at today’s press conference also restored the dopamine color contrast style in the film. Regarding the origin of the color aesthetic design in “If You Are the One 3”, director Feng Xiaogang He said, “When I was scouting locations for “See You or Be Parted”, I saw a lot of colorful nursing homes, which left a deep impression on me. It seems that the older you get, the world you like will return to its original nature, just like children who use The purest colors are the same as painting. People also need a childlike innocence when they grow old. So I think the color of this movie was not chosen by me first of all. It was chosen by the people in the play. It was a dream of Qin Fen.” At the scene, he also showed the audience two works of Edward Hopper. “The other one is also the choice for this romantic light comedy movie. This contrasting color can excite the audience.” He added . Therefore, continuous research and study based on Edward Hopper’s rich colors created the current color aesthetics of “If You Are the One 3”.

Ge You

  Qin Fen waited hard for Liang Xiaoxiao for ten years. Ge You said he was getting old but Shu Qi remained the same.

Ge You and Shu Qi once again join forces to interpret the love story of Qin Fen and Liang Xiaoxiao in 2031. When asked about his feelings about cooperating with the director and Shu Qi, Ge You emphasized that when he finished filming “If You Are the One 2”, he was looking forward to when he could participate in “If You Are the One 3”. When facing Shu Qi, he said that although he hadn’t seen her for many years, he felt that Shu Qi had not changed at all and they still had a good understanding when working together. Shu Qi also said that although she was a little unfamiliar at first, she had already established familiarity with the director and Ge You during the filming of the first two films, so she quickly regained her rapport during the performance of “If You Are the One 3” this time. The feeling of playing with them.

Shu Qi

No matter when, the audience will be moved by the love between Qin Fen and Liang Xiaoxiao. One is a lovelorn stewardess, and the other is a pseudo-returnee seeking true love. The two met through a marriage proposal and gradually got to know each other. In the third film, Qin Fen even stayed with Liang Xiaoxiao for ten years, which deeply penetrated Shu Qi’s heart. She feels that it is difficult for anyone to wait for their lover as obsessively as Qin Fen. She was also very moved by the expectation and waiting for love shown in the film. Whether the two of them can reach a perfect love ending in the final chapter of the series of movies is also the most curious thing for the audience.

  Fan Wei laughed and said that he is indispensable in If You Are the One 3. Yu Shuxin said that her fate with “If You Are the One” began in 2008

This time, director Feng Xiaogang added the important element of “robot” to the love story of Qin Fen and Liang Xiaoxiao in “Do Not Disturb 3”, which is also a highlight of the film. When asked why there was such a setting, When deciding, he expressed his views on robots. He wanted to use the film as a test to test whether artificial intelligence, no matter how perfect it is, cannot replace humans. Of course, he also hopes that netizens can produce their own robots after watching the film during the New Year. idea.

Fan Wei

Therefore, in addition to the return of Ge You and Shu Qi, Feng Xiaogang invited old Fan Fanwei, the “victim” of the different terminals in the first film, as the starter of the story of “If You Are the One 3” to bring the robot to Qin Fen. “This time under the direction of the director, With the help, Lao Fan improved comprehensively from IQ to EQ. From the terminal machine to the research intelligent person, he designed three robots to solve family, friendship, love, the most difficult emotional problems in the world.” No wonder Fan Wei said at the scene, “If You Are the One 3 would never be possible without Lao Fan.”

It is worth mentioning that Yu Shuxin, who plays the role of robot Judy, was warmly welcomed by the audience as soon as she appeared. Yu Shuxin said that she has a special fate with “If You Are the One” – the first part of the series was released on her birthday. When asked about the small designs that shape the characters, Yu Shuxin said that there are ingenious ideas in makeup and outfits to help the characters enhance their AI feel. Director Feng Xiaogang also recognized Yu Shuxin’s performance of the role of Judy and praised her on the spot for her hard work and attentive interpretation of the role. Yu Shuxin also responded gratefully: “Because I received a lot of recognition from the director during filming, I became more and more confident.”

  Chang Yuan recounts interesting behind-the-scenes stories about taking on the role of Ren Jianguo. Feng Xiaogang explains for the first time the meaning of If You Are the One.

In addition to the return of Fan Wei and the joining of “Friend Xin” Yu Shuxin, Ren Jianguo, a regular guest in the first two parts of the If You Are the One series, also made a surprise return. Chang Yuan, the third actor, revealed interesting behind-the-scenes stories about how he took over the role: “The director called me and I hung up. I thought it was a scam and didn’t answer the call.” Later, with the help of actor Shen Teng, the two successfully reached a cooperation. Looking forward to what kind of new look Chang Yuan will bring to Ren Jianguo this time.

Chang Yuan

Regarding the “cheng” in the title “If You Are the One”, director Feng Xiaogang gave a complete answer for the first time, “From the bright “orange” that symbolizes the beginning of warmth in the first film, to the “sincerity” that treats each other sincerely in the trial marriage of the second film. “, and then to the “Cheng” of the third part of the life journey. These three parts have a common theme called: Believe in love. Whether it is belief in fate or marriage. As long as you are in love, you are willing to wait even for ten years. “. Isn’t this the best interpretation of the love between Qin Fen and Liang Xiaoxiao?

Director Feng Xiaogang said on the spot, “Because the “If You Are the One” series has been loved by many audiences, through the third part, I will give the audience, Qin Fen and Xiaoxiao an explanation, and a farewell full of laughter.” Before the movie is about to begin, When the filming was completed, Feng Xiaogang did not feel relieved as usual after finishing the movie. Instead, he felt very regretful that he had not shot enough at all. Shu Qi also said that in the last few days of filming, whenever she heard the director counting down, she couldn’t help but feel sad about leaving. This is the emotional charm that belongs to the “If You Are the One” series.

As one of the most watched films during the New Year’s Eve, the movie “If You Are the One 3” will adopt a “split distribution” model. It will not be screened in theaters across the country, but will be distributed by theater chains or theater investment management companies that provide better conditions. cooperate. We will select screening partners from multiple dimensions such as standardizing our own operations and management, providing scientific and reasonable film schedules, prime screenings, and screening cycles. Witness the sincerity of “Feng’s Comedy” on December 30, and the stars will celebrate the New Year with you!

The movie “If You Are the One 3” is produced by China Film Creative (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongyang Meila Media Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd., and Xinjiang Bona Runze Culture Media Co., Ltd. Distributed by China Film Co., Ltd. and Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd.


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